Babysitting the bad boys Episode 30

Episode 30
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Our Nanny] 💯
By: Blessing D writes
(The k!ss)
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
I went into the kitchen hoping to find something to eat.
Damn I’m so hungry.
“Kendra?” I heard and turned to look at Kora.
“Hey!” I greeted and opened the fridge and found an apple to eat.
“You’re hungry?”She asked.
“Yea, when is dinner getting re-ady?” I asked as I took a bit from the apple.
“In a while” she replied and continued watching me as I bite from the apple.
“I saw you going out earlier, where did you go to?” She asked.
“Well, cole asked to see me and I took Angela with me” I replied.
“Huh! Angela? You shouldn’t have taken her out of the mansion” she said.
“Uh…she wanted to go out, so I took her with me and that’s the reason why I returned early” I replied.
“Alright nee-d to give the others a helping hand. You can go call the boys down” she said and I nodded.
I finished eating the apple and went upstairs to Angela’s room first.
I opened the door and went in but she was not there.
“Angela!” I called but no reply.
I left her room next and went to Mason’s room.
I knocked on it and opened it but didn’t find him in either.
“Mason!”I called to be sure but no reply.
Next I went to Jason’s room and knocked.
“Come in” I heard him say almost immediately and I opened it to find Mason and him pla-ying a racing game.
I also saw Angela on the be-d slee-ping.
I went in fully and went to t©uçh Angela.
“You guys nee-d to come down for dinner” I half yelled because of the music pla-ying.
“Alright in a jiffy” I heard Mason reply.
I carefully carried Angela and went to her room to drop her.
She’ll eat when she wakes up then.
I was about to leave when she opened her eyes.
“Nanny?” She called sitting up.
“Oh Angie, sorry to wake you up” I said.
“Did you bring me here?” She asked coming down from her be-d.
“Yes, dinner is getting re-ady. You’re hungry yea?” I asked and she nodded.
“Alright then, let’s go down” I said and gr@bb£d her tiny hand.
We got downstairs and I remembered I haven’t called Rico yet.
“Angela?” I called and she looked at me.
“Go call Rico down here, I actually forgot to call him” I said and she nodded and ran up.
She c@m£ down few minutes later.
“Is he coming?” I asked her.
“No, he asked me to call you” she replied.
“Huh! Why?” I asked and she spre-ad her arms ap@rt.
“I don’t know” she replied.
“Why does Rico wanna talk in pri-vate? Perhaps the k!ss?”
No! no!
Nothing happened between you two kendra.
Absolutely nothing, I told myself and stood up.
And that’s what am going to tell him.
I’ll tell him to forget about it.
I took the stairs and got to his door.
I knocked and turned the door knob to get in.
I got in and met him lying down on the be-d without shi-t on.
“Ric..Rico, aren’t you coming down?” I asked afraid to go near him.
“Can you get it for me? I don’t have the energy to go down” he said sitting up.
“Um..okay” I replied and made to go but st©pped.
“Rico?” I called but he didn’t answer instead he kept starring at me.
“What…what happened earlier was a mistake. A very big mistake and I hope you forget about it” I said.
“Why?” He asked coming down from the be-d and walking up to me.
“Why should I forget about it?” He asked facing me.
“Because it was a mistake and shouldn’t have happened” I replied.
“You must give me a good reason to forget about it or is it because of your lovely b©yfri£nd?” He asked and I bit my lowerl-ips.
Can’t he just behave normal and un-derstand things for once?
“You no I really enjoyed it. What do you think? Should I tell your b©yfri£nd?” He asked and my eyes wi-de-ned.
“No! no! no!”
“plea-se no!” I replied immediately and he chuckled and turned back and got hold of his school bag.
He took out a cigarette and lit it.
“Hope you won’t tell my dad about this, he said puffing in smoke.”
“plea-se forget about the k!ssand don’t mention it to cole” I pleaded again.
“Hmm no. Am sorry but I can’t” he replied chuckling.
I sighed pathetically and left.
Maybe I’ll have to tell Cole by myself before he hears it from Rico.
🚬Cole’s POV 🚬
I waited for Nick to arrive at the hospital.
I can’t figure this out alone really.
The door opened revea-ling Nick.
“Hey what’s up?” He asked coming closer.
“Nick sit down” I said and he sat down immediately.
“Do you really think that I’ve fallen for her?” I asked impatiently.
“You mean kendra?” He asked and I nodded.
“Of course you have. Isn’t it obvious?”
“Why are you even asking me?” He replied.
“Well, I nee-d to make sure its real.”
“I nee-d to be sure that I’m really in love with her” I said robbing my palms together.
“But I warned you, didn’t I?”
“How can you fall in love with Rico and the twins nanny?”
“You like fighting with Rico, don’t you?”
“Shut thefu-ck up! I wasn’t planning on falling in love with her.”
“I didn’t no it was gonna be this fast and easy.”
“Well, you have know. What do you intend to do?” He asked.
“What do you mean intend to do? She’s my girlfriend alre-ady.”
“I’ll just have to clear things up with her” I replied.
“What? You want to tell her the real reason you d@t£d her in the first place?”
“Gosh if you really do love her as you claim then don’t do it. She’ll leave you” he replied.
“You no me Nick. I can’t be in love with her and continue lying to her.”
“I won’t be able to do that so am telling her whether you like it or not” I replied.
“Alright then suite yourself” he said standing up.
“Where are you going?” I asked.
“To get a stick” he replied and went out.
👓Nick’s POV👓
I got outside his ward and sighed.
Cole shouldn’t have fallen in love with kendra.
Now its going to create a different war between them.
I didn’t support cole the first time but if it turns out that he really loves Kendra then I’ll help him get Kendra out of that mansion.
I’ll make sure I get her out of there.
Hmm Nick.
Why is Rico proving stubborn?
He doesn’t wanna forgot the k!ss.