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Aunty Tope – episode 4

18+ only

Episode 4

I eventually began scratching the new
spot I was
referred to as soon as I got there, and
was looking
with it before feeling it was courteously
time to pull
my hand away.
“Are you alright now ma?”, I finally
asked her, with
my hand half-way out. I completely
avoided her eyes,
even though I was earnestly wishing
she would
request me to continue with the
scratching anywhere
“Uhmmmm…!” she did exactly as I
prayed! She
was dragging her speech though. A sign
that she was
equally caught in the same web as
I looked up towards her face finally and
met a face that had this strike of lvstful
desire and yet
evident embarr@ssment! She was
wishing in her
heart but couldn’t know how to p@ss
along these
wishes to me. I could also s£nse and
even see that
there was really no itching anymore
but she wasn’t
sure she wanted me stop soon!
“Can you come down a little please? I
mean to your
left.” she suddenly managed to say
while barely
maintaining eye contact.
I dropped my eyes and began looking to
move my
palm to the point she referred to. My
palm openly
rubbed her crotch now and again as it
glided across
to the other side of her thigh. She was
trembling and I could feel her lower
half quivering so
slightly. My Joystick on its part was
now in a state of
near-burst! As it endlessly throbbed,
it’s bubbly head
kept grazing the fabric of my short,
thus causing
spasms of electric s£nsation to travel up
my spine! In
fact, I had to occasionally get hold of it
to give it a
grab so as to douse the overwhelming
from it!
Anyways, I eventually went ahead and
got to the part
of auntie Tope’s left thigh just under
her love-triangle
when she suddenly asked me to stop!
Merely rubbing
my palm on that area of her leg got the
back of my
f!ng£rs heavily grazing the mouth of
her concealed
Kittycat! With little doubt, I could now
feel the
suspected moisture a lot more now! She
had gotten a
damp patch under her p@nty. Auntie
Tope was
seeping c–t juice for me!
“You are better now ma?”, I asked
again after rubbing
the area now and again
“Ehmmm….yes…”, she was struggling to
speak. I
could even hear her heart beat
irrationally faster
“So I can let go now?” I was innocently
looking up at
her rather tense face, trying my best to
remain the
good boy.
“No Danny…please move further to the
right” she
closed her eyes momentarily and then
brought out
her tongue slightly to lick her lower l!p.
I could feel
the tension in the room double
“Right? Right still?”
“Ehmmm…ughhh…yea…right please
“Okay ma…I replied” while moving my
f!ng£rs right-
wards until they were just cupping her
Kittycat! I
could unarguably smell her. She was
“Yea! Just there Danny!”, she
spontaneously said
loudly as soon as my f!ng£rs touched
her covered
Kittycat! “Just there! Scratch me there
baby!” Both her
oily hands were now at the edge of the
counter and
they grabbed it with so much grit!
I felt my throat swallow h@rd! Mom
was going to cut
off my head and serve it to me in a
plate if she ever
stepped into the kitchen now! She was
likely still at
the back garden burning some of the
refuse I had
grazed out earlier. But she was
definitely going to get
done anytime! And if she was to come
into the
kitchen only to find me on my knees
and directly
facing Auntie Tope’s p@nty-covered
Kittycat, I would
need the entire world to convince her
“Scratch my vagi…I mean scratch me
Danny!” Auntie
Tope resumed with her plea. While i
calmly went
about her latest wish, I still obviously
heard her
rather sullied choice of words
I stretched out my palm anyways and at
a go,
collected her entire meaty Kittycat in
my hand! That
instant, I saw her lick her l!ps in
pleasure as she
stretched out her entire self, as though
she was
pulling her upper body upwards! I was
beginning though for I went ahead to
rub, caress,
scratch and m@ssage the increasingly
m—d! It wasn’t just a whiff I was
anymore – her c–t scent was more
than filling the
air at this stage!
I was barely started when I then felt
her right hand
on my head! She was brazenly
encouraging me to go
ahead now as I shamelessly rubbed her
Kittycat! I had rubbed it so h@rd
already that her
p@nty was now a mess of w€t musky
cotton with
strands of hair sticking out at a couple
places! When
a f!ng£r incidentally went around her
band and into
her p@nty, she practically skipped!!
“Oh father lawwd!!” she was shivering!
The hand on
my head clung onto my hair so tightly!
I tore away the hand on my Joystick
and grabbed her
right thigh, thus steadying her but she
swung the left one up, bringing it onto
the top of the
counter! As she did, she pulled her
denim down both
thighs! I was openly pres£nted with her
entire pelvis!


Be Continued…

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