Babysitting the bad boys Episode 17

Episode 17
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Our Nanny] 💯
By: Blessing D writes
(Beside him)
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
“Oh, my goodness!* Cole plea-se open your eyes, I kept yelling at him as the stretcher carried him into the ambulance.
His brother Nick got in with him and the ambulance took him away.
Written By Blessing D writes
“Christ! Rico almost killed him.”
“What the hell is wrong with him?”
“All the student c@m£ out to watch everything.”
“Most of them were just starring at me as if I caused the fight.”
“Hey! I heard kora say and turn to her.”
“Hi, I replied as we started heading to clas-s.”
“What the hell happened? You watched Rico beat Cole and you didn’t do a thing?” She asked.
I suddenly bec@m£ scared to t©uçh him after he warned me not to.
“You should have seen the look in his eyes.”
“They were deadly and am not re-ady to die yet kora, I replied her.”
“What caused the fight anyways?” She asked.
“You talk as if you don’t no them kora.” Its wasn’t something of great importance and what baffles me is that cole didn’t fight back.
Written By Blessing D writes
I wonder why tho, I explained.
“Now Rico has been arrested, I added.”
“Who informed the cops anyways?” She asked.
I have no idea kora. It happened in a flash, I replied feeling so frustrated.
“Why the hell are they bent on ruining each other? What if they end up dying?” I thought as I placed my palm on my fore head.
“We got to the clas-s since the electric bell went out everyone returned to clas-s still talking about the fight.”
Few hours later lesson ended.
“We got into the van to take us home but I couldn’t st©p thinking about cole.”
“Hope nothing happens to him cause I won’t like it at all.”
“Driver?” I suddenly called.
“Can you take us to the hospital?” I nee-d to see Cole, I said to him and he nodded.
“So you wanna see him?” Kora asked.
“Yes, I can’t get my mind off him. ”
I couldn’t even help him and watched Rico beat him. Just wanna make sure his okay, I replied
“We got to the hospital and I expected kora to follow me but she didn’t.”
I sigh and went to ask for his ward.
“Hi miss, I said to the young lady at the desk.”
“Can I get the room number of cole Eddie?” He was just admitted few hours ago, I asked.
“Alright that should be number 13 in the VIP ward, she replied.”
“Alright thanks, I replied and searched for the room number.”
I got to the door and saw a nurse in there. I couldn’t find Nick or anyone else there.
I knocked on the door to attra-ct the nurse attention and she turned to me immediately.
“Hi, how can I help you?” She asked coming towards me.
“I’m here to see cole, I replied.”
“And you are?” She asked.
“Am kendra, I replied.”
“I mean who are you to him?” She asked.
“Well… his girlfriend, I replied and she opened the door for me to enter.”
“How is he?” I asked getting in.
“His fine, just few bruises. He’ll heal with time, she replied.”
“I’ll leave you two then, she added and left.”
I sighed and looked at him. His eyes were still closed.
“Oh cole! You should have just fight back I thought and mentally sl@pped myself.”
“Fighting doesn’t solve anything.”
I moved towards him and sat beside him.
“Gosh!” They nee-d to st©p this madness.
I felt his hand move and he opened his eyes.
I g@sped immediately and moved closer to him.
“Cole, I called smiling.”
“He blinked his eyes repeatedly and got up.”
“Kendra?” he called and t©uçhed his head.
“You’re here, he added and I nodded. ”
I was worried about you, I said and he smiled.
“Thanks, he said and I smiled.”
“I’m glad you’re okay cole, I said and stood up.”
“Where are you going to?” He asked.
I just c@m£ to see you and beside kora and the driver are waiting for me so I can’t waste time here, I replied.
“You wanna leave me? But you just got here isn’t it?” He asked sounding pitiful.
“Um…I’ll just go inform kora and the driver so they can leave, I said and he smiled.”
Written By Blessing D writes
“Give me your bag, he said stretching his hand.”
I shook my head and handed the bag to him.
I got outside and informed them.
“So when will you be coming back?” Kora asked.
I don’t no but before night fall, I replied and they zoomed off.
I turned back and left for his room.
I got in to see him pressing his phone.
I’ve just ordered food for us you won’t have to worry about eating, he said and dropped the phone.
I sat down on the be-d starring at his bruises.
“Why didn’t you fight back?” I asked before I could hold myself.
He chuckled.
“Are you that worried? Just felt like leaving him?” He replied.
“Why are you two always fighting anyways? What caused the enmity?” I asked but the door opened unfortunately and two ladies c@m£ in with trays of food.
“They dropped it on the table inside the ward and left.”
“Come on, get the food, cole urged and I brou-ght a tray to him.”
I handed over the spoon to him but he shook his head saying he won’t collect it.
“Why? Don’t you wanna eat?” I asked a bit surprised.
“I want but can’t eat by myself, you see my hand hurts a lot can’t lift it up, he said sadly.”
“You used the same hand to collect my bag didn’t you?” I asked but he looked away.
“Aren’t you gonna feed me?” Gosh am so hungry, he replied instead and I sighed and started feeding him.
“Such a baby, I muttered.”
I drop the spoon and the tray and carried the second tray and ate the meal hungrily.
Am always hungry.
“The two ladies entered and took away the trays after he called them.”
“He la-id down after some minutes and started starring at me in a strange way.”
I felt uncomfortable immediately and wanted to leave.
“I think I’ll go now cole, I announced standing up.”
“No, you won’t.” I’m gonna feel bored all by myself, plea-se don’t leave me, he gro-an ed.
“Gosh! What to do?”
“But…I tried to say but he cut me off.”
“plea-se!” He pleaded further and I nodded.
“Come on, he said and pu-ll-ed me down to himself.”
He made me hvg him.
“Geez! my b©dy is vibr@ting.”
★Rico’s POV ★
“My brothers succeeded in getting me out of jail and now am on the the run.”
I wonder if that man is truly our father cause the way he even behaves is out of the way.
I kept driving in a lonely p@rt to my hide out and suddenly noticed cars following me.
I watched them throu-gh the side mirror and finally knew them.
“They are dad guards!”
“fuc-k! How did he get here so fast?”
I increa-sed the speed of my car but they sh0t the tire.
Christ! Written By Blessing D writes
I c@m£ out immediately knowing what will happen if they catch me.
I took a straight p@rt by the corner and kept running and as expected they followed after me.
I got to the wall and tried jumping to the other side but I heard gun cli-cks.
“Any other move I’ll sh0t your leg, I heard mark say.”
“Mark is the leader of the guards. ”
“Too smart for my liking.”
I c@m£ down from the wall and lifted my hands up in surrender as they cuffed me.
“Now am truly dead.”
Kendra and cole are getting closer.
I wonder what will happen next episode.
Cole and Kendra.