Babysitting the bad boys season two episode 24

Episode 24
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Secrets and r0m@nç£] 💯
By: Blessing D writes
(Get out)
👖Rico’s POV 👖
“Hey!” Jason yelled after him.
I also stood up and left the room.
“St©p it” I heard Jason tell Mason.
“Why, why should I st©p? I’m gonna deal with him” mason insisted and tried going again.
“Take your a*s back to your room Mason” I supported and he gro-an ed.
“Why.. Why should I?” He mumbled but he knew better not to disobey me.
I might not be like dad but I have ways of dealing with em both.
He went into his room and slammed the door behind.
I proceeded downstairs to meet with him.
“Why are you here?” I asked icily.
“Rico, I’m sorry for what I did but I aren’t actually here to apologize” he cooed moving closer to me.
“Why are you here then?” I questioned.
“I..I..want you to help me check on cole…he..he kicked me out and I’m afraid he might do something terrible to himself so plea-se…help me” he concluded and I let out a sigh.
I sank my f!ngersinto my hair as I thought about what he said.
Hmm I have no option. I can’t avoid him forever anyways and this may be the perfect time to apologize to him.
🎲Cole’s POV 🎲
“Where the hell is everyone?” I yelled standing in the middle of the sitting room and almost all our workers rushed out to me.
“What is it young master?” The head of em all asked.
“You all are free to leave. Go spend some time with your family until you’re called back. I don’t want to see anyone in this mansion in the next one hour” I commanded.
“ mean a vacation sir…”
“Yes, just go y’all. Go!!” I snapped and they all left.
“I’m watching the time. I don’t wanna see any of you in an hour” I added and left to get the things I nee-d.
👖Rico’s POV 👖
“Have you changed your pas-s code?” I inquired turning around to go get my car keys.
“Yes..yes..I mean no, all the locks are still the same” he replied happiness clearly shown in his voice.
I got upstairs to my room and left with one of my cars.
😓Nick’s POV 😓
I sighed in satisfaction as I watched him leave.
I turned to also leave but one of the twins voice st©pped me.
“Hey Nick” I heard Jason call behind me and turned to look at him.
“Why thefu-ck did you do that for, huh!? Why did you become a beast?” He asked in an angry tone.
“You won’t un-derstand” I replied flatly and turned to leave again but a different voice st©pped me this time.
“Hey a*s hole. St©p you’refu-ck*ng a*s there” Mason’s voice c@m£.
I turned and looked at him again.
“What do you want?” I asked and he c@m£ to face me.
“Swears I could have answered you with punches but Jason is gonna tell on me and that’s the only thing that is saving you right now” he gro-an ed fisting his hand.
👖Rico’s POV 👖
I met with an usual traffic on the way so it took me about an hour and few minutes to get to the Davies mansion.
I got to the gate and parked my car in front of it.
I t©uçhed the gate and it gave way.
Huh! Why isn’t it locked? I wondered as I processed into the mansion and surprisingly there were no guards around.
I got to the front door and paused recalling the pas-s code which I might have forgotten since it has been two years now.
I recalled it and imputed the pins then the door gave way.
I walked in and couldn’t find the maids or anyone. It seems like there was no one living here.
I ignored it and proceeded to his room.
I got to his room and t©uçhed the door knob but it was locked as usual.
His room also had a pin to it. In fact every room here has a security code.
I imputed the pin which was his birthday d@t£ and the door gave way.
I was a little reluctant but proceeded in.
I got in to see him sitting on the floor with a bottle in front of him.
Wait, what is the name? I thought and took my eyes to the b©dy and saw the name.
My eyes wi-de-ned as I realized that that p@rticular drink can kill someone.
Why the hell is he talking vertigo? A very strong drink I dare not t©uçh.
He didn’t turn to look at the door even tho he heard the noise.
“I thought I s£nt y’all away?” He huffed.
“Get out” he added but I didn’t make a move and he looked up.
His eyes met mine and he pu-ll-ed a surprise look on.