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babysitting Jenna episode 83 & 84


🩸(The Icy Billionaire’s Daughter笑)💧

⛲CHAPTER 83&84⛲

By Authoress Rhema 🧁



Beauty Camp**

This was where Naomi do work, Alan opened this place just for her

She got in with a smile, ignoring the people that were congratulating her for getting married

She got to her desk and sat happily then crossed her legs, her plans finally worked. She has finally gotten what she wants it just remain to get rid of him

Earlier, she talked with one of the security man, she paid him a good amount of money to toy with Alan’s car

All she’s waiting for now it’s the news of Alan’s death, any minutes from now, her phone will ring and they will call to inform her of her husband’s death

Just as she was thinking her phone rang, it was an unknown number

“Bingo” she smiled and picked it

📞Is this Mrs Cameroon?” The unfamiliar voice asked

📞Yes, what are you doing with my husband phone

📞I’m sorry to say but your husband just got involved in an accident, he just got rushed to Brickles hospital, please come right now

📞I hope he’s okay, OMG I’ll be on my way” Naomi faked a cry and hanged up

“I should be given awards for best actress” she smiled and stood up then continued her cry and rushed out.



news of Alan’s accident spread out like a wide fire, the whole Californians are talking about it, it’s all over the news already

👥It’s so sad, he just got married yesterday

👥Why is this world full of wickedness

👥I hope he survives

👥This is unfair

People kept murmuring among themselves, Kaylee who came out to receive fresh air walked up to one of them

She stood at their back and looked into the news, her eyes widened, she couldn’t believe this, no she can’t believe this

She immediately rushed out and stopped a cab in tears

“To Brickles hospital!” she ordered

The cab man nodded and began driving, he drove faster when she yelled at him too

Finally Kaylee got there, she met Naomi crying and she saw the nurses rushing Alan to the theater for a quick operation

“Please save him, save my husband” Naomi cried out

Kaylee also rushed there, she didn’t get to see him because the doctors had already closed the door

The s£nior doctor connect the wire through Alan’s body and turned on the monitor

The sound began beeping real fast

“Get the CPR” he ordered and a nurse gave it to him

The doctor pressed the CPR h@rd on his chest but no improvement

“Increase the voltage” he ordered and the nurses increased

“Go!” The doctor pressed it again but still it’s getting worse

The lines were turning into fast straight lines and beeping really fast

“Increase third!” The doctor ordered and the nurses increased

He placed it again but nothing, then again and again. Alan was losing so much blood and time, there was no time

The doctor tried one last time but it was useless, all the lines turned straight and the monitor stopped beeping

The doctor closed his eyes painfully and heaved

“Time of death, July 5th 2023” he announced and some nurses bent their head low

“You’re all dismissed” he added

The nurses began leaving the theater. The doctor sighed sadly, he looked at Alan from head to toe

Good height, good body, handsome face, richness, it’s all waisted, just like like that. What a world

He turned off the computer and covered Alan’s face with the white cloth then left sadly

“Doctor” both Kaylee and Naomi stood up at the same time

The doctor looked at them sadly and shook his head

Kaylee shook her head while Naomi fell on get chair, crying

“I’m sorry I tried everything, there was no time left for him” he said


shook her head in tears and ran inside Alan’s ward, she can’t believe this, she won’t believe this

It was too early for him to die, she took of the white cloth from his face and began shaking him but no movement

“No, wake up please.. Alan you can’t do this, you can’t die now please open your eyes” she cried but nothing, it was all in vain

“Alan, wake up Alan, please… Alan!!, Wake up I have so much to tell you, Alan!!” Kaylee cried so h@rd, hitting him but nothing

“No!!, Noooooooooooooooooo!!!” She cried out

Some nurses slowly entered, they began turning off all the system’s after turning it off they left sadly

Naomi still sat on the bench, lost in trance. Yes this was her plan but she didn’t expect hearing him been called dead will hit her like this

After crying for a while Kaylee stood up and ran out of the hospital

Naomi slowly stood up and walked into the silent ward, she looked at his face and slowly a smirk appeared on her face

“Finally I’ve gotten what I wanted, I’ll miss you.. but it’ll glady continue from where you stopped in your business” she said with a laugh

She laughed so loud that the laugh turned into cries, slowly she went on her knees and began crying

She cried so much till the nurses came back in to take his body away.


JM Entertainment**

Irish eyes widened as she watched the news

🖥️Mr Alan Cameroon, a not just young but handsome Billionaire died the next day after getting married. It was confirmed that has had an accident earlier this morning, he was rushed to the hospital for quick operation but the poor billionaire couldn’t make it..

