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Baby contract Episode 17 & 18

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Baby Contract????????????

????????????Chapter 17????????????



“Mom! Dad!” Pearl called as she entered the room,Anne popped her head out of the duvet while Deville stayed still under the duvet,so Pearl won’t know what’s going on there,

“Yes honey,” Anne replied casually while Pearl was grinning at her,

“Mommy,where’s daddy? Its almost dinner time .”Deville tickled Anne’s foot and she kicked him,

“Mom is everything alright?” Pearl asked her as she saw Anne frowned her face for a second,

“Never mind sweetheart, your daddy isn’t back home yet,” Pearl countenance changed,

“But I thought I heard him from the bathroom awhile ago?”Pearl asked not convinced about what her mom told her,

“Yea…h,he……he’s in the bathroom, he’s still in the bathroom, I forgot.” Pearl knew what was going on and came to sit on the bed,

“Baby stop!” Anne said quickly, Pearl halted still giggling,

“Why don’t you go downstairs and wait for me,I’ll be down soon.”

“Okay mommy, but come real quick.” With this Pearl left the room smiling,then Deville slid out of the duvet, he was laughing uncontrollably,

“You’re such a naughty jerk.She hits his bare chest and stood up to leave but he pulled her back to him,

“That naughty jerk wants nothing more than to have you in my hand forever and,” he winked his eye at her,

“You know what I mean.” She faked a smile,

“I know what you mean but I’m not letting you through,” She pushed him off her,

“So get dress and come down soon,your daughter is waiting for you.” She left the room and closed the door while Deville stayed for long before getting dress and joining them downstairs.

After few weeks,Charles called Anne,she was lying on Deville’s chest after making love to him,then her phone buzzed,she checked the caller’s ID,it was Charles,

Taking this call with Deville present is gonna cause me a lot of trouble, she thought to herself,she rejected the call.It rang again and she rejected it,Deville got curious,

“Who’s that and why don’t you wanna take the call?” He was stroking her hair,she raised her head up from his chest and gazed at him smiling evenly,

“Its my friend Karen.” She rested her head back and the phone rang again,

“You can take the call,I won’t mind.”

“Its useless,she’s just gonna resume her frequent complaint about her boyfriend.” She lied,then a message came in her phone,she checked it,

“Anne,I need to speak with you,let’s meet at the Four Quarters Restaurant, beside 14th Avenue.

P.S:Please it very urgent, come alone.” It read,Deville didn’t ask anything about it and she was okay with that.They stayed in his room till sixteen-thirty,then she stood up to go to hers,

“Deville, can I ask for a favor?” She asked him cause he wouldn’t allow her go out alone,fearing that she might get hurt or worst get kidnapped by his enemies( People like Charles),

“What is it?” He stood up from the bed too,

“I need to go downtown today please.” He frowned,

“For what?”He arched his eyebrow,his voice isn’t was anymore,

I bet he’s gonna say no, I’m the boss here,Anne said to herself,

“I need to go help someone with something.” She gave him a puppy face but he isn’t buying that,

“Something? Someone? Don’t they have their personal name?” Deville asked,

“Its my girlfriend from college and she needs me help with some girlish stuffs.” She lied but still he wasn’t convinced,

“Okay,I’ll go with you.”

“No!” She said quickly, he arched his eyebrow,

“I mean no,she might get embarrassed at your presence.” She gave him a hearty smile,

“I’m gonna be back before you miss me.” Since be was a head taller than her,she walked in front of him,stood on her toes and kissed him slightly on his lips,

“You’re tempting me and bet,I won’t overcome.” She knows what he meant by that,so she ran out of his room before he could get a hold on her.She got dresses and left to see Charles taking Deville’s car.

“Anne.” Charles came forward and hugged her,she followed him into the dimly lit restaurant and sat down,

“Charles,I’ve got less time with me,so you’ve to be real quick.” He nodded,

“Maître!” Charles called one of the waiter,the young boy came and handed them a menu book,

“I’m in no mood to take anything Charles,just tell me why you called me out here.” Her voice was getting impatient, Charles looked at her with a sad expression,

“Anne,are you back with him?” She wasn’t surprised at him question but they baffled her,

“Charles,it’s just that….”

“Anne,is that a yes or a no.” He interrupted her,she nodded slowly,

“Anne,I though you said you’d get over him,why did you do this to us?” He was crying and she said nothing,

“Why did you kill this relationship before it stfloor..” She still isn’t talking,he placed his hand on her shoulder,

“Anne,do you realm love him?” She nodded and that sent him bananas,

“Charles,I’m sorry thing had to end up this way for us but I can’t deny the fact that I still have feeling for Deville and I have a child for him too.” She was choking tears,he walked away from her and went o the fake window by his seat and hit it with his fist.This attracted the attentions of several customers and the staffs of the restaurant,

“Sir,you are disturbing the serenity and peace of other customers.” They tried to hold him down but he pushed them away,Anne walked towards him,

“Charles,please stop this….” She tried to hold him down but be pushed her and she fell backwards but thanks to a strong arm that held her from reaching the floor.


