Aunty t©pe – episode 6

Episode 6

I pu-ll-ed the legs ap@rt again, and after
setting her up
properly, brou-ght my mouth to her
musky Kittycat!
She screamed! Then she brou-ght a hand
over her
mouth at once, but that didn’t st©p her
b©dy from
convulsing strongly as warm clear fluid
began to sip
into my mouth from her drenched
Kittycat! – her first
I held onto her th!ghs ti-ghtly as she
kept pouring into
my mouth amid stifled skrie-k! When
she was done,
she leaned back into the kitchen wall
behind her,
pu-ll-ed off her trou-sers completely, and
spre-ad her
legs even wi-der – an invite to eat her
out as much as I
As I began chewing away her c–t, v—a
and hole, she
pu-ll-ed out one of her large Bosom and
began to give
it a squee-ze! I stretched one of my
hands upwards
and joined her! I caught her right ti-p in
my f!ngers
and thor0ûghly kneaded it!
Nevertheless, I never
st©pped wanking my pulsating Joystick
as we went,
even as my pre¢v-m covered my f!ngers
in sticky goo!
As I began chewing away her c–t, v—a
and hole, she
pu-ll-ed out one of her large Bosom and
began to give
it a squee-ze!
When auntie t©pe’s eyes accidentally
found my
Joystick for the first time they instantly
wi-de-ned out!
She was probably surprised at the sheer
size of the
thing! Before I could even switch my
hand to her
other bo-ob , she had dropped a hand
requesting for
my Joystick! I had to pu-ll away from
her c–t so as to
rise to my feet. My entire mouth and
face smelt of
Kittycat and never st©pped glistening of
c–t jui-ce! It
didn’t st©p her from k!ss!ngme though
as soon as
she got me to stand. We fli-cked our
ton-gues and
s—-d on ourl-ips! Then she got hold of
my big
“Uhmmm…” she m0@n ed in glee. She
was apparently
plea-sed by what she was seeing.
I gr@bb£d her bu-ttocks and began to
mas-sage her left
cheek! She responded by spre-ading her
standing legs
before eventually bending forward to
take my
Joystick in her mouth! I never knew
auntie t©pe was
this skillful in ‘be-dmatics’ and she was
very much
being the challenge!
She pla-yed with the knob on my
Joystick and then
gradually swallowed the s—t all
throu-gh to the
middle! It predictably gagged her but I
was f0rç£d to
come very close to ¢v-mming as a result
of the
s-en-sation, so I had to quic-kly pu-ll out
of her mouth!
She grinned on knowing what happened
as several
ropes of her saliva tracked my Joystick
from her
She took hold of my sli-ppery Joystick
again but only
kept it going in and out of her mouth!
She let her
ton-gue pl@ywith the un-derside of the
s—t as it went
in and would swirl the ti-p with the
same ton-gue as it
went out! I was simply in the temple of
When she had gone the rounds, she
lifted the pole
and picked my ba-lls with her mouth!
She alternated
the attention she was giving either of
them even as
her sticky saliva drooled from my
stretched sack!
When I felt I couldn’t handle her
anymore, I turned
her around and got her bent over the
counter! Her
Kittycat looked ever so inviting at that
point and I was
quic-k to align my Joystick just at the
Her Kittycat looked ever so inviting at
that point
After pu-lling down the hindering p@n-ty,
I got my
Joystick to slide into auntie t©pe’s we-t
Kittycat! She
curved her back as soon as she received
my Joystick,
gr-abbing the counter edge even ti-ghter!
From gentle
slow stro-kes, I gradually graduated to
quic-k firm
She had p@rt of her t©p stuffed in her
mouth to keep
her from yelling loudly thus causing
her large
beautiful Bosom to hang out from the
t©p! As I
F***ed her with all my strength, they
both swirled
and dangled to and fro!
I was ba-rely close to a break when
auntie t©pe had
her second o—-m of the day! She
actually had a
Pour and before I could get my Joystick
p@rtially out,
she was alre-ady spraying my w@!st and
th!gh with her
clear fluid!

To Be Continued…

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