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July 24, 2021


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Baby contract Episode 25 & 26

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Baby Contract

Chapterr 25



“I’m Fred.”The man stood up from where he was sitting,he looks battered and like he hadn’t had a proper bath for days,Jake looked like he could beat this man up if he ever try to fight them,

” You mean Fred Sullivan, Deville and Anne’s wedding planner?”Jake asked surprised at what he just heard,the man nodded,

“You guys must have figured out that I sent those parcel to you and Deville?” He asked with his head down,

“Yes,but why did you do it?” Tim asked from behind Jake,

That useless bro,his family is here,so he must have sent it to…….

“But,how did you know Anne was here?” Tim asked again not giving him chance to answer the first question, Jake looked back at him in anger,

“Sorry bro,its almost kinda confusing that he’s giving us clue on where Anne was and his family’s turned out to be there too.” Tim said,the man saw the confusion that aired the atmosphere,

“If you’d allow me,I’ll tell you everything that happened.” The man said,Jake and Tim turned to the man and they both nodded simultaneously,

“Well,its been over a week,I was in the office when I got a call from my wife,she said I should come home urgently,I found it kinda weird that she has called me to come home,I asked her about the kids and she said they were alright,so I drove back home.” Tim carefully lay Anne on the floor and turned to listen to Fred,

“When I got home,my wife opened the door for me and I came inside,I was finally sitting on the sofa expecting my wife to tell me why she called me urgently when two men walked into the living room holding guns,they shoved me wife aside and came in front of me,I stood up to fight them but another set came in holding my kids pointing their guns at them,I got scared and asked what they want and that’s was when they called their boss,it was a lady and she wants me to bring Anne to them,she told me to get Anne for them in one way or the other or else I won’t see my family again.After the call,the men left with my wife and my two kids treating to send their corpses if I don’t bring Anne to them,I did as they told me and brought Anne to them,” Jake showed to expression but Tim gasped,

“I know it must have been so cruel for me to do but I did it for my family but after doing it they didn’t send my family back,saying that till their boss get Anne out of the country,I’m not getting my family back.” He explained to them,

“Why didn’t you tell Deville directly, why send those clues?” Jake asked,

“Cause I was being watch and everything I did was under surveillance.” Fred cried,

“You said their boss is a woman?” Tim asked,

“Yes,I was sure I heard a lady’s voice and recalled I’ve heard the voice before but can’t remember when or where.” He said,

“Who would have Anne kidnapped? And all this while we we’ve been thinking it was Charles.” They were perturbed at the new puzzle,finally when they think everything is solved,something else came in their way.

“Well you’ve got Anne and…..”

“We’ve got your family too,Deville and the rest of her friends saved them awhile ago,now we just have to find away to tell the rest we’ve got Anne with us.” Tim said,

“Where have you got them? I mean my family.” Fred asked and Jake slapped his arm,

“Can you be less selfish for once?” He asked angrily,

“You aided Anne’s kidnapped to get your family and you think you can’t be arrested for that and now you think of is them regardless of what you had put Anne through.” He continued pointing at Anne who was still lying unconscious on the floor.

“I’m sorry dude..but…” A gunshot was heard and Fred jumped out of his skin,

“Those men…..” He turned to Fred,

“You have to help us get out of here to get your family back.” Fred nodded,they stood up and hurriedly left the place.

Meanwhile, Deville, Archie and William were still toying with Dimitri and his men’s head when two men barged inside,

“What going on here?” One of the men barked everyone turned including Deville and his friend,

“Charles.” Deville called in surprise,

“And Frank, don’t anyone recognize me.” Frank showed himself,

“I should have guessed, you’ve forgotten about me,the guy you stole Anne from,I’m Frank Martinez, the ex fiance of Anne,remember?” Frank said,Deville and the rest climbed down from where they were sitting,

“And you idiots,I asked you to keep watch over them not sit and discuss with them.” Charles sparked angrily,he pulled Dimitri’s collar and strike him hard across the cheek,

“Sir,I’m sorry.” The man said,

“You must be sorry when I’m done with you.” He pushed him away and walked towards Deville,

“Remember what I told you that day you came fighting me in the hotel room?” Charles asked Deville,

“I told you I won’t even leave any piece of Anne with you and now that’s what I’m doing.” He said,but surprised as he was,Deville was smiling,

“Why are you smiling and what are you smiling at?” Frank and Charles asked almost in unison,

“Well,in case you forgot this is one girl we are talking about and have the both of you thought about who amongst the two of you would have her if by any chance I let her go?” He asked them, Charles and Frank turned to each other,they have definitely not thought about that.

“Why do you care?” Frank asked rudely,

“Sorry though but checking it,this is one lady we’re talking about here and by all chance,she loves me and has a child for me,if you guys get her,it means one person has to sacrifice her for the other,who would want to leave a lady like Anne for even his brother,talk more of a best friend?” Deville explain trying to create a doubt in their mind for one another,

“Never mind that,I’ll leave her for the both of you as long as you don’t hurt me or my friends,set us free and I promise we won’t come here to disturb you or…..”

“Shut up you bastard!” Frank said,Charles pulled him back,

“If I were you,I’ll take this piece of advice, let us go and have Anne to yourselves if you really want to.” Deville said quietly but loud enough for them to hear,he turned to Archie and William then winked an eye,they nodded at him.If Charles and Frank are sensible enough,they won’t even think of letting them go,cause if they do,Deville,Archie and William would meet up with Tim and Jake who already has Anne and their problems are solved.

