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Aunty Tope – episode 7

Episode 7

However, I instantly returned my
Joystick right inside
of her as soon as she shot the last drop,
leaving her
convulsing at the resumed impact! I
started banging
her again with renewed vigour, taking
the time to
smack her jiggly Buttocks as it gyrated
persistently at
every t—-t of my hip!
When she told me she was about to
Pour again,
rather surprisingly, I still went ahead
to grab her hip
and then plunged my Joystick as deep
as I could
remaining that way for as long as I
could! She went
nuts and the manner of her c—-x
ended up pushing
my Joystick out of her Kittycat with a
pop! Her Kittycat
generously poured her juices and our
bodies were
instantly made a mess of s*x fluids and
sweat by the
time she had calmed down.
Remarkably, she was
finding it hard to stand anymore, so I
had to help her
to get on top of the counter again. I had
F***ed her
until her legs went wobbly!
After giving her Kittycat a few wet
strokes with my
tongue, to which she jerked
uncontrollably, I gently
penetrated her again, ramming my
Joystick all the
way to my balls! Our eyes met and
unlike before, I
now unmistakably found passion in
hers. She
however swung both her hands and
hung them
across my neck as I began ‘rammering’
her burning
c–t with my engorged Joystick!
I F***ed her until my strokes became a
blur of quick
moving objects! She hadn’t stopped
pouring her
juices still and it was so much a
lubrication as I kept
pounding the stars out of her!
I F***ed her until my strokes became a
blur of quick
moving objects!
Each stroke soon began making squashy
sounds as
my tool drove in and out of her
drenched whole! As
soon as my Joystick slid out in the
furry, her c–t
juice followed too! She was
unbelievably sweet to
It was not until I resumed Bleeping her
again, that I
began feeling my own o—-m build up.
I was
pounding her Kittycat while our
mouths were
engaged in a french kiss! Then she
withdrew her
mouth and told me that she wanted me
to Pour
inside of her. This really surprised me
while also
bringing me to the edge, so I increased
my tempo
and began to bang away with much
more intensity!
It was not until I resumed Bleeping her
again, that I
began feeling my own o—-m build up
She was soon yelling even though she
returned her
hand to her mouth to stop herself. I
grabbed one of
her heaving bobs and began massaging
occasionally bending low to suck on the
Anyways, I gave in to pleasure when
her other hand
came around my bare Buttocks,
grabbing it and
pushing me further into her Kittycat! I
was barely 4
strokes in when I began shooting my
seeds into her! I
groaned heavily while she quickly got
her legs to
clamp just behind my buttocks! I never
seemed to
stop cumming though as loads of Pour
kept pouring
out while we resumed our deep kissing!
This was the
exact point, pandemonium broke out!
“Tope baby?…” That was mom’s voice!
She was
definitely heading to the kitchen out of
the blues!
“Where una dey?!” hell had just broken
loose, I
I hurriedly pulled out of auntie Tope
leaving a thick
trail of Pour sipping out of her Kittycat
as I bent for
my shorts; thus causing my still stiff
Joystick to spray
additional ropes of my spunk across the
floor and the
counter top as it dangled about


Be Continued…

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