Babysitting the bad boys Episode 12

Episode 12
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Our Nanny] 💯
By: Blessing D writes
(She’s my girlfriend)
💖Kendra’s POV 💖
“We continued starring at ourselves and I couldn’t look away for some unknown reasons.”
“My heart beat increa-sed.”
“Then he suddenly stood up and walked to the door.”
“He fixed his f!nger into his hair and scratched it for a while.”
I kept looking at him.
He backed me and spoke.
“Leave! He said in a commanding tone.”
I stood up from the table.
“But am not done with thing.” I nee-d to put plaster on it and you also have to take pain relieve medicine for it to heal fast, I said moving closer to him with the plaster still with me.
“No nee-d for that, he replied coldly still backing me.”
I’ll just do it and go Rico, turn around, I cooed and made to t©uçh him but he turned speedily ma-king me startled.
I said leave!! He half yelled and I moved back.
“Geez! What kind of temper does he have?”
“Wasn’t he the one calm a while ago?”
“Alright, I replied and moved to the table.”
I kept the plaster there alongside the first aid box and left.
👖Rico’s POV 👖
“What the hell does she think she’s doing?”
“Why did I allow her t©uçh me?” I could have pushed her away.
I closed my eyes as I went back to the sit and sat facing the mirror.
It won’t happen.
I won’t allow this happen.
I don’t no if it was cole that asked her to do this but I won’t let her get close to me.
“Cole’s plan must not take effect on me.”
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
I got into my room and lie down.
I closed my eyes and recalled what happened few minutes ago.
“What was that kendra?”
“Are you perhaps crushing on Rico?”
“Oh! you better not try it.”
“That guy is a flir-t, he uses and dump girls.”
“His drinks, smokes, fights.”
“Ah Kendra you better don’t try it else you’ll suffer, I warned myself.”
Next day at school.
“Kora and I sat facing each other as we talked about what happened yesterday.”
“Gosh! I thought he was gonna kill you kendra.” Lord saved you, she cooed sounding happy.
“Yea, I also thought something bad and big was gonna happen, I replied.”
“But what will happen when the boys find out that you’re d@t!ngcole?” That’s gonna be a big disasters now that I think of it, kora said.
I sighed pathetically.
“But what to do kora, you advised me into this remember?” I replied.
“Yes Kendra, and you’ll have to do what you gotta do fast before the boys finds out, she replied.”
“Huh! Maybe I should start now, do you think he’ll answer me?” I asked.
I don’t no Kendra, if you wanna try you can go ahead, she said and I sighed and ru-bbe-d my palms together.
“Cole appeared by the window and I sighed.”
“Right on time, I thought as I went out to him.”
“Hey! He said.”
“Hey! I replied as we walked along the hallway.”
“What’s the best way to bring it up?” I thought as we continued walking.
“So how are you?” He asked.
“Well, am fine, I replied as we got to a place where there weren’t students around.”
“He st©pped and faced me and that was when I saw his face clearly.”
“Did you get into a fight?” I asked and he pu-ll-ed a surprised look at first.
“Um..not really, he replied looking elsewhere. ”
“Then what happened?” I asked curiously.
“Don’t worry about that Kendra, am okay, he replied and leaned on the wall.”
I stole a glance at his eyes.
“Aw this guy is damn handsome even with his face bruised.”
“It will be a miracle if I don’t end up falling for him.”
“So I want us to meet up during lunch break. Wanna treat you, he said now looking at me.”
I bent my head and smiled slightly.
“Of..of course, I cooed.”
“Okay this is the time.”
But I aren’t gonna make it look obvious.
“So any friends?”
“Past friends?” I asked hoping he’ll reply.
“Um..why do you ask?” He replied.
I’ve never been in a relationsh!pbefore but I no for a fact that we are supposed to no things about our selves, I cooed and he chuckled and shook his head.
“Yea, you’re right but why don’t we start with you instead?” He asked.
“Um..I asked first so let’s start with you, I insisted.”
“No, ladies first, he replied and I sighed.”
“This guy is also a headache.”
“Alright, I’ll answer few questions and you’ll so answer few questions, how about that?” I asked.
“Yes, I totally agree, he replied.”
“So tell me about yourself, where do you stay?”
“Um..I’m actually an orphan never heard anything about my parents, I replied and he g@sped.”
“Am so sorry didn’t no about that, he said and I nodded. ”
“So that’s all you nee-d to no, I concluded.”
“So answer my previous questions. Past and pres£nt friends?” I asked.
“None, I thought I had but didn’t actually have, he replied ma-king me puzzled.”
“Thought he had but didn’t actually have.”
I think his actually referring to Rico cause kora told me he haven’t had another friend ap@rt from him.
“Um..can you plea-se explain properly?” I requested but he kept mute.
“You have to break things down for me cole. What really happened?”
“Why did you make such statement? Were you betrayal by someone?” I asked but he still didn’t reply.
“What is he thinking?”
“Geez! Let him reply so I can end this thing fast.”
He exhaled after a while.
“Am sorry for that Kendra but can you leave that for another time?” Let’s talk about some other things, he cooed and started walking again.
Oh geez!
“What type of thing is this??”
“Why didn’t he explain?”
“Could he be hiding it?”
“Yes probably, cause kora said no one knew what really made them enemies.”
“But if he likes me as he claimed he should at least share some things with me right??”
I shrugged my shoulder and followed him but misfortune happened on the way as we bu-mped into Rico and the twins.
Hah!! Not again.
Oh plea-se!
We st©pped as they walked closer to us.
I didn’t even want to look at Rico or the twins.
I just stood quietly waiting for them to pas-s but they didn’t.
“How’s your face brother?” I heard Cole ask and Rico sm-irked.
I should be asking you that silly.
“What the hell are you doing with her?” I heard Rico ask and I raised my head up to stare at him.
“His eyes were fixed on me tho he was speaking to cole.”
I told you yesterday that its none of your business idiot, cole replied and from nowhere I saw students trooping to the scene.
Oh no!
“And what was my reply to you di-ck head?” Rico asked back still starring at me.
“Well, I shouldn’t be replying a weakling like you so move lemme go, cole said.”
“And If I don’t?” Rico replied moving closer to him.
“Then you’ll have yourself to blame, cole replied and also faced him.”
“plea-se they shouldn’t fight plea-se.”
I didn’t no what to do.
Almost all the students were now gathered there and the twins weren’t doing anything.
Cole said something to Rico in a whisper and immediately Rico gr!pp£dhis shi-t.
Cole sl@pped Rico’s hands off his shi-t and Rico landed a sl@p on Cole’s face.
Some of the students brou-ght out their phones and started videoing them.
“Geez I nee-d to st©p this $h!t!”
Cole staggered back and also landed a punch on Rico’s face.
Immediately a cut appeared on hisl-ips.
Rico made to punch him back but I ran and stood in between them ma-king them come to a st©p.
“You two should st©p, I said and looked at both of em.”
“Let’s go, cole said in a ha-rd tone and made to hold me but surprisedly Rico blocked him from tou-ching me.”
“Wait, what just happened?”
“Why did he do that?”
“You go nowhere with her, Rico said.”
“fuc-k you! You have no right to st©p me, cole gro-an ed.”
“I do, Rico said.”
“No, you don’t because she’s my girlfriend, Cole said loudly and everyone g@sped.”
Even Rico and the twins also g@sped.
I bet they’re all shocked.
No no!
I didn’t want em to no.
“This is double $h!t!”
I love their fight 💃💃
Rico and cole.