Irish immediately stood up and turned off the TV

“He died this morning?” She muttered and shook her head, holding her chest fearfully

“Life is too short” she muttered with teary eyes

“Babe, what’s wrong?” Jake asked, entering inside Irish office

Irish immediately rushed to hug him tight

“Jake, he …. He just died” she said, shivering in his arms

Jake pulled away and cupped her cheeks

“Baby calm down and talk to me” he said

Irish swallowed and looked at him

“He just died, that man, Alan Cameroon” she said

Jake creased his brows, was she talking about Naomi’s husband

“Yes, it’s your ex husband, he just died this morning, he got married yesterday. I know it’s not my business but.. but…”

Jake hugged her tight and rubbed her back

“I know, I understand how you’re feeling” he muttered then creased his brows

How can he just die this morning, wasn’t he the man he was watching yesterday as he was doing his wedding

Knowing the kind of woman Naomi is, could she be involved in his death??

Jake shook his head, this was none of his business. Thou he feels bad but the main thing for him is to make sure he protects Irish and Jenna with all he’s got

He hugged Irish more tighter and klzzed her forehead

“There’s no need to be scared, I’m here” he said softly and sighed out.



As she was thinking the door opened and a man dressed in neat suit stepped in,he had a kind of worried expression on his face

“Miss, I’m so glad you’re awake,damn I was worried as hell” Alan breathed out and ruffled his hair

Kaylee heaved and looked up

“You were the one who knocked me out with your car?” She asked lowly

“Yes I am, I’m really sorry I was in a rush for the airport and you were walking at the middle of the road I really did tried to stop my car I…

“Why did you save me?” She cut him off with teary eyes

“Huh?, Why won’t I save you?” He asked

“You should have just let me die” She said, allowing the tears to roll down her eyes

Alan looked at her confusedly

“Aren’t you too young to be wishing your own death?” He asked

Kaylee chuckled bitterly

“I’m going through a very h@rd phase of my life right now, I made a lot of mistakes in the p@ss and now I’m living for it, my only solution now is death and you took that from me” she yelled out

“Miss don’t yell, your health…

“F**k this stupid life of mine, I don’t want to leave anymore I wanna die!!” She screamed and managed to sit straight

“I know you’re going through a h@rd time but death isn’t the..

“It is, you are not me, you don’t know how I’m feeling right now…. I wanna die I hate my life!!” Kaylee yelled, she brought her hands to the oxygen wires on her nostrils and began dragging it out

“Miss!!” Alan struggled for the wire with her

“If you kill yourself then what about your baby?” He asked

“What baby?” She asked back

“You don’t know?, You’re two weeks pregnant” he replied

“What??” Kaylee eyes widened, the world seemed to has halted for her

“P… pregnant?” She asked and he nodded..



Kaylee closed her eyes and more tears rushed out, she’s sitting somewhere outside and Alone

“Alan.. why did you go” she cried out

She remembered how he had offered her to come leave with him, how he took care of her and made sure that she ears very well

She remembered how he would ask her not to work herself out because of her baby, and how he would smile at her

She remembers it all, but now he’s gone, she’ll never hear his voice or see his smile again

“Alan” she cried out

“Why didn’t I tell you how I felt about you before you left, I’m so stupid” she cried even more

“You forced me not to die and now you’ve died before me, you’ve left me, you left me alone in this lonely and cruel word, why didn’t you just take me with you Alan” she said and cried out

She cried so h@rd that her veins where starting to pop on her forehead

“I want to go with you Alan, I don’t wanna stay here” she cried out

People kept p@ssing and looking at her crying out like a mad person but she didn’t care

She’s feels so broken, she feels like going to heaven with him because he was such a good soul, he don’t deserve to die now, why does good people die young??

She kept crying, she didn’t even know how h@rd she cried but by the time she was a bit sober, it was already dark

She slowly stood up and wiped her face

“I believe you can’t just go like that Alan, I’ll try to seek justice for you then I’ll join you in heaven” she smiled, looking at it stars, the shinning one to be precised

“I’ll come back for you I promise” she smiled and watched the star disappeared

A tear drop fell off her eyes and she wiped it off immediately, the happiness she has been living for is now gone

It’s gone, it vanished into thin air, what’s now her use in this Earth when there’s no more happiness for her, should she just committee sucide or should she choose to have revenge on those ones that made her suffer

Naomi, Eric, madam Lulu all of them. Yes she still remembered what Eric did to her, madam Lulu and Naomi

“I’ll have my revenge then I’ll come back to join you in heaven” she said with full determination.



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