“Okay,we’ll let you guys go.” Charles spoke up,

“Our men would show you guys your way out of here but you won’t come back here cause if you do you might as well meet Anne’s corpses..moreover you won’t find us cause we would be long gone before you think of coming back here.” Deville nodded,

“I promise we won’t come back here after this.” He placed his right hand on his chest and promised them,

“Dimitri,let’s show him his soon to be ex fiancée for the last time..”

“No!” Deville said fast enough to stop Frank,he suspiciously looked at Deville,

“I mean no,if I see her now I won’t be able to leave her,I’ll find it hard to let go again.” Deville lied,the others find it strange but let it fade.

“He’s right.” Charles said, he literally bought the lie and allowed two of his men walk Deville and his two friends out of the place.


Chapter 26????????????

Charles’s men led Deville and his friends out of the warehouse,when Deville saw that they were far from where Charles and the others were,they turned against the thugs and beat them up,

“Let’s tie them up and dump them somewhere no one will see them.” William suggested, they tied the men up,

“Instead we can get your men to clean up this mess while we go find those two friends of our.” Deville said to Archie,

“And calling the cops to arrest Charles and his crew before they leave,won’t rest till I see those bastard rot in jail.” He added,Archie nodded,indeed that was the best idea.

“Deville !” They turned to the direction of the caller,indeed it was Jake and Tim carrying Anne and another man Deville recognized immediately to be Fred,Deville ran to them and they gave the unconscious Anne to him,

“Guys,you saved Anne,you brought back my Anne.” Deville said with an excited and emotional face,the one Archie,William, Tim and Jake had never seen before,they one they never knew Deville has.Deville wrapped his arm around Anne and kissed her everywhere like a mother would do her lost child that has been found,

“I thought you said you’ve gat my wife and kids?” Fred asked, everyone turned to him,

“Guys,we’ve left them in the safe house.” Archie reminded the guys,they’ve forgotten about Fred’s family though even if they remembered they wouldn’t have gone for them because Charles’s men were with them at that time.

“Dev,take Anne to the car,Jake’s badly injured,he needs rest and Tim too,they’ve done a lot while I,Fred and William will go back for Fred’s family.” Archie said,

“And if you’re lucky enough to get to the airport,get Renato and the other guys to come back for us,they must be done with stuffs,you can also get the cops too,Renato would teach you how to get the cops attention down here.” He patted Deville’s shoulder and they separated ways.Archie took the guns of the toed men,gave one to Fred and held one himself and they went back to the warehouse.

Meanwhile Charles was very happy and quite surprised Deville left Anne for them without a fuss,

“I don’t think it was a good idea we let them go.” Frank finally said,

“Don’t be absurd,he left Anne for us,that’s what we originally wanted and he gave in,now we just have to call Millie and tell her the mission was successful like she had predicted.” Charles said,

“Hey you!” He called Dimitri, the man rushed to them,

“Take us to Anne.” The man nodded and led the way while Charles and Frank followed him,

“What about the other captives?” Dimitri asked them,

“Yeah about them,don’t worry when we finally get Anne out of this country, well send them back to that guy.” Charles concluded. When they got inside,the whole place was a mess and all the boxes were opened,

“What happened here?” Dimitri asked,the two men outside ran into the room and they were shocked with the new shape of the room.

“Are you asking us,its obvious you’re a useless piece of shit,” Frank slapped the man and he staggered to the floor,

“Can’t you see those men just tricked you.” Charles said in anger,

“That’s the reason he asked us to free them and he won’t come back cause he already got Anne and the other captives.” Frank said, ow understanding what transpired between them and Deville a few minutes ago,

“And where are those bastards I sent with them?” Charles said,

“Aren’t you supposed to know,Deville must have killed them,” he turned to Dimitri and kicked the man’s groin,

“You’re a sweep,you’re useless.” He cursed,

“Now we’ve to go find them yourself,they mustn’t be far away yet.” He walked out of the room,Charles and the two men followed him.

“Get their guns.” Frank came out with Charles but were surprised to see some strange faces in the warehouse, the men charged toward them and took every weapon they had on them.Mere looking at the men,one could tell they are real thugs,underworld men, trained thugs with great martial skills,Franks swallowed hard as them walked away from him,

“Tie them up and make sure they won’t escape and if anyone of them try give you trouble,don’t hesitate to calm him down the best way you can.” The leader ordered the rest with an evil smirk on his face,the man looks so deadly with a brown dandy hair and his face look so rugged,

Must have been a thug all his life, Frank thought.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?” Charles asked angrily,the man came to him and slapped him hard across the face,Charles lips bled immediately, this mans hands are made of something else,something heavier and stronger than metal,

“That’s who I’m am,I’m Renato,your friend here,” Renato pointed to Frank,

“He should have a memory with that name, I’m I wrong?” Frank was confused,there’s a familiarity to the name but he couldn’t place it,

“You tend to have a bad memory Frank,you’ve forgotten about me so quickly.” Renato said,Charles turned to Frank,

“Okay,let me give you a hint.” He opened the top buttons of his shirt and showed Frank his left breast, a rough tattoo was there,like something written with hot knife,it was a F sign,

“Remembered me now?” Frank gasped,

“Re…na…to.” He stammered,

“I know you won’t forget so easily.” Renato said with an evil smirk,with this look he can kill under the count of three but he wouldn’t now,Archie had warned him earlier to control his actions and his anger,

“You see this mark?” He asked Charles showing him the mark on his left breast,Charles nodded,

“This bloody cunt gave it to me.” Charles gasped, he never expected Frank to be this heartless.



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