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Babysitting Jenna episode 91 & 92


🩸(The Icy Billionaire’s Daughter笑)💧

⛲CHAPTER 91&92 ⛲

By Authoress Rhema 🧁


Rodriguez Investment**

📞Hello??, Sweetie??, Darling, baby what’s wrong??” Micheal called out worriedly

He was talking to her and he suddenly heard screams, her phone is still powered on but he’s only hearing screams

“Roman” he called standing up and Roman entered immediately

“Boss, you called me?”

“Yes, I need you to track down this phone call immediately” he said, giving Roman his phone

Roman creased his brows, his boss looked seriously panicked, no time for questions so he just did as told

He tracked it down and faced Micheal

“Campus traffick” he said

Micheal didn’t wait anymore, he took his car keys and rushed out immediately

“Boss” Roman followed him but Micheal was too fast, he alre-ady entered his car and sped off

He drove like a mad man across the street, his mind kept screaming Suzy’s name, his heart is thudding so loud, he kept praying that she’ll be okay

“plea-se be okay baby, I love you, I know it’s f**king late but I do” he whispered silently and speed his car even more

In no time he arrived at the campus traffick, he packed and got down

“Suzy!!!” He yelled out, looking left and right

Some p@sser by were looking at him while some ignored

“Baby where are you!!” He yelled again

His eyes eyes cought her phone on the floor, the screen had cracked alre-ady

“Suzy” he whispered and walked slowly to it

“Where did you go, what happened?” He muttered and a tear drop fell from his eyes

“Hey” someone tapped him from behind and he turned to see a woman

“Are you looking for the woman that was here with her sister earlier?” She asked

Micheal nodded immediately

“She was standing right here few minutes ago with a young girl which I guess must be her sister when a car st©pped, some people c@m£ out and took her in” she said

“Her sister?” Micheal asked

“They didn’t take her, she was smiling and waving according to what I saw” she replied

Micheal stared at the woman unbelievably before entering his car again and driving off.


Micheal’s Mansion**

Danica stared at her reflection in the mirror with a smile

Her sister is finally gone, Suzy is finally gone and it’s just her and Micheal, finally she can have Micheal all to herself now

“Where do I start from?” She muttered, checking herself out in the mirror

“Maybe by tommorow, I’ll change the way I dress and Micheal will need someone since his Suzy is no more, I’ll be that person he’ll need, I’ll take care of him till he falls in love with…

She didn’t get to complete what she was saying when the door kicked open

“Hey who…

She g@sped with what she saw

“Micheal… You..

“Where is she?” He asked and she shook her head

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” she said

“Where is she!!” He yelled this time

“Where is who i don’t know who you’re talking about” she replied then he gr!pp£don her n£¢k, choking her ti-ghtly

“I’ll ask for the last time tell me who you sold her off too?” He demanded

Danica sniffed in the tears that was about to fall from her eyes

“You’re going to hurt me, you’ll hurt me because of her, if it’s so then I won’t tell you anything!!” She yelled

“Damn” Micheal muttered and pushed her, she fell on the floor

“Guards” he called and some guards rushed in

“Lock her up, don’t let her come out till I say so” he said

They nodded and carried her immediately

“What??, Let me go. Leave me alone I didn’t do anything!!!!” She yelled as they carried her out of the room

“F**k f**k f**k, I’m so careless Jake warned me, now they have taken her, what do I do!!” He gr!pp£dhis hair so h@rd as he lamented.


Next Morning… Maxwell’s College Of Arts***

br@yden found his way to the girls hostel with flowers, carton of chocolate, ribbons, balloons stuffs that girls would love

He got to Crystal room and knocked on the door, it opened and Samantha c@m£ out instead

“br@yden” Samantha called looking surprised

“Is Crystal in?” He asked and Samantha looked at his hands

She noticed the flower and goodies that he was holding and she immediately gr@bb£d the message, he’s into Crystal

“One sec” she replied and went in

“What’s wrong sweetie” Crystal who was busy playing games asked

“br@yden wants to see you” she replied sourly

“Me why?”

