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attraction episode 41

[ When ♥️ comes alife]

©️ Spark

✍️By Authoress lenity Faithful

Settings : English romance

🍀 Episode 41



” Guys I know how to dress up for a date , this is just so [email protected] ” Ashton rubbed his face blushing as his mom and two sisters smiled at him .

” Look we really want EMERALD in your life , and we aren’t gonna let you mess it up ” Mia said dramatically .

” But big sis I know how to dress up , it’s my line of work ” Ashton rubbed his face and Val laughed out loud as Mia helped him knot his tie .

” Be of good manners Ashton ” Emma preped .

‘ mom I’m well mannered ” he said and the ladies chuckled .

” OMG ” Emma sniffed .

” Mom are you crying ?

” You look so much like your dad ” she said dramatically .

” You’re something else mom ” he chuckled .

” I have to go em must be waiting for me , love you guys ” he said and Walked out just to hear hooting and teasing from his dad brother in-law and brothers .

” Crazy family ” he muttered under his breath .


” Oh my God my daughter looks all grown up ” Morris said emotionally .

” Da…d ” Emerald chuckled .

” Just suffer Ashton a little more You’re growing up way too fast ” Morris scolded and vida rubbed his back .

” Dad you sound evil ” Tris said laughing.

” You’ll understand how I feel when you find become a father ” Morris said and Kayla suddenly felt guilty .

” Change of topic, how do I look ? Emerald said excitedly .

” Ashton’s gonna have a [email protected] time keeping his hands to himself ” Kayla teased.

” He better keep his hands to himself” Morris frowned making everyone laughed .

” Oh he’s here already ” vida said and she turned just to see him clad in black tuxedo and red tie ,he looked hot has hell .

Emerald stared at him and Ashton couldn’t take his eyes off her either .

” Hhhhrrrr” Morris cleared his throat and they both smiled.

” Bring my daughter back sharp 11:00 north ”

” Yes Mr Castillo ” Ashton said teasingly as they both walked out into his car and drove out .


Immediately they walked outta their car they where blinded with the lights from the camera’s.

” Ashton oh my word you didn’t tell me the paparrazi would be here ” she said in shock .

” I didn’t know they’ll stalk us maybe the restaurant tipped them ” he chuckled and she laughed out loud .

Immediately they got to the door the security gave her a bouquet of flowers .

” It’s beautiful in here ” Emerald said in awe as they both sat down with a view of the whole city from the [email protected] windows .

” Wow ”

” Ashton why is there no one in here ? She asked curiously .

” Privately booked it for the night ” he says like it was nothing .

” Oh ” she said smiling as she dropped her Flowers on the table .

” By the way you look beautiful em ”

” Thanks , you don’t look bad yourself ” she said and the waiter approached them for their order .

They both places their order and Ashton chuckled .

” You can eat all of that EMERALD ? Sometimes I wonder how you stay in shape ? He chuckled .

” The gym of cause ” she smirked .

” Sometimes I wonder how you where like after you left home , woke up one morning and dad said you’d gone to boarding school along with Tris ” she said curiously .

” I just didn’t wanna stay here em, at that time I wanted to experience a different life ,where I wasn’t the Ashton Xavier north , where I was just Ashton and the son of Alexander north ” he said and she smiled .

” That’s quiet a big decision at such a young age ” she said .

” I have supportive parents , and you em …what happened to that little witch with two piggy tails on her head ”

” You didn’t just say that ”

” I did ”

” You’re so mean always looking for ways to annoy me even when we were just kids ” she frowned .

” You where the only one that could stand up to me even back them em , it was just the attraction even back then ‘ he said and they both laughed , Emerald stopped and watched him laugh .

” What ? He asked

” your laugh sounds so lovely ” she chuckled .

” Oh really someone’s being cheesy ”

” No I’m serious ,I want you to always be like this ,don’t ever change for me ” she said starring into his eyes .

” I promise ” she said and in that moment the waiter walked over them


” Hhhmmm it’s so delicious ” Val lic-ked her l!ps as they walked outta the ice cream palour together .

” Val you’re seriously eating it on the road now ? He chuckled at her cuteness .

” Of course ” she said and fed a scoop in his mouth making him chuckle ,who would seriously believe she was a billionaire’s daughter ?

” So love are you done with the ice cream ? It’s time for the bike ride ” Jarvis pointed at the bike .

” No no no no no Jarvis there’s no way I’m getting on that thing ,what if I fall off ?

” You will not trust me ” he said as he helped her get on.

” Get ready for the ride of your life north ” he said as she clutched his waist tight making him chuckle he drove away making her scream as he laughed .


Ashton wipes his l!ps with the salvet and stood up .

” C’mon” he extended his hands.

” Where to ?

” I have a suprise for you ” he smiled.

” Sure ” she stood up as they strolled out .

” Ashton let’s play 20 questions ”

” A game ? He asked

” Ya ”

” Let’s make it ten ?

” Fine ”

” What’s your favorite color ? She asked him smiling.

” Huh red, black……

” Black seriously ash ?Now I’m convinced you’re a devil ” she frowned .

” I love black ”

” I notice you wear dark colors buh black ?

” Let’s not ruin our first date with argument ” he said and she laughed .

” Well I love white .. yellow blue ”

” I thought you’d say pink ”

” Your first crush ? He smirked .

” Zach ”

” Mines mich ” he laughed cause both their first crushes ended up together .

