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January 19, 2021


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Babysitting the bad boys season 22two episode

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Episode 22
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Secrets and Romance] 💯
By: Blessing D Writes


(The love letter)

💝Kendra’s POV 💝
I stood transfixed at that spot and watched as he left.

For real? Did he just break you with me?
Like he really broke up with me?

Oh my! What in the world changed his mind? Its doesn’t seems like he going to do that yesterday.

I gasped and placed my palm on my chest as my heart beat increased.

That means I’m free from him? Like I’m really single now.

I know I’m supposed to be sad but I’m happy.

I smiled and was about walking out of the garage before Rico’s car drove in and pulled over in front of me.

I smiled again as I watched him step down.

“Hey” he called placing his hands on top of the car.

“You seems to be in a good mood. What happened?” He asked and winked.

I blushed and looked down and he closed his car and locked it.

“Hey kendra” he called and walked up to me.

“What happened? Can’t I at least know?” He inquired but I just kept smiling.

“Hey, come on, I’m dying of curiosity” he pressed.

“Alright, come with me then” he said and took my hand in his leading me away from the garage.

I kept following and he took me up to the roof top.

“Now, tell me what is making you happy? We’re away from people’s eyes” he urged.

I went closer to him and hugged him.

“I’m so happy Rico but I don’t think I should be, a lot of people in my shoe should be crying but I’m smiling” I coed.

He hugged me back and patted my hair back.

“Then its worth it, its worth being happy at. Just yesterday your were looking like a zombie” he teased and I immediately pulled out from the hug and slapped his chest.

“What? A zombie?” I asked feigning annoyance.

“Yes, you were” he replied laughing but I kept frowning.

I think I’ve forgotten who he truly is, a bad boy. Real bad boy.

“Okay, I was just joking alright? You looked like the most beautiful young lady in the whole universe while being sad. I think being sad suites you more so…”

“Rico!!!” I screamed and he held his tummy and bent a bit.

“Fine, continue laughing at me alright?” I screamed and started leaving the roof top but he came after me.

“I’m sorry, I was just..I don’t no but you seriously looked like a zombie, I was only telling you the truth.”

“I watched a lot of zombie’s movie and you were walking exactly like they do yesterday – so creepy – so scary” he continued holding me.

I looked at him and shook my head.

“You are such a bad boy Rico and you’re really annoying at the same time” I smiled and he shook his head.

“Alright, let’s get back to business. I know all those already.”

“So, why are you so happy today?” He asked and I sighed.

“Cole…cole ended things with me” I revealed and he pulled a surprise look.

“Really? He did that? But why? Did you make him do it?” He rushed his words.

“Of course, not, I don’t know but he broke up with me just at the garage” I retorted.

“Hmm well are you happy?” He asked as if he doesn’t know.

“Your questions are annoying Rico but I still like you” I pinched his nose and he smiled.

“Has he found someone else? Its a bit surprising yunno” he said and I nodded in agreement.

“Anyways, I’ll give you a chance to be my girlfriend then” he spoke sounding proud.

‘What? Your girlfriend? Oh please, I better go back and beg cole to take me back” I teased and we both laughed.

He fixed his hand on my waist and looked directly into my eyes.

“What will happen now? Are you planning on leaving?” He inquired but I nodded negatively.

“No, I’ll have to finish high school before I leave. There are so many people I can’t leave, you and kora for example and even Cole, I still consider him dear to me tho” I explained.

“Yea, I know right?” He smiled.

🎲Cole’s POV 🎲

I stood few meter away as I watched Ken. Rico car’s pulled over as she tried leaving and they finally left together.

I seriously don’t no what to do without her but this kind of relationship is annoying.

Seeing that she doesn’t love me back breaks my heart into a billon pieces.

I really love her but what can I do? I think I’ll have to leave her to be with him since they love each.

I think what that girl said yesterday was right, kora or what did she call herself?

I sighed feeling like the world is against me as I took slow steps into the hallway and bombed into Nick.

“Big bro” he smiled but I wasn’t smiling and made to walk pass him.

“What is it again Cole? Gosh why are you like this again?” He asked but I still didn’t reply.

“Its her right? Its Kendra?” he asked making me look at him.

“I broke up with her so I’ll appreciate if you don’t call her name” I revealed and walked pass him.

😎Nick’s POV 😎
What? What did he just say? I wondered as I watched him leave.

How could she make him break up with her after helping her?

I’m so so mad.

Where the hell is she? I thought and went to her classroom but she wasn’t there.

Ah shit. I searched for her in the school garden but nothing.

I’ll find her. I won’t give up.

👖Rico’s POV 👖
“Stop doing this and be my girlfriend alright?”

“Okay please ken. Please I beg you to be my girlfriend” I pleaded and she rolled her eyes.

“I’ll only accept once you are on your knees” she replied.

“What? On my knees? I aren’t proposing to you alright then…”

“Okay then” she replied and started walking away but I stopped her placing one of my knees on the floor.

“Please be my girlfriend. I’ve been waiting for that” I begged.

“Um…”she smiled looking down at me.

“I’ll think about it” she smiled and left me approaching the door that led out of the roof top but suddenly stopped.

I stood up properly to see Nick. He was looking so angry.

“Oh thank goodness I met you two together Rico, I have something to tell you both” he announced and Kendra walked back to me.

“What is it?” I asked looking at him.

“I’ll start with Kendra first. you are so so ungrateful ken, you are happy that Cole broke up with you?”

“After all he f**k*ng did for you? He left to help find your f**k*ng parents but still ending up getting heart broken. I’m so so disappointed at you” he barked then looked at me.

“The letter – the love letter written to pearl was actually written by me. I forged it to pull you and my brother apart.”

“I wanted him to also look at me because it seems he loved you more than his own brother. I wanted him to look at me so knowing fully well about his feelings for Pearl I forged that letter and Sheila did the rest.”

“You know I originally thought you two were gonna become friends after a week or two but you guys turned into enemies. Well I just wanna let you know that cole is innocent, he didn’t write that letter” he half yelled confusing the shit out of me.

“What?” I heard Kendra ask instead.

“You planned everything to pull them apart? With Sheila?” She asked.

“Yes, I planned it alright. Cole is totally innocent and didn’t betray you, I forged the f**k*ng love letter” he yelled and left.

“Oh my!” I heard Kendra gasped and she looked at me.

“What are we going to do?” She whispered.




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