Babysitting the bad boys Episode 10

Episode 10
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Our Nanny] 💯
By:Blessing D writes
(He is angry)
👖Rico’s POV 👖
I was walking along the hallway with my brothers when suddenly mason t©uçhed me.
“Hey Rico! Isn’t that kendra?” He asked pointing forward.
“Yea, what is she doing with cole?” Jason said.
I looked forward and saw them.
Then cole hvgged her.
“What??” Jason and mason skrie-ked slightly while my eyes wi-de-ned.
“What are they doing?” I wondered as we continued moving closer to em.
“Do they no each other?” Jason asked but got no reply.
“Seeing them together is really annoying me.”
“What the hell is that silly nanny doing with my worst enemy?”
I can see she doesn’t like herself.
“We got pretty close and they dis£ngaged from the hvg and starred at me.”
I stood watching the both of em.
She has a shock expression on.
I took few steps towards them and Kendra shifted backward.
“Cole and I starred at each other for a while, he had that proudness look on.”
“He always has it on.”
“Silly idiot!” I cursed un-der my breathe and he sm-irked and moved towards kendra and wra-pped his hand on her shoulder.
“Wait, she’s allowing him?”
I no he has that idiotic face that deceives ladies I didn’t no she was the same with the others.
I didn’t think she could fall easily for him.
I shifted my eyes from cole to hers and she took her gaze to the floor almost immediately.
I gritted my teeth preventing myself my pushing him and started walking away together with my brothers.
💝Kendra’s POV💝
I re-moved Cole’s hand away from my shoulder immediately Rico left.
He was really angry seeing what he saw.
Or maybe his always like that.
“Cole looked at me in shock.” Probably wondering why I freed his hand from my shoulder.
I shrugged and moved away from him.
I nee-d to go. Sorry, I said and immediately left.
💎Cole’s POV 💎
I smiled as I watched her leave.
“She looks pretty innocent.” I don’t think she knows how much Rico and I hate each other.
“If she does she couldn’t have accepted.”
I tucked my f!nger into my trou-ser pocket and went straight to the garden.
I think I’ll be missing clas-s today.
I might go to school everyday but I don’t attend clas-s always.
I attend whenever I want.
I got to the garden to see Nick smoking.
“Why aren’t you in clas-s?” I asked as I sat beside him and took a stick from the pack of cigarette beside him.
“Hmm, he hummed ignoring my question.”
“Did she agree?” He asked starring into space.
“Yes she did, I replied and he sighed.”
“Poor girl. I really pity her, he cooed puffing out smoke.”
“You used the advantage that she’s a newbie and you’re using her, he said.”
“Yea whatever! I replied puffing in smoke.”
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
I’ve been restless throu-ghout today in school.
Rico has that killer eyes when he looked at me today at school.
“Calm down kendra. Let’s get out of the van, kora broke into my thought and I looked out to see that we’ve gotten home.”
I also got down from the van and noticed the boys cars.
“Huh! Are you back alre-ady?” I wondered as we got in.
“We got into the sitting and there they were.”
I think they were drinking.
I st©pped when I saw them and thought of what to say but couldn’t find any.
“My thoughts are disorganized.”
I sighed and made for the stairs but his cold voice st©pped me.
“What were you doing with him today?” He asked icily and I stood.
I turned to see that he wasn’t even looking at me so I guessed he was talking to his brothers.
I turned back and wanted to continue my journey but he spoke up again.
“Aren’t you gonna talk??” He asked more loudly and angrily this time.
I turned to see him starring at me, then he dropped the glas-s cu-p he was holding and walked up to me.
“The twins were just looking at us.”
I also saw kora starring at us from a corner.
“Okay, I think am finally gonna die today.”
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