“Ion know, go check by yourself” Samantha shurgged and Crystal stood up

She walked up to the door and sighed when she saw br@yden looking at him

“Why do you wanna see me?” Crystal asked with crossed arms

“Well I… Because I wanna give you this” he stretched out the things he was holding to her

Crystal looked at it then turned back to look at Samantha who looked elsewhere immediately

“Let me have it” she said and collected it then threw it on the floor and began matching it with her foot

br@yden g@sped out

After matching the flowers, she collected the chocolate from him and matched it too

“But why?” br@yden asked and she gr!pp£dhis ears really h@rd

“You’re so dum, how can you turn down a sweet girl like Samantha then c@m£ to ask me out at the front of her, just where did you put your br@in where did you put it?” She asked, gripping on his ears really ti-ght

“Ouch plea-se re-lease me I’m sorry” he pleaded and she re-leased him

“Don’t ever talk to me till you apologize to Samantha got that!!, Now get lost” she pushed him out and slammed the door shut

She then turned back to look at Samantha who looked as if she wanted to cry

“Look Sam I’m so sorry I…

Samantha immediately stood up from the be-d and rushed to hvg her ti-ght

“Thank you Crystal” she whispered

“Why are you thanking me?” Crystal asked

“For being a good friend” she replied and Crystal smiled and rubbe-d her back

“What about me?” Viva asked and Crystal sticked her ton-gue out

Viva scoffed and continued pressing her phone while Crystal lead Samantha to sit

“You’ll have to teach him a lesson, act like you don’t need him anymore” Crystal said

“How?” Samantha asked

Crystal smiled and motioned her to come closer, then whispered somethings into her ears

“Aww” Samantha looked at her and laughed

“I kinda like it” she smiled

“What are you guys planning?” Viva asked but they both ignored her

She scoffed and continued pressing her phone.


Jake’s Mansion**

Jenna is not going to school today because she’ll have to stay at home and prepare for her school p@rty that’ll be happening soon

Because of this, Jake and Irish decided to stay at home today, Eric will take care of the office for today

While Irish was busy ma-king Jenna’s hair in the living room, Jake was busy trying to make breakfast in the kitchen

He was interrupted when his phone rang, checking it was Peter so he picked

📞I messed up” c@m£ Peter completely broken voice

📞Calm down and tell me what happened?” Jake said and Irish wh!pped her head towards him

📞They took her, they finally took her

📞Ion get you

📞Suzy, they have her

Jake sighed the moment he heard that

📞I did warned you about this Micheal” he said

📞I’m freaking out, I looked for her all night, I didn’t see her, I can’t find her I’m so damn useless”

📞Yunno what, I’ll be coming over now” Jake replied and hanged up

“Hunny what happened?” Irish asked

“Baby I’ll tell you later I really have to go now” he replied

“Is everything okay daddy?” Jenna asked and Jake nodded with a smile

“The breakfast is in the kitchen okay, I’ll be back” he said and pe-cked Irishl-ips

“Be careful” Irish replied, she knows it must be something important so she won’t st©p him for now

Jake just smiled at her and went to his room, he changed and went out immediately

“Mummy I’m hungry” Jenna pouted

“After I’m done with your hair” Irish replied,her head suddenly hurt again and she shook it

She also noticed that she do get sharp pains in the head recently and she doesn’t know why

“When will I ever be done!!” Jenna gro-an ed out.


Micheal’s Mansion**

“She’s still not re-ady to talk?” Roman asked the guard who has been keeping their eyes on Danica and he shook his head

He sighed and motioned the guard to leave then walked over to her

“I won’t tell you anything!!” She yelled as he c@m£ in

“You’re so stupid do you know that, look what you did to your own blood sister for a guy that’ll never look at you, Danica you’re still a kid, you’re at your final year in school you’re just 20 and look at what you’re doing” he shook his head

“Just leave me alone okay!!” She yelled out in tears

“If you think selling your sister to the enemy will make Micheal notice you then it will never, you’re just deceiving yourself, you just gave the enemies a chance to hurt Micheal now those people will use your sister as a bait, they will kill your sister and they will kill Micheal too” he said

“That’s not true” she yelled and he chuckled

“And your father, when he wakes up to find out what you’ve done, how would he feel, do you think he’ll be happy with you, do to think he’ll love you?” He asked

“St©p talking!!” Danica screamed, covering her eyes

“It’s the truth, your sister loved you but you betrayed her, if she’s dead, your father won’t love you anymore who would love you, no one, Micheal won’t even look at you, you’ll be alone and I just feel sorry for you” he shook his head

Danica began thinking and crying, he’s right what have she done, how could she betray her own sister, what did she do, why didn’t she think

“It’s not to late now Danica, better tell us all that you know” he added and she slowly looked up

“Will you talk?” He asked and she nodded

“Good” he smiled and stood up

“Clean up and meet me outside” he said and left the room.

