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babysitting Jenna episode 79 & 80


🩸(The Icy Billionaire’s Daughter笑)💧

⛲CHAPTER 79&80⛲

By Authoress Rhema 🧁



“Your pregnant” he repeated

Suzy shook her head, she’s not sure if she can hear right again

“Preg…nant?” She stuttered and gulped down

“Hmm” Micheal nodded and she g@sped

“But don’t worry, I promise to take responsibility, I won’t leave you I swear” he added immediately

Suzy shook her head, still trying to process what she just heard, she raised her head up to look at him again

“Was that why I was here?” She asked and he shook his head negatively

“You got shot” he closed his eyes and spoke

“What!!” Suzy almost screamed

Micheal immediately brought his hands to her face

“There are a lot of things about me, I’m not really safe and now I’ve dragged you with me, I could have given you a divorce but that would means leaving you and my baby. I can’t leave the both of you that’s why I’ve decided to protect you both” he said

“My father, how’s he?” She asked

“His surgery will start soon but not now because he’s still not responding to treatments, don’t worry he’ll be fine, I’d make sure of it” he replied

Suzy tugged her l!ps h@rd

“Please I’m sorry” Micheal apologized again and she looked at him


sister, how’s she?” She asked

“She’s at home, she’s fine, don’t worry I also promise to protect both you and your family” he added

Suzy heaved and nodded, there’s nothing she can do anyways, never in her life in the future had she thought that she would ever get pregnant for a rich guy

Back then she had always thought that it would be Peter because she loved him more than her life, even up till now she still did, she don’t think anyhow can ever take his place only if he cares

He had just left to God knows where without telling her a single goodbye or sparing her a glance, he had ignored her and broke her heart a lot of times

Thinking of this made tears gushed down from her eyes, he doesn’t care about her, she wish to stop thinking of him, she wish to move on and if one day she sees him in the feature she’ll tell him how much she hates him

Her thought got interrupted when she felt a f!ng£r tracing her cheeks, she shivered and looked up to see Micheal, rubbing on her cheeks

“That’s enough” he said

She nodded and wiped her tears, since she has no one else expect from her dad and her sister, since no one wants her them maybe she should try giving her heart to this man at her front

Since he had promised to protect her then maybe she could just let herself slide into him, she should give him a chance to steal her may be then she can forget about the one that has caused her so much pain

“You will protect me and your baby right?” She asked, blinking in her tears

“I promise” he smiled and crouch to her her level then hugged her

“I promise, this would be the last time you’ll end up in the hospital for bad reasons” he said, more like in the tone of a vow then klzzed her forehead

Suzy smiled and closed her eyes, letting herself melt in his arms. Maybe choosing him will be the best idea but let her just wait and see how far it will go.


One Week Later**

It’s been a week now, just few has happened. Suzy is now out of the hospital, her father will be undergoing his surgery this evening

Jake, Jenna and Irish has been doing okay, Crystal is still tutoring Damen who’s exam is starting next week and as for Naomi, she’s getting married today


early in the morning already, she could be seen sitting on the vanity table and watching the maids applying some make up on her face

The door cracked open and Kaylee stepped in with a smile

“You’re looking pretty” she said

“Thanks” Naomi smiled, looking at her face

Kaylee motioned the maids to leave and they left, she walked to stand at Naomi’s back

“Let me help you style your hair” she said

Naomi smiled and nodded then Kaylee began styling her hair

“You must be very happy, you’re finally getting married today” Kaylee said with a forced smile

“I know, I’m so lucky” Naomi smirked

“I wish you happy married life with that nice man” she added and Naomi nodded

After styling her hair, Kaylee stepped away from her and Naomi stood up, she stared at her reflection and smiled

“The dress suit you really well” Kaylee added and Naomi nodded then turned to face Kaylee

“Do me the favor, walk me to the alter” she said

Kaylee forced a smile and nodded while Naomi smiled brightly and faced the mirror

“Finally Alan, you’ll get to see the real me” she said in her head then laughed.


