Babysitting the bad boys Episode 5

Episode 5
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Our Nanny] 💯
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
Everyone kept watching as they faced each other.
None of them made a move.
Its like they were waiting for the other to punch first.
I shook my head unbelievably.
This isn’t happening.
I’m really getting discouraged.
Mason and Jason showed up and whispered something to Rico.
He moved back and left with the twins while cole also left following the other side.
Its interesting tho.
“Are they always like this?” I asked kora and she sighed.
“Yes, since I’ve known them but they were actually friends before.”
Best friends but suddenly turned to each other’s nightmare, I wonder what happened tho, she explained as we started walking away.
Other students as dispatched.
She took me to a clas-s.
Wow! The clas-s is spacious and beautiful.
Desk and tables were arranged properly ma-king everything look perfect.
I smiled as I got in.
Few students stared at me in a strange way.
She took me to a sit at the middle and we sat down.
Um..we forgot your time table.
I’ll help you get it later, kora said.
A teacher walked in with few notes in her hand.
He cleared his throat and everyone concentrated on him.
“Morning clas-s, he greeted.”
“Good morning sir, we replied simultaneously.”
So we’ll be starting a new t©pic on statistic but before that I’ll like for the new student to introduce herself.
He said and people turned to look at me.
“Oh, they all knew!?”
I stood up on my feet and got in front of the clas-s.
H..Hi everyone, my name is kendra and I’ll….
“Alright you can take your sit now, he cut me in and I returned nervously.”
He didn’t even allow me talk and they all kept starring like zombies.
I went and sat down and he started teaching.
The electric bell went off for lunch period and the teacher teaching rounded up and left.
I must say I enjoyed it.
The quietness…everything.
“So kendra do you have money with you for lunch?” Kora asked.
“, I replied.”
My mind didn’t even reach there.
“Well, no worries I’ll buy something for us both but you’ll have to get money for lunch from tomorrow okay?” She asked as we headed out of the clas-s.
“Alright, I replied as we continued walking.”
We got to a point and she st©pped.
“Wait, your time table?”
“Oh kendra! You didn’t even remember, she said.”
“I’ll go get it, wait here for me, she said and took a corner.”
👕Cole’s POV 👕
“Can’t you st©p fighting with him?” Nick my younger bro asked.
“Are you crazy?? Why should I?”
He is so inconsiderate accusing of things I no nothing of.
“You want me to back down first?”
“That will mean am actually guilty of the accusations la-id on me okay?”
“Get that into yourfu-cking tiny skull, I cooed and throw my eyes away from him.”
“You’re annoying must times nick, I wonder if you’re actually my brother, I gro-an ed and stood up.”
“Hey where are you off to?” He asked and got up as well.
He followed me out of the clas-s.
💝Kendra’s POV💝
I kept standing there waiting for Kora when I sighted Rico.
“Hmm where is he going?”
Lemme follow him.
I have to know what he does for me to handle him.
He can’t be that ha-rd .
I started following him and he took a turn, I followed him to the pas-sage and there was no one around.
“Hold on, where is he??”
“Did he disappear or what?”
I looked straight and there was no human there.
I turned back and…
He was standing right behind me.
I held my che-st so my heart won’t jump out from it.
Sweet lord!
“Why are you following me?” He asked icily and I swear I almost fell down.
He was so close and our faces were almost tou-ching cause he bent to my size.
Wow! His really tall.
I’m just noticing it and his really tall.
I raised my eyes up a bit looking at him.
What I’m I gonna say?
What do I say?
Uh….I tried to talk but paused.
“Am supposed to be his nanny right?” So its right I no where he is and what his doing.
“Am just checking up on you, I mouthed as he continued starring at me coldly.”
I didn’t no you’ve suddenly turned to a b©dyguard, he cooed and stood straight.
“Well, I’m just checking up on you as your nanny, I replied and scoffed.”
Didn’t I tell you to leave?
“Do you think I was joking when I did, huh!?” He hushed and my heart jumped again.
His way of talking can make someone land in a hospital be-d.
I..I am just doing my job, I replied and throw my face away.
I wanted to act tough too.
If they see me as a weakling they’ll keep pushing me out and maybe succeed.
He took my hand and turned me f0rç£fully ma-king my back land on the wall and he leaned closer.
“Ouch, I gro-an ed out as he brou-ght his face closer.”
I aren’t kidding ken, stay off my p@rt if you wanna continue living, he threatened.
His really threatening me?
His face is really mean.
We heard foot steps and he turned to see the person giving me a spare to also turn.
Oh, my!
Its cole alongside a cute guy.
He st©pped walking and Rico grinned.
He walked up to him.
I really hate seeing your disgusting face, Rico hushed with his hand fisted.
“Same here stupid, Cole also replied as they starred at themselves. ”
“Hey, its enough alre-ady, I heard that guy behind cole said and Rico scoffed.”
“Maybe you should tell it to your unfaithful idiotic brother, Rico said and left.”
I stood watching him leave.
“Cole started off too and he walked pas-s me, followed by the guy whom Rico referred to as his brother.”
But he suddenly st©pped and turned to look at me.
I also looked at him and our eyes locked.
My heart skipped immediately as our eyes remained locked.
We starred at each other for minutes and he suddenly turned and left with his brother.
I re-leased the breathe I was holding and sighed.
That was closed.
👖Cole’s POV 👖
“Nick is was that girl?” I asked as I puffed in smoke from the cigarette I was holding.
“The girl with Rico?” He asked.
“Yes, I replied and re-leased the smoke from my mouth.”
I don’t no really but she’s a new student and her name is Kendra, he replied.
“Why is she with Rico, he looked really angry with her?” I asked again.
“Maybe something happened between them, he replied.”
“Go find out what’s between them, I said and he scoffed.”
I looked up at him angrily and he dropped the drink in his hand.
I’ll be back, he said and left.
I looked into the beautiful garden as I puffed in smoke.
This is where I normally come to smoke when am less busy.
I waited for nick and he returned few minutes later.
“Hey Cole, you won’t believe what I heard?” He grinned and sat down on the wooden chair there.
“What info did you acquire?” I asked as I puffed out smoke.
He took the pack of cigarette and took out a stick lighted it and started smoking.
“His their nanny, can you believe that?” He asked and chuckled.
“You mean all of em?” I asked doubtfully.
“Yes, both Rico and the twins.”
She actually started the nanny work fully today.
I don’t think they liked the idea. I mean who will? Nick said and laughed.
He seemed to be really angry with her, I said and an idea popped into my head.
I smiled unruly.
What is it?
“Why are you smiling?” Nick asked.
“Kendra, huh!?” I said.
“What happened?”
“What is it?”
“What are you planning??” Nick asked curiously.
I’ll tell you later, but first I nee-d to know more about kendra, I replied him.
What’s cole thinking??
Its gonna be h0t!!!
The twins