as-sistant girlfriend episode 8

as-sistant girlfriend episode 8
Things went wrong when Kelvin was told about the pregnancy. He vehemently denied having anything to do with me and it was from him that my parents learned of how much of a hoe I was in school.
I was shocked at the turn of events as I hadn’t expected it, Kelvin was the one who’d told me he truly loved and cared for me, how quic-kly had his tune changed. He couldn’t take responsibility for a child that he swore was not his as he had used protec-tion, although we both remembered ending up with a damaged French letter (c0nd0m) after. He had heard rumors about my philandering ways from his brother and just wanted to sample a taste like everyone else. He would not be the scapegoat to bear the brunt of my cheerful giving. Why else had none of the guys I sle-pt with stay with me? Why else was Jack receptive towards our failed relationsh!p; I was only an as-sistant girlfriend.
My parents were disappointed at me but decided I would have the baby and continue my education. What better punishment for me to have than to carry my shame around on campus and overhear the whispers about me.
Jack had finally had enough and broke up with me. He never argued with me, yet things were not the way they should be. It was no longer the relationsh!pany of us wanted. He had had enough, so when I returned to school, he c@m£ to see me and broke up with me. It was about time too because I didn’t feel like I would die without a text message from him like I used to. Infact, I felt disgusted at all the things he’d told his younger brother about me.
I had been foolish enough to think I had been doing my relationsh!pa favour by ending things with Kelvin and solemnly declaring we could be nothing but friends. I ignored his dejected looks and steeled my resolve saying such would never happen again. But I had been unwittingly pla-ying into Kelvin’s hands. He didn’t want anything else more than what I offered and a few days later, he was all over Kirsten.
Kristen made my life hell that semester as she maliciously spre-ad rumors about me. She was angry that I was trying to snatch her man, even though Kelvin never accepted the responsibility for his child. I had been promiscuous and shamelessly cheated on a b©yfri£ndthat loved me with everything on trou-sers including my lecturers and his own brother. People believed her tales and the silence that greeted me anytime I saw our friends reminded me of how low I’d sunk.
I was the perpetual outcast for that semester as even Kelvin’s parents refused to accept the responsibility for their intending grandchild. My parents st©pped bothering about them but I could hear the strain in my mom’s voice whenever she called. I had brou-ght them sorrow.
Kristen eventually moved out a few weeks later when she could no longer stand the sight of me. My parents s£nt my younger sister who had just written her UTME to stay with me. I was older than Liz by seven years and she was the only sibling I had.
So many times when I felt like giving up on life because I found my condition to be more than I bargained for, she was my pillar of support encouraging me to not give up.
Mark c@m£ by to the bq when I was five months gone. He had moved out almost after I rebuffed his advances and told him I never wanted to talk to him again. He had moved out because of the complaints leveled against him and his friends by some of the lecturers. He c@m£ by to allegedly console me but I gave him a cold shoulder and he left eventually, I never saw him again.
I heard from one of my neighbors that Kelvin dumped Kristen and was d@t!nganother girl in our circle, Lauretta. Apparently, he had been cheating on her with Lauretta and when she had caught them together and made Kelvin choose, he had chos£n her. My neighbor, Martha expected me to be happy at such news knowing what Kristen had done to me but I was nonchalant. It was their lives and their business. Kelvin was all charm and wits on the outside but un-derneath the facade was a monster not worth fighting for.
A few weeks before my final exams, I went into labor and after 38 hours of gr-unting, cussing and pushing, my son, David was born. The moment I la-id my eyes on him, all the pains I seemed to have felt melted away as I gazed down at the miniature version of Kelvin
I make it a point of duty everyday to train my son to be a better man than his father was and I’m happy at the results. Dave clocked two a few days ago and is such a bright, kind and thoughtful young lad. My parents officially adopted him as theirs and they’re so happy that from the dark clouds had come a silver lining.
He is David Andy, the first and only son of my parents who are glad to have a male child to bear the family name. This had been the cause of the rift between my parents for years. After I finished the university, I lost t©uçh with his paternal grandparents who had not shown any inclination to l@yclaim to him despite hearing rumours of his uncanny resemblance to Kelvin. My father was glad at this and is taking care of David as his own.
I graduated from the university with a second clas-s lower and did my service close to home because I was a nursing mother. Dad made me the COO of his Urban Taxi Company and un-der my direction, the business has been flourishing.
Sometimes when I’m bored, I check up on the Donald family, Jack specifically, on social media. I had deleted him, his brother and Mark from my bbm and blocked them on other social networks. But once in a while when I miss him, I would google his name and check his profile on Facebook. The last time I checked him out on Facebook, he and his brother had gone to Canada for their masters. His Instagram pictures always portrayed him posing with exotic looking ladies from the Caribbean and Europe.
I still think about him sometimes. If I still love him is not clear to me till today. After him, I’ve not been in any other relationsh!p. My wariness of guys that try to get close hasn’t helped either. I’m content with having one man in my life; David, my sunshine.
Mom always tells me there are still men out there worthy of my love but I don’t know if I would ever want to end up with any man. But I know I don’t want Jack. He was never the man for me.
However, I’m still curious though, am I at fault for what happened? Was I really the bad guy? I know what I did was wrong, but I feel he made me do it. Did he deserve the outcome?
Honestly, I don’t even know.
August 3rd 2016.