Maxwell’s College Of Arts**

“You should see this, I heard Alan will be getting married today” Viva said and Samantha rushed to look at her phone

Crystal was busy packing things in her bag back, what there were doing was none of her business, she still has Damen to tutor

“Bye guys” she waved and left the room

Samantha and Viva continued gushing, while watching the news.


Crystal got out of the room and sighed, she began walking to the direction of the boys hostel

“Crystal” she heard her name and turned back to see Brayden running after her

“Pumpkin head” she smirked

“What’s up with you, what are you always doing in the boys hostel?” He asked

“Nothing” she replied

“Or is there someone you’re coming to see?” He asked again

“Nothing” she sighed and he scoffed

“Why do you care anyways?” She asked eyeing him

“I just care, it’s not safe for a girl to be here. There are a lot of dangerous guys here” he said

Crystal smiled and ruffled his hair

“Don’t worry about me I’m an iron woman on my own” she Chuckled


“I just needed to tutor someone, his exams are next week so from next week you won’t be seeing me here again” she replied

“Just be careful” he said and she nodded

“Bye” she waved and left. Brayden kept looking at her till she was out of sight, he sighed and went his own way

Crystal sighed when she got to Damen’s hostel, she knocked on the door and without waiting she opened it by herself

He was trying to hide the game controller he was holding

“I saw that” she said with a smile

Damen cursed silently and put it away

“It’s been a week anyways, are you not planning to give her again?” She asked, arranging her books

“I’m still planning”

“Then what’s wrong?” She asked and he sighed

“I’m scared to give her, she might reject it” he replied

Crystal rolled her eyes and brought out her books then looked at him

“If I was you, I’d have given her since” she said then motioned him to open his book too

He did and they lectures began, they took three hours to learn before she was through

“Your exam is next week, don’t fail me” she warned

“I promise” he smiled

Crystal nodded, she packed her books and turned to leave but he held her hands

“Wait” he said

She stopped and looked at him, he palpitated for a while before giving her the game controller

“Huh?” She said confusedly

He closed his eyes and sighed before spiting out what he had always wanted to say

“You’re the one I wanna give this to because you’re the one I like. Don’t ask me how it happened I don’t know” he said

Crystal was still staring at him in surprised

“You don’t have to say anything, just keep it. Also thank you for the lectures I promise not to fail you during the exams, bye” he said in a haste then hurriedly left

Crystal was still speechless, slowly she raised her hands to look at the game controller

“Should I be happy or angry?” She asked herself lowly.


JM Entertainment**

Irish was busy listening to the news about Naomi and Alan getting married.

“Is this the same Naomi that Jake has been talking about?” She thought and creased her brows

“Should I show him, will he get angry?” She thought again then sighed

Her thought got interrupted when she heard the cracking of the door, turning to her side she saw Jake entering

“Baby, I’m super free and so bored so I just came here too…

He paused and frozed as his eyes met with the TV

Irish immediately turned it off and stood up to look at him but he was still frozen

“She’s the one, right?” She asked with shaky l!ps


closed his eyes and sighed then nodded

“I’m sorry I didn’t know I…

He pulled her into his tight embrace and hugged her tight

“You didn’t do anything” he shook his head

“But I… I…

“Nothing baby, she’s all in the past I’m not affected, I just feel sorry for the guy” Jake sighed

Irish smiled and hugged him back, she rubbed his back smoothly

“Jake, I swear I’ll never betray you” she said

Jake smiled and klzzed her head

“I’ll never betray you too” he said then pulled away from the hug and cupped her cheeks

“I love you”

“I love you too” she smiled, then he leaned closer and klzzed her l!ps softly, she held his neck and responded to the klzz

Jake pulled her closer by the waist, he sat on the chair and made her sit on his laps without breaking their l!ps contact.


Wedding Venue**

“You may now klzz the bride” the priest said, Alan smiled and removed the veil from Naomi’s face then captured her l!ps softly

Everyone began clapping except from Kaylee, she sat at the back, watching with a bitter look on her face

It’s over her, she fell in love with two guys but she can’t even keep one, they have both moved to different girls. First Jake now Alan

This is just too much, if there’s one thing she wanna do then it’s too just run away, run far away and scream out

Scream out at herself for making the damn mistake at the first place.