Jake just arrived at the mansion, he got in and met Micheal sitting on the floor, resting his back on the wall and closing his eyes

“Micheal” he called and Micheal opened his eyes immediately

“Get up, now is not the time to be weak, this was the day you’ve been waiting for right?” Jake asked

“But her life is in danger” he muttered

“It’s not, we just have to think of a plan” Jake replied

“What plan, I’m clueless I don’t even know where they’ll take her too, or what they’ll do to her, I’m so useless” Micheal muttered and closed his eyes

Jake was about to reply when Roman c@m£ in with Danica

“Boss” he called and Micheal opened his eyes, he looked at Danica and she fell on her knees immediately

“I’m sorry I was selfish and stupid, I promise to say everything I know” she cried

Jake looked at her and looked at Micheal confusedly while Micheal sighed

“There’s so much we have to discuss about” he said.


JM Entertainment**

Eric just locked the company, he turned around to leave but g@sped with what he saw

They were two guys, they were pointing guns at him

“Stay quiet and follow us immediately” one of them said

He slowly followed them, his legs shaking as they led him to a car, they entered and drove off immediately.


A Weird Warehouse**

Suzy was tied to the floor, her eyes were closed, seems like she had p@ssed out, slowly her eyes opened and she looked around

She was still at the place, right now she was dreaming that Micheal had come to rescue her, he fought all this men, he bit them to pulps, carried her in his arms and went back home

“Micheal where are you” she muttered almost in tears

“Don’t worry you’ll see him soon” the man inside replied and she glared at him

“What do you want from us!!!” She yelled out

“It’s not me it’s my boss” he shurgged

“Tell your boss to let us go!!” Suzy yelled

“Don’t worry boss will soon be here, you can tell him yourself” the man replied

Just as he said that the door opened and two men stepped in, they were dressed in suit and dark gl@sses

“Boss” the man bowed

“Have you given Micheal a call?” Fremont asked, they had to fly all the way from Las Veg@s

“We were waiting for you”

“Well what are you waiting for, give him a call and tell him to come here now!!” Jones yelled

“Better don’t t©uçh him!!” Suzy yelled out

Fremont turned to look at her and smiled

“We are not planning to hurt him, if he can cooperate, fill some do¢vments and give us our rightful wealth then he’s free” he said

“You’re a bastard men like you are why the nations suffer, you go around stealing what will happen when you work for money you bastard!!” She yelled at him and he sl@pped her h@rd

“When my brother died, his business is supposed to be mine just like how he inherited our parents business but still he kept it for his son, a kid that knows nothing at all, so we just wanna help him, come to think of it, we are doing him a favor” Fremont yelled at herself

“You’ll never succeed” Suzy shook her head in tears

“I’m sure you threatened my sister to bring me here right, you’re a bastard!!” She added and Fremont bur-st into laughter

He looked at Jones and Jones also bur-st into laughter

“Your sister willingly sold you of, she never cared about you” Fremont said

“Not true” Suzy shook her head in tears and Fremont laughed

“Believe or not, it’s none of my business I’ll get what I want today” Fremont replied

The door opened and a man rushed in

“We’ve called him, his own his way” he informed

“Micheal” Suzy muttered in tears

Fremont smiled

“The remote” he asked and the man handed a remote to him

“What’s that?” Suzy asked

“You’ll see” he smiled

“Whatever you’re planning won’t work, today is your downfall mark my words!!” Suzy yelled out but he just kept on laughing

“He’s here boss” another man entered to inform

Suzy spranged up immediately

“Micheal!!!, Don’t come in it’s tra-p!!” She yelled out with everything she’s gotten

“Let him in” Jones said

“No don’t come Micheal, go back to where…

She paused when the door opened and he entered, her eyes wi-de-ned with what she was seeing

“Micheal welcome you c@m£ but something seems different” Fremont smiled

“Suzy are you okay” Micheal yelled, he wanted to run to her but the guards held him back

“Mi… Micheal” Suzy stuttered, her eyes almost popped out of its socket as she stared at him

“You better not t©uçh her, I’ll give you anything you want!!” Micheal yelled but Fremont laughed instead before pausing and looking at him

“Intresting, so this is how you look like without your mask” he said

And that’s when Micheal realized that, he didn’t has his mask on the moment he rushed out of his office.



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