Aunty t©pe – episode 2

18+ only

Episode 2

“Be…quichmmmw!!,,” auntie t©pe
griped again into
my hearing. She could talk a little bit
more now and
her desperation was much more
I didn’t reply, rather got on my knees
and carefully
unZi-pped her fly a bit – revea-ling p@rt
of her yellow
cotton p@n-ty. My Joystick twitched that
It was just incomprehensible how I had
auntie t©pe’s
p@n-ty right un-der my nose. I also kept
how she could be feeling such itching in
her left th!gh
all of a sudden, as it were!
My Joystick twitched that instant!
We had been seating and chatting right
inside the
kitchen while downing a bowl of fried
meat mom had
prepared, when she suddenly jumped
down from the
countert©p and frantically began to
gesture that she
nee-ded me to scratch her th!gh so bad!
Her hands
were oily and had meat in them while I
had been
eating with a fork – meaning she was
likely not going
to be able to do it herself. But even
when I attem-pted
to scratch her th!gh throu-gh the denim
she was
putting on, she refused and instead
insisted that I
must have to de-ep my hand into her
jean trou-sers to
get it done. Anyways, I went ahead as
instructed, but
after dropping the denim’s Zi-pper a bit
and attem-pted
di-pping my hand again, it got stuck just
Incidentally, it was also curiously
cramped into the
area above her crotch! I froze! She was
really not
smooth shaven and the back of my
palm was
plea-santly basking in the cushion
created by the
stubs on her pvb!cs!
“Come on Danny…!! “, she suddenly
bur-st out saying,
spraying chewed meat all over the
place! “this is
hurting me! It appears to be an ant
b!tt!g me! plea-se
st©p this thing!” she had deposited her
right on the counter, the floor and of
course my head
and was now only able to talk audibly
Considering that I had earlier thought
she was
suddenly yelling because of where my
hand was, I
was quic-kly relieved to see that she was
requiring me to intensify my efforts. So
I only just
cleared my head of the many crumbs of
meat and continued.
I tried forcing my hand further down
still even
without opening up the Zi-pper really
much but kept
pushing and grazing my rear palm
against her
covered pvb!c hair instead! She
remained calm while
I did so although she did stamp her left
foot now and
again on the floor – probably because
of the agony
from her itchy th!gh. When it appeared
I wouldn’t be
able to reach as de-ep as her th!gh, I
brou-ght my
other hand forward and simply
unZi-pped her fly all
the way down! Her p@n-ty covered
Kittycat and crotch
where now right before my eyes! I
could tell out the
many short turfs of pvb!c hair
concealed by the
cotton material as they imprinted
visible stubs on the
fabric. The manner with which the
bands of the p@n-ty
stra-pped onto the flesh of her
uppermost th!ghs as
well as her wi-de h!ps, were an e—-c
beauty to
behold! Not to talk of the visible outline
of her
Kittycatl-ips as they gradually
disappeared into the
foot of the denim’s fly!
My Joystick wasn’t bearing it like the
rest of my b©dy
anymore – it was alre-ady up and had
across the length of my th!gh, seeking
to pop out of
the leg of my shorts as soon as it could!
“Just move your hands towards the
right…”, she
suddenly broke in, bringing me out of
my unexpected
I instantly looked up to her face,
meeting her
desperate yet embarras-sed eyes in the
course. But
then found my way back down;
although I didn’t fail
to observe how both her taut ti-ps
wickedly poked
throu-gh the material of her t©p! Her
Bosom were just
alluringly heavy and they sat on her
che-st like
oversized citruses!

To Be Continued…

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