Babysitting the bad boys season two episode 1

Episode 1
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Secrets and r0m@nç£] 💯
(Why am I smiling?)
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
For few days now I’ve been thinking seriously about what cole told me.
He wasn’t lying about it so does it mean that Rico is at fault?
No no. It can’t be possible.
I’m really restless about all these.
I thought I’ll be able to make things right after finding out but no nothing.
A knock c@m£ at the door and I stood up to get it.
I opened the door to see Rico standing there.
“What do you want Rico?” I asked starring at him.
“Can I come in?” He asked instead and I left the door way for him.
Maybe I should ask him about it.
He got in and I shut the door behind me.
“This is the second time I’m coming in here right? ” He asked starring around with his hand inser-ted into his trou-ser pocket.
“Rico can I ask you something?” I asked sitting down on the be-d.
“Go no” he replied.
“Um..about you and cole..did you really believe he wrote that letter that caused your fights?” I asked and his mood changed.
“Why does it have to be cole always kendra? His not even around and yet am still hearing his name” he said.
“plea-se answer me Rico” I urged.
“Well, I believe so Kendra. He didn’t deny the fact that its his handwriting but he denied the fact that he actually wrote that letter” he said.
“But isn’t it weird that he denied writing it?” I asked.
“Yea, its weird. His lying about not writing it” he replied.
“Maybe its a set up, have you thought about the possibility?” I asked.
“What set up? Cole was also in love with her kendra so its no set up” he replied.
“plea-se can we st©p talking about it?” He asked sitting down on the only couch there.
“Um..okay” I shrugged.
“So, kendra you’ve been really distance from me” he cooed and I took my eyes to the floor.
“Can we not talk about that Rico?” I asked uneasy.
“Listen kendra. Distancing yourself doesn’t change anything, it doesn’t change my feelings for you” he said and got up.
“You didn’t leave when I gave you the chance to and that can only means one thing Kendra.”
“Think about it” he cooed and left.
I heaved heavily and la-id on the be-d.
Its true I’ve been thinking about it.
Something is definitely wrong with me right?
Oh if kora was here I could have just talked to her.
I closed my eyes and suddenly felt pains in my lower abd0m£n.
Ouch! I winched and got up.
Don’t tell me it’s today.
plea-se no I’m too sick for another visitor.
I stood up and went to check the calendar and unfortunately its today.
Oh gosh!
I ran into the bathroom and picked out a sanitary pad and wore it.
The pains didn’t st©p but kept hitting at me.
Huh! But why is the pain getting worst every month.
I held my tummy and walked out of the bathroom and headed out to get some medicine.
I don’t like such pains and don’t think I can bear it.
I opened the door to get out and it was the same time that Rico was coming out of his room.
I stood properly and put on a straight face to avoid him noticing anything.
“Are you okay? What was that earlier?” He asked walking up to me.
“Um..its nothing actually” I replied.
“No, am sure that I saw that look looks like you are in pain or what?” He insisted.
I folded my mouth to st©p me from screaming out of pains and leaned on the door.
That’s it, I can’t hold it in for too long.
“Can you…?”
“Can you get me some pain relief drugs?” I asked and fixed my hands on my tummy.
“Um..okay, but what’s wrong with you?” He asked.
“plea-se can you go now?” I asked ignoring his question.
How could he be asking me questions? His really mean.
I managed to get to my be-d and la-id rolling from one end of the be-d to the other trying to suppress the pain.
Where the hell is he?
Gosh why am I a girl?
The door opened and he walked in with a glas-s of water and some tablets on his palm.
I sat up and took the drugs from him and gulped it down with the water.
👖 Rico’s POV👖
I watched her take the drugs.
But, what is wrong with her?
“Kendra?” I called but she didn’t spare me a glance.
“How are you feeling? Are you okay? We could go to the hospital if you want” I said in one breathe.
“No, I’m okay just this lady’s stuff thing” she replied and I un-derstood.
Oh okay.
“I’ll just get going then. Is the pain suppressed?” I asked getting up.
“Um…not really, I just took the drugs so I’ll have to wait a bit for it to work” she replied.
“Okay should I get you anything while coming back cause am heading to the kitchen?” I asked.
“ can get me some bre-ad” she replied and I nodded.
“Bre-ad? Alright then” I said and left.
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
I watched him leave and a smile curled up my face.
He looked really worried and caring.
He is really changing.
I haven’t seen him smoke or drink for a while now.
He has always been in his room and the twins followed suite.
Wait, why am I smiling?
I’m I happy that his changing or that his worried about me?
Get a grip of yourself Kendra, I thought and sl@pped my cheek.
The door opened few minutes later and he walked up with a bre-ad.
Constant eating of bre-ad made me love it.
“Here” he cooed handing over the bre-ad.
I stretched out my hand to collect it and instead leaving the bre-ad to me he held my hand.
My eyes went up to his and I caught him starring at me.
🎀 Victoria’s POV🎀
“Honey, what is wrong with you?”
“You are getting slim and pale” Charles asked starring at me.
Should I tell him about it?
Oh he’ll be mad at me for keeping such secrets from him.
But,what to do? He’ll have to help me in this.
Its our problem after all.
The pri-vate investigator I hired is not yielding much result and its killing me to no that she’s alive but I can’t see her.
“Honey” I heard Charles voice again.
“Why are you in de-ep thought? Do you have something to tell me?” He asked and I nodded.
“I have a lot to tell you Charles. A lot” I cooed and gr@bb£d his hands.
“Go on then, am listening” he replied.
What does Victoria wanna tell Charles?
Kendra and Rico