Babysitting the bad boys Episode 26

Episode 26
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Our Nanny] 💯
By: Blessing D writes.
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
I was still standing there when students started gathering.
Kora saw me and ran up to me.
“Oh my gosh! Kendra what happened to you?” She asked in shock.
“Geez! Let’s go to the washroom, you smell like rotten eggs” she said pu-lling me along with her as we took a corner.
Students were alre-ady gossiping about me.
👖Rico’s POV 👖
I was on my way to the garden to cool off since I can’t at home because of dad.
“Hey Babe!” I heard and turned to see sheila.
I turned back and continued walking and she ran up to me and held my arm grinning.
“Hey are you okay?” I asked her.
“Yes, there’s is something really funny” she replied.
“I want you to come see for yourself Rico” she said.
“I’m not interested” I replied.
“Come on, you’ll like it” she pressed and I st©pped and re-moved her hand from my arm.
“Don’t say $h!t again” I said in a ha-rd tone and started going.
“Well, its about that girl I saw in your car last night” she said ma-king me st©p.
Cole isn’t in school so what is it? I thought and turned back to her.
“Oh I thought you weren’t interested. Come on follow me” she said and led the way while I followed her.
I sighted Kendra from afar.
Her b©dy was socked with water.
👤 What the hell happened to her?
👤She smells like rotten eggs.
👤Geez what happened?
I heard the Student around gossip.
What happened to her?
Its only sheila that’s capable of doing such things to her.
I turned back to look at her.
“Follow me” I hushed and took the path to the garden and she followed me.
We got to the garden and I turned to face her.
“Why did you do that to her?” I hushed.
“Come on, I didn’t do anything to her” she replied.
*Don’tfu-ck**g lie to me” I half yelled.
“Well, she crossed my path and I was just putting her where she belongs” she replied.
“Where she belongs?” I gro-an ed.
“Leave” I hushed trying to control my anger.
I don’t wanna do anything to her.
She’s lucky that dad is around.
“What? Why are you mad at me?”
“You have got feelings for her huh!?”
“That is why Cole betrayed you with Pearl.”
“I’ve finally seen it. You’re a slow witted and a weakling” she said in one breathe and I turned back and landed a sl@p across her silly face.
She g@sped and held her cheeks immediately.
Tears were rushing speedily from her eyes and she ran away.
👯Sheila’s POV 👯
I continued running in tears till I met Betty along the hall way.
People weren’t pres£nt there.
“Oh my gosh! Sheila did Rico do this to you?” She exclaimed.
“Yes, I replied and cleaned my face with the face towel i got.”
“He found out about that stupid maid girl and got angry at me.”
“I got angry and mentioned Pearl and he sl@pped me.”
“Oh my Sheila! You shouldn’t have done that.”
“I got pearl out of the way and now its that stupid girl.”
“I will also get her out of the way.”
“Yes you no Nick helped you in separating Rico and cole, do you think he’ll help you again?” She asked.
“I don’t think so, since that girl claims to be Cole’s girlfriend he might not want to help” I replied.
“Then how will you do it since Nick isn’t helping?” She asked and I frowned.
“Aren’t you my friend?”
“You’re gonna help me” I said.
“Yea, tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it” she said and I smiled.
“First I’ll have to map out the plans.”
“I’ll soon be telling you goodbye Kendra.”
What’s wrong with sheila self.

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