Babysitting the bad boys season two episode 21

Episode 21
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Secrets and r0m@nç£] 💯
By: Blessing D writes
(I’m dumping you)
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
I sighed bitterly and left to garden to look for kora but bombe-d into Rico.
“Ken” he called and we stood facing each other.
“Are you still angry with me? I told you that I didn’t k!ss…”
“I know, she told me” I cut him in.
“Huh! She approached you?” He inquired.
“No, we kinda bombe-d into each other” I replied him.
“So you believed me now?” He asked and I nodded.
“Thanks, I will never let that happen again I promise” he cooed and I nodded.
“But, what’s wrong? You look worried. Did something?” He asked with concern.
“No, nothing” I replied and sighed.
“I’m just looking for kora.”
“Kora? Is she back?” He questioned.
“Yea, she’s back. Let’s talk later okay?” I said walking pas-s him.
I could feel his gaze on me as I left him.
I just don’t no what to do anymore? Did I make a mistake of staying back? Cole is still on my n£¢k.
💖Kora’s POV💖
When cole left with kendra I secretly followed them from behind.
After their discussion kendra left and I stayed back at a corner watching him.
He went towards a side in the garden and picked up a small nylon bag and went to sit with it.
I watched as he brou-ght out the content which seems to be canned alcohol.
He opened it and gulped down a sh0t. I kept watching him as he got drun!k- angrily.
He is suffering from what happened.
I just wish he can be happy but seems its not happening.
I sighed bitterly and turned to go away but decided not to.
He might do something dangerous to himself if he gets really drun!kand I don’t want that to happen because I’ll have myself to blame.
So I summoned up courage for the first time to approach him. I’ve always shied away but I think I’ll have to st©p.
So I took a step closer to him and another step till I got really close to him.
He didn’t notice me as his head was bent. Guess his in a de-ep thought.
I got to his front and st©pped and he finally looked up to see me.
“What are you doing?” He gro-an ed.
“St©p hurting yourself over someone that doesn’t love you” I said and dragged the can away from him alongside the nylon containing other cans.
He starred at him probably shocked and stood up on his feet.
“What did you just say?” He asked in what seems like a whisper.
I blinked repeatedly as my courage started fading. I didn’t have to courage to face him again.
“Speak!!” He snapped and I looked at him again.
“Kendra and Rico. They love each other, all you have to do is accept it and st©p forcing love” I replied him not knowing where the courage suddenly c@m£ from.
He scoffed and fixed his hands on his w@!st.
“Hey! Who the hell are you to tell me what and what not to do?” He asked in an angry tone.
“I’m kora in case you don’t no and I’ve been love with you since…since I first saw you and…and I won’t watch you get hurt over and over again over those you love but doesn’t love you back. I…I..just wanted to let you no” I said to him but he kept starring at me like i just said something abominable.
I couldn’t face him again. With that looks in his eyes I couldn’t so I turned back and left with those drinks.
I heard him huffed and chuckle as I left but didn’t turn to look at him.
🎲Cole’s POV 🎲
I watched her as she leave.
“Who the hell is she?” I scoffed and ruffed my hair.
I sat down back and made to continue drinking but recalled she took the drinks away.
fuc-k! Does she know what I went throu-gh to get those drinks? I thought and ru-bbe-d my palm on my eyes.
I should st©p hurting myself? Is she mom to tell me that?
She loves me? To hell with her love? She’s not the first to tell me $h!t anyways.
My phone started vibr@ting from my pocket and I brou-ght it out to see the caller.
Nick? Is he back? I thought as I picked the call.
📱I’m at the airport, can you come pick me?
📱No, bring your as-s back yourself, I gro-an ed.
📱wait, have you been drinking again?
📱leave me be, I snapped and cut the call.
His just too noisy for a brother.
Fast forward.
Next day.
💝 Kendra’s POV 💝
I can’t seems to get the troubling thought of cole off my mind since yesterday.
I wish there was something I could do to change things.
I looked at kora who was sitting beside me in the van. I decided to go with kora since she’s alre-ady back but she has been moody since yesterday.
“Kora” I called and t©uçhed her arm.
“Are you angry with me?” I inquired from her.
“Um..No, I’m angry with myself for not doing the right thing on time. Ken I really love cole and seeing him suffer is really breaking my heart, I just can’t seems to st©p loving him no matter how ha-rd I try to and I even willingly let you have him since he likes you but everything is turning out bad for him – for the both of us and I’m now regretting it cause I was the one that pushed you to accept him. I should have just approached him and tried my luck earlier.”
“I guess I was too shy and I felt that I’m not good enough for him, but now I’m regretting it all seeing the position he is in now” she explained sadly.
“I know right? I’m so sorry that I couldn’t make him happy maybe because we aren’t meant for each other and you’re right. I think its high time you appear in the picture, it will do you no harm to tell him how much you love him right?” I asked cleaning her tears.
“I alre-ady did that yesterday but I think its too last. There is no way he’ll ever love me” she cried.
“No, don’t give up alright?” I advised and pu-ll-ed closer to give her a hvg.
We got down from the van and I saw cole waiting in the garage.
“Kendra I have something to say to you. Spear some seconds of your time” he spoke and looked at kora then back to me.
I looked at kora and she nodded and left.
He c@m£ to meet me in the garage and we stood facing each other.
“Kendra, I wanna break up with you.”
“I don’t wanna be in a relationsh!pwith you anymore” he spoke surprising me.
“I’m dumping you” he added and I stood just starring at him.
Its shocking. Just yesterday he was saying the opposite and now?
“You’re dumping me?” I asked to be sure.
“Yes, I am and I hope you’re happy with him” he cooed then turned back leaving me in the garage.
Who expected that? Kora