Babysitting the bad boys season two episode 14

Episode 14
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Secrets and r0m@nç£] 💯
By: Blessing D writes
(The fight)
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
“I choose…”
“I choose…gosh why are you guys doing this to me?”
“I care about you two a lot alright so I aren’t choosing anyone” I said to them.
“Come on ken, you have to make it clear to him that you don’t love him. Just tell him okay?” Rico said to me.
“You are nut Rico” cole cut in angrily and sl@pped him.
I opened my mouth in shock because I no Rico wasn’t gonna stand and watch him and that’s it. Rico sl@pped cole back and they started their fight afresh.
“Oh my!! St©p you two.”
“St©p! St©p!!” I continued screaming my lungs out.
I dare not go near them when they are both holding kitchen knife.
“You guys have to st©p plea-se” st©p before you hurt yourselves but nothing.
They weren’t listening to me. They were only looking for a way to bring each down.
Oh my! How should I st©p this?
How should I st©p them? Should I call the cops?
Yea, it’s better but if I involve the cops both of them will be arrested and Rico’s dad will surely hear of it.
Oh no.
That will be bad, really bad but I got to save their lives right.
I brou-ght out my phone and immediately dialed their line.
They picked the call immediately and as I was about to talk to them I saw something that made the phone fall from my hand straight to the phone.
“Cole st©p!!!” I screamed and rushed to him holding him back.
He has just succeeded in his plots.
He has successfully stabbe-d Rico.
“St©p this madness right now” I screamed again but it looks like he wasn’t done with Rico who was still struggling to stand on his feet.
Gosh blood was alre-ady on his hand and everywhere.
Cole stabbe-d him on his tummy.
“Cole, hold on plea-se” I pleaded alre-ady in tears.
It was way beyond me and I really have to do what they want.
“Alright, listen I choose you alright, so leave him alone” I half yelled and that’s when he finally calmed down – they both calmed down.
He turned and looked at my teary eyes.
“Are you for real?” He asked calmly and I nodded.
“So plea-se let’s just go. Just leave him alone” I pleaded dragging him with me.
We turned and we were about to go but he let out a light scream holding his side – tummy.
I took my eyes to what he was holding and realized it.
Rico has stabbe-d him back. He was back on his feet.
Rico pu-ll-ed the knife out and he fell on his knees bleeding profusely.
My tears increa-sed as I watched them both.
“You both have gone crazy. You’ve both gone crazy” I screamed and we started hearing the cops siren.
Nick ran in immediately and saw everything.
“Holy sh*t” he cussed and c@m£ to hold Cole.
“Let’s go before they catch us here, the cops are here” Nick said to cole who has totally lost his balance.
I watched them as I left and I finally took my eyes to Rico.
He was also starring at me.
“Are you happy now? Look at you. I thought you were gonna wait for me so what’s this?” I cried pointing at his tummy.
“It doesn’t matter anymore. You choose him alre-ady” he said in a pained voice.
I went closer to him starring down as blood rush out of his injury.
I took my hand to it and shook my head bitterly.
He held his head feeling dizzy.
“Ken…”he made to call but fainted on me.
I couldn’t carry him properly so I resulted to laying him down on the floor and I did.
The cops will soon arrive here.
But, I didn’t tell them anything but thank goodness someone is here to help me with him.
“Rico” I called un-der my breathe as I ruffed his hair.
“Why are you doing this to yourself? To me?” I asked but his eyes were alre-ady closed.
He has lost a lot of blood.
The cops soon arrived and rushed in.
I think they also caught Nick and Cole.
They rushed to us and carried him up.
One of them went and picked the cellphone and I collected it from him.
“You called us?” The male sergeant asked me and I nodded amid sniffing.
“You’re gonna come with us. You’ll have to explain what happened here today.”
“This boys are always fighting but today’s own seems different” he explained as they took Rico away.
I continued crying unable to st©p.
So, do I tell them they fought because of me this time?
Because I refused to choose either of them?
That’s absurd and sounds silly.
I followed them into their van and they took off.
I called Mason on the way to inform him.
Rico and cole was taken to a hospital but I went with the cops to the station.
I don’t think I have the energy to say anything to them.
Everything that happened minutes ago still looks shocking to me.
If they can harm themselves because of a girl then is it not best? Is it not best to just leave them?