Pls who’s that?


When Anne raised her head up,she saw a familiar face,one she had dread ever setting eyes on again,

“F..r…a…n…k.” She stammered,

“A..n..n..e.” Frank was as surprised as hell to see her again,she stood up immediately, ran outside,got into her car and drove home, shivering with fear all the way back.Meanwhile, Frank had wanted to go after her but decided against it,he went to Charles who had seen the whole commotion.

“Man,what happened?” He took Charles fist which was bleeding,

“We need to clean that up, come let’s go to my house and treat that fist of yours.”He pulled Charles out,paid the staffs for the damaged caused by Charles and took him to his house as said.When she got home,she was panting like someone who had been chased by his or her death,

” Anne,ways wrong with you? “Deville asked rushing to her, he heard his car come in,knowing it was her,he came downstairs only to meet her in a strange way.

” Anne,did anyone hurt you? What’s wrong with you? “He asked her,her breath was belabored and heavy and she was loosing air slowly.Then she fell unconscious in his arm,Cheryl and the rest of the family came running out from their different location,

” Daddy, what wrong with her?”Pearl cried seeing her mom unconscious, Cheryl and Mrs Phina asked the same question but the only answer Deville would give them was,

“Call Doctor Williams now,tell him its an emergency.” He carried her and rushed upstairs to him room.

“Williams, what wrong with her?” Deville was confused,its been almost an hour since William came here but he hadn’t told her anything concerning Anne’s health,

“Deville, she’s fine now.” He heaved a sign of relief but was still worried,

“What happened to her?” He asked his friend,

“I don’t know for sure yet but I believe its shock,”Deville stared at him confusedly waiting for more explanation,

” Dev,maybe she saw something that triggered her to get shock and since the foetus is still developing,she reacted…….. “Deville frowned and arched his eyebrow,

“Backtrack.” Williams sighed,

“To cut the bullshit Dev,she’s five weeks gone and had reacted to something or someone that might have shocked her.” William explained but Deville only took the first part of the long sentence,

She’s five weeks gone,he was lost in his calculation, he checked from Charles to now and from him to now,

Its either me or Charles,he stared at Anne who was still lying on the bed unconscious,

“Deville.” He was called back to his senses,

“Yeah,yes.” He replied in a distress tone,

“What’s the problem?” Williams asked him,his friend wasn’t happy at the news of the pregnancy,

“Its nothing Will.” Deville lied,

“Okay,I’m going,she’ll regain consciousness soon and please make sure she gets enough bed rest.” Deville followed him to see him off.

“How’s she?” Mrs Phina asked immediately he came back inside after seeing off the doctor,

“Daddy,what wrong with mommy?” Pearl asked,Cheryl stood up and went to Mrs Phina,

“Sunshine,your mommy’s fine,she was just tired.” He lied,

How can he tell her, her mom is pregnant and he doesn’t know if he’s the father of the child or not.Mrs Phina knew he was lying,she knows her son’s lying fave even if his daughter doesn’t know.

“Deville!” Anne’s cry was heard,Deville left everyone and ran upstairs.

She was crying when he got there,he ran to the bed and held her close,

“Anne,what’s the matter?” She founded it difficult to talk due to her uneven breathing,

“Anne please calm down,” She was saying something but Deville was scared enough for her health than listen to what she’s saying,

“Anne,take a deep breathe, she stopped chanting and did as she was told,

” Breath out.”she dropped her breath and her breathe was normal but she was still crying,

“Anne what happened?” He made her rest on his chest and he stroke her hair to ease her,

Deville, I’m sorry.”He was surprised,

Does she know about the pregnancy?

“What really happened?” He asked her again,she sniffled again and again.

“I lied,I went to see Charles.” He got angry and shocked too,

She lied to me,just because of him,to go and see him.His anger was rising but he had to control it,

“Deville, I’m sorry,I went there to see him cause I wanted to tell him I don’t want him in my life but he took it the wrong way,” she said to him,

Who’ll take it the right way having to leave a pretty woman like you,I didn’t take it the right way and I know he wouldn’t, not even Frank did.

“He pushed me away,before I could fall some one held me,I looked up and saw Frank, I hurriedly left the place but he saw me already.” She cried on his chest,Deville said nothing but just cuddled her and lay on the bed with her.

