Aunty t©pe – episode 5

Episode 5

“Are you better now Auntie? Should I
st©p?” I heard
myself suddenly ask, rather dumbly and
“Noooo!!….nooo Danny baby! go on!”
she had her
head thrown back with her eyes shut
ti-ghtly. “Keep
scratching plea-se. Keep scratching until
the itching is
gone baby!
I was trying to make up my mind as to
how to
proceed from that moment. I wouldn’t
know if to pu-ll
her p@n-ty to the side or to leave it
stra-pped to her
Kittycat! Sincerely speaking I was
desperate to see
her Unclad Kittycat and the musky
scent reaching my
nose was one of the most intoxicating
thing I had
sniffed in a long time! But it wasn’t
going to be easy
for me going on to undress her
completely even
though that might be what she wished,
at least
without her inducing that herself. I had
my hand back
on my Joystick again and was gently
wanking it
throu-gh the fabric of the shorts.
I was still doing so, when auntie t©pe
by herself, got
the hand on my head over to her p@n-ty
and right
before me, pu-ll-ed the p@n-ty to the side,
revea-ling one
of the most alluring pussies I had ever
seen! The
Kittycat was so pretty and equally
drenched, with
white Kittycat cream graciously sipping
out of its
opening! As predicted, there were stubs
of hair and
you could tell she hadn’t shaved for
quite some time
but it never made the Kittycat look any
less attrac-tive!
When auntie t©pe’s hand returned to
my head and
slightly pu-ll-ed my head a little towards
her, I instantly
registered what she wished I could do to
her! My
right hand that was initially on her
p@n-ty, was now on
her th!gh, but just after nudging my
head forward a
little, she gr@bb£d my hand and
brou-ght it to her
“Scratch me here honey…” her eyes
were closed
again as she made my hand come in
contact with her
immensely soa-ked c–t! As soon as I
found her hole,
I let two f!ngersslide into her! She
uncoiled that
As soon as I found her hole, I let two
into her!
I responded by pu-lling down the front
side of my
shorts and freeing my member! I was
now too
arou-sedto care how br@zen what we
were doing was!
I was soon w anking my meat as I kept
gliding my
soa-ked f!ngersin and out of auntie
t©pe’s drenched
Kittycat! She never st©pped pouring
still and soon I
had quite a pool in the cusp of my ba-re
I wasn’t thinking of any itching or
scratching at that
point anymore even though auntie t©pe
was still
clearly pla-ying that script! It has
obviously graduated
to something much more s-en-sual and
none of us
would deny not expecting it to turn so
even before
we began. When a third f!nger entered
the gooey love
pot, mom’s friend curled herself and  in
a j£rk,
clamped her th!ghs into me, thus
tra-pping my hand
in her well poked Kittycat!

To Be Continued

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