Babysitting the bad boys Episode 33

👖Episode 33
Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Our Nanny] 💯
By: Blessing D writes
(My feelings)
💝Kendra’s POV💝
“Why are you smiling?” I asked in surprise.
“Nothing, just take this” he said handing over a wallet to me.
“I might not be around for few days but I don’t no when am travelling. Don’t worry I’ll inform you before I travel” he cooed and ru-bbe-d my palm.
“Go to your friend now” he added and left.
“Wait…what of your wallet?” I asked but he has gone far alre-ady.
I opened the wallet and saw large sum of money and g@sps.
“Is he giving me money?” I wondered as I brou-ght out few dollars and counted it.
“Hey! Where did you get that from?” Kora asked walking up to me.
“Um..cole handed this over to me” I replied and kept the money back into the wallet.
“What are you waiting for then? Let’s go buy lunch” she said and pu-ll-ed me with her.
“With this money?” I asked following her.
“But its not mine.”
“Why do you think he gave the wallet to you? Come on kendra” she pressed and snatched the wallet from me and started running down the hallway while I followed her.
Somewhere in New York.
🎀Victoria’s POV 🎀
“Ma’am you’re getting sick from worrying too much. Don’t you think you should inform your husband so he’ll take you to the hospital” Mandy my head maid asked offering a glas-s of water to me.
“No Mandy, plea-se don’t inform my husband. I’ll have to do this by myself” I replied.
“You have to still tell him the truth, his your husband after all” she said.
“Yes I no Mandy. I will but this is not the right time for that. He is busy with his current project and once he learns about this he’ll be distracted by it” I replied.
“Okay ma’am, but your condition is getting worse, what about sir Fred your son? Don’t you think you should tell him no?” She asked.
“No no, don’t let him no. He is the last person on earth that I want to tell plea-se Mandy it’ll also distract him from his studies” I replied and heard the door open.
“Mom” my son Fred got and rushed to embr@ce me.
“Oh son. How was school today?” I asked forcing a smile.
“Mom it was okay” he replied as Mandy left.
“Mom, what are you always thinking of? Your face looks really sick plea-se can you st©p thinking so you’ll look more beautiful for me?” He asked and I laughed.
“Of course son” I replied and held his hand.
“So explain everything that happened today is school for me” I said smiling and he sat down beside me and cross his hand around my shoulder and began his story.
👖 Rico’s POV👖
I’m getting sick from thinking too much.
I can’t bear this $h!t anymore.
I’ll have to tell her my feelings.
I’ll have to explain to her how I feel about her even tho she’s Cole’s girlfriend.
I’ll gladly accept it if she rejects me. I treated her badly in the beginning so I deserve anything I get.
But when will I do it?
When will I get to confess my feelings to her?
I think soonest.
🚬Cole’s POV 🚬
“You have finally gone crazy cole” Nick said behind me and I turned and glared at him.
“Do you realize that you just insulted me?” I snarled.
“I think you’ve really gone crazy. If not why on earth will you go searching for people you don’t no.”
“Are you sure they are even alive?”
“Are you sure the person you’re sacrificing for is in love with you?” He kept singing.
“Nick I’m going to break your head if you don’t st©p that $h!t.”
“You are not leaving me alone Cole. I won’t allow you leave me for some girl you’re in love with” he replied.
“You can as well tie my legs” I said.
“Well, I’ll inform dad about it it so he’ll st©p you if I can’t” he said after a while.
“Then you better dig your grave before you inform him” I replied and walked pas-s him brushing his shoulder in the process.
Who is Victoria and Fred?
Cole is really serious.
Rico wanna confess his feelings.
Two more episodes to round up season 1.
Cole and Rico.