I should tell her about her condition now,he held her close,

“Anne did you know you’re pregnant?” It came out as calm as ever but she wasn’t taking it calmly,she turned to him in surprise,

“What?” He nodded slowly,

“Deville, do you think its your?” She asked him,he breath out,

“Its almost the same time,five weeks gone.” He nearly cried,

How can he not be sure of the paternity of the child.

“Its your Deville, I hope it is.”He nodded and kissed him full on the lips,

” Even if it turns out to be his,I won’t let him have you,you’re mine Anne and we own each other.”he whispered to her,she nodded and relaxed to his body.


Chapter 18????????????

Frank took Charles to his house,then he treated his wounded fist,

“You shouldn’t have hurt yourself,you don’t deserve it.”

“She chose him over me Frank,she chose that bastard over me.” Charles kept perambulating after his fist treatment,

“That was what she did to me over six years ago.” Charles froze,

“What?” Frank nodded,he went inside brought an old photo album and brandy with two glasses,he kept the brandy and glasses on the table then gave the album to Charles.

“You and Anne? You’re the guy she talked about during dinner that night?” Frank didn’t answer,

“You proposed to her right?”

“Open the damn album that will answer your question right.” Frank seethed finding Charles questions unnecessary. He did open it and the first photo he saw was a photo of Frank and Anne laughing heartily, there were riding on horse carousels, Charles felt a bit jealous at their happy face,

I don’t have any happy memories with her.The next was both of them and an older couple,taking a closer look at the older couple,he noticed something,they’re Frank’s parents. They were so many other photos of Anne and Frank’s happy moments,enough to make him mad but he held his cool,the last photo was of Frank kneeling down in front of Anne,obviously proposing to her and that was the last of it,

“What happened man?” Charles asked Frank,he sighed and massaged his forehead to Essen the anger that’s rising within him,

“She was my fiancée and we were almost getting married but all of a sudden, she returned my ring and left with him,she came back after some months,like they had a fight, she came back to me ad found out she was pregnant with his child, I got angry and asked her to abort the child and let’s start all over but she refused. I came home the next week and found out that she’d left again,now without any trace, I looked for her everywhere and even hired an private investigator but I never found her not until today.”Charles was astounded at what Frank just relayed to him,

“I never knew Anne until five years ago when she came to work in my company as one of the sales personnel, she was so quite and very optimistic in some ways and that’s what attracted me to her.When my Personal Assistant got fired from incompetency,I gave Anne the job without her consent,I ask my manager to get her to my office and boom,she got the job,” Frank sat and watch Charles’s happy face as he described his first and memorable encounter with Anne.

“I tried keeping her to myself without her knowledge,working alone with her till late night and then inviting her to my house but she didn’t take my advances to heart,I got furious when I noticed she was getting friendly with one of my worker,Alan and I almost got him transferred but decided against it not to arouse suspicion amongst others. I begged to her to come up here with me for the project,she’d refused but later agreed,I never knew I brought her to her past, to loose her for some asshole who had fathered a child with her.” Charles face coiled up to anger and hatred.

“Now,we’ll make him pay,he’ll never have Anne,this I promise.” Charles took the glass of brandy and clunked glass with Frank,

“He and his family will pay for taking Anne away from us.” Frank smiled evilly and they drank the content of the glass.


“Does he know about it?”Cheryl asked Deville, he turned to Anne and then to her,

” I don’t think he knows about it,that’s why I’ve come to a conclusion, “Everyone turned to him,he cleared his throat,

“Anne should go with mom to Alaska,” They didn’t allow him finish before bombarding him with whys and hows,

“Why?”Anne asked,she isn’t liking this Deville’s idea,Cheryl and Mrs Phina,though surprised but didn’t say anything but waited for Deville’s explanation,

“Anne,Mom,Cheryl,I know this idea sounds absurd but try and understand what I’m trying to do here,” They weren’t saying anything,

“If Charles should find out about this pregnancy, he’ll assume it his and for now we aren’t sure who the father of the child is,so I want you all to go with mom to Alaska and stay there till the baby is due and after delivery you can come back,I’ll handle things here.” He explained,Anne shrugged while Cheryl and his mom looked at each other,

“What if the child isn’t his and is your?” His mom asked him,

“There should be any need to……”

“Smack!” Everyone turned to the direction of the noise,

“Who’s there?” Deville asked as he moved toward the origin of the sound,Renee was picking up the remains of the a broken vase

“What’s that?” Cheryl asked,Anne stood up and followed Deville,

“Sir,I’m sorry,it fell accidentally

“It’s Pearl’s flower vase and now it’s shattered.” He turned to the rest especially Anne who was behind me,

“I’ve asked Marisa to stop taking this vase out of Pearl’s room.”Deville complained,

“Marisa! Millie!”He called out,the both of them came running to him not long after,while Renée stood there with a remorseful expression

“Millie,where’s Pearl and Ace?” He asked Millie,

“They’re in the living room.”