” C’mon were going up ” he said and helped her up the storey building .

” Wow Ashton this is the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen , I can see the whole city from here ” she said as she admired the stars then smiled .

” Ashton look at the stars ” she said and he chuckled because whilst she stared he was staring at her face .

” Pretty right?

” Yes very beautiful ” he said staring at her.

” I love it ” she said as the wind blew her hair backwards .

Ashton held her hands as tears rolled outta his eyes . He couldn’t believe he’d repeatedly hurt her by denying his true feelings when accepting would have made the both of them happy , Emerald frowns when she saw him .

” Ashton are you crying ?

” I love you okay , I love you alot ” he said and leans in , she wraps her hands around his neck as they both share a beautiful and [email protected] klzz under the moonlight with the stars and winds as witness .

He breaks the klzz with their foreheads joined .

” I stole a klzz ” he teased and she smack his shoulders as they both laughed.

He removed his jacket and place it on her shoulders to avoid the cold .

” Baby c’mon it’s getting late I’d just drop you home ” .

” Buh ” her phone rings out .

” Dad’s calling ”

” I told you, let’s go now”

” Can’t a girl stay out late anymore ? Such an overprotective father ”

” He loves you princess” Ashton teased .

They took their stuffs and she picked up her bouquet of flowers as they both walked out the security offered her chocolates as compliment of the restaurant.


” It was awesome ” Val chuckled as they stood outside the north mansion.

” Yep cause you where screaming your fears away ” he teased .

” Hey I’m [email protected] okay ”

” Ya I know ” he laughed teasingly.

” Jarvis thanks ” she hugged him .

” I love u Valerie ”

” Love u too jarvis”

” Wait isn’t that a shooting star ? She screamed excitedly .

” So ?

” Let’s make a wish ”

” It doesn’t work Val ”

” Please love ”

” Fine ” he chuckled as she joined her hands together closed her eyes to wish .

He admired her for sometime

“I wish we never go away from each other Val , just you and me together forever ” he smiled at his thought .


” I …. I… Know what I did was u forgivable Tristan buh I really love you , I swear ” she cried and broke down after telling him everything .

Tristan stared at her in shock as her body shook with emotions .

He couldn’t believe she’d took the risk of telling him the truth even if she could have lost him forever .

” Kayla …

” Tristan I’m sorry … I didn’t know what to do , I had no one you where dating someone else you had a big life ahead of you …. I was just a teenager no parents …. I…. Was scared ” she cried bitterly .

” Kayla ” he hugged her as she cried .

” I love you okay ” he sniffed .

” Although I’m super hurt , I still love him and trust you because keeping the baby wasn’t really advisable at that point … It’s in the past my love , let’s just make the future better ” he said and she cried [email protected] .

She couldn’t believe he let it go just like that .


” I’ll see you tommorow ” em said and he gave a nod as he drove off she smiled before walking into the mansion.

She stared in shock at her mom and bestfriend.

” Mom , bes your still awake ? You scared me”

” Sorry if we did ” vida smiled teasingly.

‘ so bes how’d it go ?

” Yes tell us ” vida said curiously
‘ it went well”

‘ just that ? We want the juicy detail ”

” Did you guys klzz ? Or have a quickie in the ladies room ? Kayla asked and em blushed red as vida laughed.

” Awwwwwwwwn she’s blushing ” vida teased .

Em ran upstairs making them laugh .

” I’m so happy for my baby ” vida chuckled .

” Me too aunt I can’t believe she has a shy side ”

” Didn’t I tell you guys to go to bed ? She’ll definitely shy away” Tris said and everyone burst out laughing.

Emerald removes her heels and her phone beeped .

💗Let the most beautiful dream come to you tonight
Let the sweetest person come in your dreams tonight .
But don’t make it an habit because I’m not free every night.

Good night and sweet dreams


She smiled as she sat to type her own message .


Ashton comes in loosing his tie just to see his siblings and parents waiting in the living room.

” Wait isn’t my watch working ? He frowned checking his watch .

” Guys it’s almost 12

” Ya we know buh we were waiting for you ”

” Dad you too ? Why ?

“So you can tell us all about your romantic date Romeo ” ace teased .

” What the ….

” Bro c’mon ” Val teased .

” Why are you quiet ? Ace said dramatically.

” Don’t tell me you ruined it ! He [email protected] .

” ACE” everyone screamed .

” I told y’all we should have fasted and prayed for him …..”

” ACE ”

” Fine I’m quite ” ace chuckled .

” I …” Ashton said and smiled .

” Awwwwwwwwn he’s shy ” Mia cooed and Cal chuckled .

” Of cause not it was good ”

Ace heived a sigh of relief with a big smile

‘ thanks goodness I was imagining what my brother was gonna look like being romantic

” I can die for you em , you’re my left kidney without you I’m dead ” ace said and everyone burst out laughing crazily .

” Hey I’m sure my son nailed it” Emma hugged Ashton .

” Keep decieving yourself momma ” he said and Ashton chuckled

” Guys I’m sleepy and…” He was saying when his phone beeped .

📧A late night greetings doesn’t mean just mean goodnight
It has a silent message saying

Ur my last thought as night sets in

Have a nice sleep

Good night

💗 Emerald

” I said it , my brother has turned into Romeo mom. , Look at the smile on his face ” ace said dramatically and Ashton threw him a pillow.

” Love is in the air ” he teased and everyone burst out laughing.


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