Babysitting the bad boys Episode 32

Episode 32
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Our Nanny]💯
By: Blessing D writes
(He is a flir-t)
💝Kendra’s POV💝
📱Kendra are you there?
I heard him say and I took the phone back to my ear.
📱Yes cole..We’ll talk in school tomorrow bye.
I brou-ght down the phone from my ear and threw it on the be-d.
The phone started ringing almost immediately but I ignored it.
Why? So it was all fake? I thought he really liked me from the start.
I sighed and sat down on the be-d and my stomach started singing.
Ouch am hungry.
I stood up from the be-d and ran downstairs to see the twins and Kora was alre-ady at the dinning.
“Where is Rico?” Kora asked almost immediately I sat down.
“Um..he is coming, I…I alre-ady called him down” I stuttered and started eating.
I noticed the twins were starring at me in a weird way but not too weird tho.
I exhaled de-eply as I explained everything that happened to kora in the kitchen after breakfast.
“Hmm I suspected that a bit but is okay now that he likes you right?” Kora asked.
“I don’t no if its okay kora, its more like cole pla-yed me” I replied.
“But you like cole don’t you?” She asked.
“Cole? I..don’t no, well..his nice. Well I don’t think am re-ady for all those stuff yet kora” I replied.
“Okay so what will you do about Rico’s sudden behaviour. Maybe his growing feelings for you too.”
“Oh my! You’re so lucky” she exclaimed.
“Feelings? I doubts that, that guy is just ma-king fun of me, he is a flir-t isn’t he?” I replied.
“So you prefer Cole to Rico?” She asked.
“Well, I don’t know” I replied.
“Why don’t you know?”
“Looking at you, I think you prefer Cole and that’s because his sweet” she said and joined her hands together.
“I didn’t say that alright” I replied and leaned on the sink.
“I’ll use this chance to find out the real truth then and see if this relationsh!pof ours will continue” I mouthed.
Next day in school.
Kora and I got down from the van and the first person I sighted was cole.
“Alright girl, go for him I’ll be in the clas-s” kora muttered to me and left.
I walked up to him slowly with my gaze on the floor.
“Hey!” He cooed immediately I got to him.
“Hey! How are you feeling?” I asked now starring at him.
“I’m okay now” he replied and we both kept quite for a while before he finally spoke up.
“Um..kendra” he called.
“Yes”‘I answered.
“About..about what I told you. I’m really sorry about that.”
“The truth is Nick warned me about it but I insisted on it” he cooed.
“Its okay. It looks like its bond to happen anyways” I replied.
“I also have something to tell you” I cooed as we took a corner in the hallway.
“Alright what is it?” He inquired.
“Its more like a confession too” I said.
“Go on” he urged.
“I..I also accepted your proposal for a reason” I said and he st©pped walking and we faced each other.
“Reason?” He asked puzzled.
“Yes, I accepted it to find out what caused the fight between you and Rico so we are actually even. You don’t have to feel sorry.”
“Kora was the one that told me to accept, I couldn’t have if it weren’t for her” I explained and he nodded slightly.
“Wow! I didn’t expect that. I thought you’ll be very mad at me” he said after a while.
“Yea am mad, but I’m also guilty you no so I don’t want you to feel bad” I replied.
He smiled and held my hand.
“So we’re cool yea?” He asked.
“Um…I..I guess” I replied with a shrug and we started walking again.
“So cole aren’t you telling me why you two are fighting each other?” I asked after a while.
“I will. Definitely but not now Kendra plea-se believe me” he pleaded.
“Um..alright cole I’ll be waiting” I replied.
“So I think I’ll head to clas-s now cole. See you later” I said freeing my hand from his.
“Alright, see you during lunch” he replied and I left him headed to clas-s.
👖Cole’s POV👖
I smiled as I watched her leave.
I haven’t really been myself thinking she’ll break up with me today.
I was prepared for the worst but who would have thought she also had a motive for accepting me.
“So I suppose it went well since you’re busy smiling” I head Nick say from behind but didn’t turn to look at him.
“As you can see Nick what you’re afraid of didn’t happen so chill” I replied.
“But do you think she likes you? It doesn’t look like she does” he said.
“I’m planning on ma-king her like me dummy. She’s my girlfriend anyways.”
“We all know she’s your girlfriend but don’t you think Rico will steal her from you?” He asked.
“No, he won’t” I turned and replied flatly.
“Are you that sure? Can’t you get her out of that mansion Cole? Ask father to help if you can’t do it yourself” he urged.
“Because as long as they live un-der the same roof, that is bond to happen” he added.
“fuc-k get out of my sight. You’re annoying me with those $h!t.”
“She’s not gonna fall for him alright” I gro-an ed and left him.
Geez his so annoying.
But come to think of it. Angela made mention of them slee-ping in the same room.
Could it be true?
Of course, Angela will never lie.
Where the hell are her parents? Why is she staying in someone else mansion?
I think its high time I find out.
I mean she’s my girlfriend right?
Yes, I’ll find out and today.
I got to the door of her clas-s and stood waiting for her to show up and she did.
“Hey cole! Any problems?” She asked as we walked down the busy hallway.
“No, I actually wanna know about your parents. Where are they?” I asked.
She sighed and folded herl-ips then st©pped walking.
“Kendra are you okay?” I asked faced her.
“Um..yes, that question makes me feel bad every time am asked” she cooed.
“Um..why?” I asked curiously.
“Cause I don’t have parents” she replied.
“You don’t? How come?” I asked back.
“I’m an orphan, I’ve seen or met an of my relatives before cole.”
“I don’t no what is called family actually” she said in a tearful tone.
“Oh am so sorry, I ever knew” I said and hvgged her.
“So you grow up in an orphanage?” I asked after we had dis£ngaged from the hvg.
“Um..yes” she replied.
“Would you like to know your parents?” I asked starring keenly at her.
“Would you like to know who they are?” I added.
“Yes of course. Who doesn’t want that?” She replied.
“Hmm alright can you tell me the name of the orphanage you grew up with?” I asked.
“Why? You wanna go there?” She asked.
“Well, we can find them out you no” I shrugged.
“Well its hopeless. They never c@m£ back to look for me up till d@t£” she replied.
“Just tell me the name of the orphanage kendra?” I asked.
“Alright saint Paul orphanage home. Beside saint Paul church” she replied.
I’m going to look for them. I’ll find your parents kendra I promise, I thought to myself and smiled.
Hmm the story is moving.