“Make something muffins and sausage for us,get some down to the kids too.” Deville ordered,Millie left leaving Renée and Marisa,

“Marisa,” the she stole a glance at him,

“I’ve told you severally to stop bringing this vase out of Pearl’s room,now its broken.” Deville was angry and furious, he’d gotten the vase for her when he went to India for a business trip and it’s one of his favorite.

“Sir..I….I….I…I..” She stammered,

“You what?”Deville yelled,

” Deville, it’s okay,”Anne place her HND on his shoulder to calm him down,

“Its just a vase,we’ll get another one soon and besides I’d ask er to bring it out today, I wanted to put new flowers in it.” Deville calmed and sent them out,

“Thank your lucky star,you would have lost your job today.” Marisa and Renée left muttering a thanks to Anne,

“Dev,I’ll be in my room.” Anne said to him,

“Okay,let me walk you there.” She slapped his arm off her,

“Hey! I’m not blind or crippled, I’m just pregnant.” She scolded with a smiling face,he ignored her and carried her up in a bridal style,

“Put me down Deville.” She shouted with a half smiling face,

“I don’t want you to stress yourself.” He gave her a cunning smile, she faked a smile and hit his chest,

“I know what you’re thinking but I won’t allow you this time.” His smile dissolved into a puppy face,


“Nope,mmh mmh.” She shook her head,

“I promise not to go hard.” She widened her eyes and hit him again,

“You’re soooo naughty.” They were already in her room,

“And you love it.” He winked his eye,

“Cut me those shit and allow me sleep.” He place her on the bed and she gave him a light thank you,he arched his eyebrows,

“Just that?” He asked

“Pretty much.” She bursted into laughter,

“What else do you want?” He frowned at Ber question,

“At lease, you can give me a tip.” He leaned toward her,almost kissing her,then the door opened.

“Mommy,Ace isn’t sharing with me,he want the muffins for himself.” Pearl cried as she barged into the room.

Bursted.Deville slumped on the bed,

“Now there’s no private moment for me and my wife,” he cursed silently

“Sunshine,go down and ask Millie for more,your mommy’s trying to get some rest.” Deville said to her quite frustrated,

“Okay daddy,let’s go downstairs together.” Pearl came to him and held him,

“You see….daddy has to give mommy her medication before she goes to rest.” Pearl sighed and walk to her mommy,

“You can continue with your medication mom,I’m not here to disturb you.” She smiled impishly and ran out of the room before Deville would get her.

“Phew,” Deville breathed put and went to Anne,

“Thank goodness she’s gone,where were we?”He leaned forward to kiss her again,

” Deville,we aren’t a couple yet.”she blurted, he got pissed and stood up but she held him right on time,

” Deville wait.”he stopped and looked at her,

“Deville, let’s get married.” He was surprised by her sudden decision to get married,

“We’ve got Pearl and we’re expecting baby number two,its high time we cut out shit and get this family legalized.” She explained and he saw reasons with her,

“And if we get married sooner,Charles can’t make claim to this child or even make claim to me.” Deville nodded,

“Okay,let’s do it right away.” She smiled and rested on him,

“Deville, thank you for giving me a second chance in your life.” She muttered, he kissed her forehead,

“You deserve better Anne.”

Everyone in the mansion was happy for the new development (Anne and Deville’s wedding) except Millie,she was not happy cause her boss,Deville,the man she’d dreamt of getting married to and making him fall in love with her is getting married to Anne,a girl she’d despised from the onset.She was in pain and cried nonstop at night,after wallowing for some days,she devices a plan that will make Anne leave Deville’s life for good.Collecting Charles number from an unsuspected Cheryl,

“What do you need his number for?” Cheryl asked quite surprised that Cheryl’s asking for Charles’s number,

“Well,I heard he owns Zhang’s Fine Jewelry,a friend of mine is looking for a job,since Mr Zhang is opening a new line in the city,I would wish my friend gets a job there.” She said faking a smile,

“Okay,that’s a good idea,I can help talk to him on behalf of your friend,if u wish to.”

“Never mind ma’am Cheryl,I’ll handle it but won’t hesitate to call for your help if in need one.

“Okay,there you go.” Cheryl handed the number written in a piece of paper to her,she tooknit and kept it in her apron.She calrd Charles the next day and told him on the new plan,Charles was furious when he found out,when she told them of her plan to get Deville and them,Anne.They came to a conclusion that Anne would be kidnapped before the wedding.




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