Babysitting the bad boys Episode 9

Episode 9
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Our Nanny] 💯
By:Blessing D writes
(Be my girlfriend)
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
I kept looking at him dumbfounded.
“What’s he saying?”
“He wants to d@t£ me?”
“Be my girlfriend kendra, you heard me, he said again.”
I wanted to ask why but kept quite.
By Blessing D writes
I like you Kendra and am serious about it. plea-se say yes, he pleaded and surprisedly gr@bb£d my two hands in his.
“He bent to my level and looked at me straight in the eyeball.”
I really do like you cause you’re really beautiful. plea-se say yes, he cooed and I blinked.
I continued blinking my eyes finding the whole thing strange.
“How did he suddenly like me of all the ladies in the school?”
“Why me?”
‘He leaned really close and I freed my hand from his.”
I…i don’t no, I replied not looking at him.
“Okay, am gonna give you time to think over it.” I’m gonna be back tomorrow and hope it’s a yes I get, he cooed and smiled.
“He looks like an angel tho I haven’t seen one before.”
“He turned back and left.”
I also turned back and went searching for kora.
“The whole cole stuff didn’t want me to think straight and I didn’t realize when I boomed into kora.”
“Hey! She called and dragged me to a corner.”
“What did you two say?” Kora asked so curiously.
“First answer me kora. Does cole have a girlfriend?” I asked.
She shook her head and answered no.
I sighed and fixed my f!nger into my mouth b!tt!g it.
“What happened kendra?” She asked again.
“Cole said he likes me and want to d@t£ me, I replied immediately and she scoffed.”
“He did?” She asked.
“Yes kora and its really strange that he likes me of all beautiful ladies, I replied.”
She bec@m£ quite and I looked at her.
“What are you thinking of?” I asked.
“Did you agree? Did you say yes?” She asked instead.
“How am I to?” I was shocked kora. It wasn’t unexpected, I replied.
I’ve never heard that he got involved with a girl before tho, she said sounding kind of sad.
“Aw she likes him so its normal to feel that way.”
“Look am sorry kora, I apologized and she looked at me.”
“You didn’t do anything wrong kendra so what are you gonna say to him?” She asked.
I don’t no kora, I replied fixing my hands around my w@!st.
I’ve never had a b©yfri£ndbefore so I don’t no, I said.
“His really handsome, isn’t he?” She asked.
Of course he is but… I just don’t no, I said.
“Well, his given you time so think about it, she cooed and smiled.”
By Blessing D writes
“Maybe his really interested in you anyways.” As long as his happy am satisfied, she said still smiling but I could see sadness in her eyes.
“Why didn’t he notice her instead? ”
“We turned to leave but saw the twins approaching.”
I immediately recalled what happened last night and kept starring at Jason.
“They got to where we were and st©pped.”
They both looked at me and without saying a word they left.
“Jason doesn’t look like he even remembered.”
“So it is really true?”
“He doesn’t remember anything that happens whenever he drinks?”
That j£rk!
I will try my best to make him to st©p drinking. All of them.
By Blessing D writes
“We followed after them and went into our clas-s.”
A teacher appeared and started teaching.
“Few hours later it was time to leave for home.’
“Kora and I got into the alre-ady waiting van and he took off.’
We got to the mansion and got down.
I dropped my bag in the sitting room because I was really famished.
I couldn’t afford to go up first and later come down for lunch so I decided to eat before going up.
I sat down in the dinning and started eating alone after being served by one of the servants.
Shortly I heard cars drove in and I figured out they were the ones.
Rico and his brothers.
They stormed into the mansion but didn’t st©p or notice me. They went straight upstairs.
“Gosh! Am still thinking of how to handle them.”
I’ll continue after I’ve handled Cole’s issue.
Its really driving me crazy.
I noticed some movement and turned to see Kora.
“Hey, I coed.”
“Hey, she replied and sat.”
“So what’s gonna be your answer?” She asked starring keenly at me.
I think I’ll say no.
“Even tho his cute and he said he likes me, I’ll close my eyes and tell him no.”
“My job is to monitor and change Rico and his brothers and that’s what am gonna do, I replied.”
“So its a no, huh!?” She asked again.
Yes kora, a no.
“But don’t you think getting closer to cole will help solve all this puzzle, she said.”
“What puzzle are you talking about?” I asked curiously.
“For example why is Rico and cole enemies?” This is one of the things you have to no before you can think of handling Rico.
“If you succeed in handling Rico then the twins will follow suite.” They aren’t too ha-rd as they seems.
‘They are just following Rico’s footsteps, she explained.”
“So I should get closer to cole in other to find out how am gonna handle Rico? Is that it?” I asked keenly and she nodded.
“No matter how ha-rd I think about it. Something seems strange with the way cole asked you out.”
It somewhat doesn’t look clean. He has that bad boy look on, she said placing her hands on her chin.
“Hmm I get you kora so am gonna be telling him a yes?” I asked.
“Yes kendra. I’ll suggest you go for a yes, she replied.”
‘What about you then?” I mean you love him a lot and….
‘He has never noticed me and I don’t think he’ll ever do so I’ll try to control it, she replied.”
I’m scared too kora, what if I fall in love with him? What if he asks her S-x? I said and g@sped.
“Oh no! I can’t loss my vir-ginity that way kora.”
“Just tell him then.” Tell him you aren’t re-ady anytime he makes a move for S-x. Just gain his trust and find out the truth, she suggested.
“What about the k!ss?” I’m I gonna let him k!ssme and he might want to k!ssme in front of everyone, how am I gonna handle that??
“Gosh! I might end of losing it, i cried and she laughed.”
“Its your luck kendra.” Falling in love with him is a case for your heart, you don’t decide who you fall in love with, she replied.
“What if my hearts decides to fall in love with him kora?” Its gonna hurt you a lot, I said and gr@bb£d her hands.
“Am happy its you and not anyone else kendra so no problem, she cooed and I stood up and hvgged her.”
She’s such a darling.
“You’re so sweet kora, I mouthed and dis£ngaged the hvg.”
“She smiled and beckoned on me to continue eating.”
“After I was done with the food I went upstairs and didn’t come down.”
Next morning.
“We got into the awaiting van and he drove us to school.”
I c@m£ down from the van alongside kora and saw cole.
“My heart skipped immediately and I st©pped moving.”
“He saw me and c@m£ to me.”
He got to where I was standing and st©pped.
I looked at saw kora leaving us both.
“Hey! He said softly.”
“His voice sounded so sweet and charming.”
I might end up falling for him.
“Hey! I said moving a strand of my hair away from my eyes.”
By Blessing D writes
“He started walking away from the packing lot and I followed him.”
“We got into the hallway and people were starring at us.”
“Lemme say everyone we c@m£ across starred at us ma-king me really nervous.”
We continued walking irrespective of the eyes.
“So have you thought of my answer?” He finally said when we’d gotten to a more quite area.
He st©pped and turned to look at me in “the eyes.”
I coughed a little and stared at him back.
“Are you gonna be my girlfriend?” He asked calmly and I sighed and closed my eyes then opened it again.
“Y…Yes, I replied and saw a smile broke out his face.”
“Really?” He said moving closer.
“Yes, I replied again and without warnings he hvgged me.”
My eyes wi-de-ned immediately and I heard footsteps coming he dis£ngaged from the hvgged and we turned to see them.
My mouth fell open immediately.
Its Rico and the twins.
“Oh, my!”
“What thefu-ck!?”
So Kendra is now Cole’s girlfriend….

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