And she did… She stood up and excused herself, seeing she was out of everyone sight, she stood at the front of a hill then screamed out, she screamed her heart out

She screamed till she slumped on the floor and began crying, she didn’t know how long she cried but when she was finally sober, it was already dark

She slowly stood up and wiped her face before going back to the mansion.


Alan’s Mansion**

Everyone are celebrating already, there’s noise everywhere, all the maids are drinking already

Kaylee got in, she didn’t bother talking to them she just walked straight to her room and locked herself in

Inside Alan’s room, he was drinking with Naomi

“I don’t think it’s safe to drink after marriage” He said drunkingly

“Don’t worry baby, it’s normal to celebrate, we are finally married no one can steal you from me” she smiled and refilled two cups then added something in one

“Let’s drink, this would be the last one” she smiled

Alan nodded and collected, their both cheered and she began looking at him, waiting for him to drink

He slowly placed it on his mouth and drank a little then placed the gl@ss down

“I can’t drink more” he said

Naomi smiled and walked up to where he was sitting, she starraled him by sitting on his laps then placed her l!ps on his and began klzzing him hungrily

Feeling strangely and very hot, Alan held her waist tight, pressing her to himself and klzzing her h@rder and klzzing her back

He brought his l!ps to her neck then her b**bs, he began s√¢king on it real h@rd


m0@ned a bit and pulled herself away from him

“Why did you get up baby, come back” he sighed, he was feeling so hot he needed her right now

Naomi smiled and walked to her drawal, she brought out a file and a pen and moved to him

“Sign it first and we’ll continue” she said

“What’s that?” He asked

She smiled and brought her hands to his bulge then began running it slowly, making him m0@n

“It’s a surprise, if you don’t sign it then I’ll sleep outside” she replied

Alan m0@ned, he brought his hands to touch her br**st but she slapped it off

“Fine where’s the pen” he sighed

Naomi smiled and gave him the pain, he collected it then signed it

“And here” she pointed another place too

He signed it and she smiled

“Finally” she said in her head

“I’m done now where are we” he grabbed her b*tt and squeezed it

Naomi bit her l!ps, she kept the paper back in her drawal and walked back to him

He impatiently pulled her to his laps,tore her cloth and began touching all her body, Naomi smiled and klzzed him h@rd

“This is the last thing I need from you” she said in her head then began rocking herself on his hips

Alan m0@ned and carried her up, he took her to the bed and tore her clothing completely then his and entered her, going very rough and fast

Naomi spread her legs wider and screamed out, like the st*pid b**ch that she is.


Rainbow Apartment**

📞I really am fine” Della said on the phone, she was sitting on the couch and watching TV when Jeffery called

📞 Are you sure you’re okay at home, you don’t need me to accompany you?” He asked

📞 Don’t worry, I’m going to sleep now” she replied then stood up and turned off the television

📞Could you be avoiding me because I confessed my feelings to you?” He asked and she went silent

📞I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable” he said

📞No you didn’t, that’s not why I swear, it’s just thought that it was too late but if you want to come over then you can come. I might be asked though” she immediately defended

📞I understand, sleep tight” he smiled and hanged up

Della sighed and turn off the TV, she made to climb the stairs to her room but the knock on the door made her froze

She creased her brows, Jeffery how did he get here so fast, she thought and walked up to the door and opened it

To her surprise it wasn’t Jeffery, it was Beau, what was he doing here, what does he want??


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  1. Princess

    Why is beau being an over possessive and obsessive bastard . I liked him at first bcos he was della crush and was handsome but now i hate him . Wtf is wrong with dat guy!!!?


    Why has Beau become obsessed? What did he expect from della? To be having a secret crush on him and he will be joking with her feeling? So he knew she likes him but pretend to not know to hurt her feelings? I think he is nothing but an obsessed guy………. And as for naomi, i think she trickinly made alan sign a will contract, willing every thing to her…………. And i also think that irish is the ava micheal have been looking for…….. And micheal is peter……… Authoress rhema you are really trying, keep up the good work…….. Kudus…..

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