as-sistant girlfriend episode 5

as-sistant girlfriend episode 5
The moment I entered Jack’s house, I forgot my resolve to tell him about all that had happened with Mark. He seemed pretty excited to see me that I didn’t want to spoil his mood with the truth. I would postpone telling him till later.
The only thing was that things got heated a few minutes later. My heart beat triple time as he slowly undressed me but I didn’t resist him and he was so caught up in the moment, he didn’t notice the fact that I didn’t offer any hindrance or resistance to his advances.
After what Mark had done to me, I thought I would never experience S-x in a calm and sed@t£ manner, the way it ought to be experienced between two cons-en-sual adults who had feelings for each other. But in Jack’s arms, I felt myself blossoming, exploding with colour and vibr@ncy. His kind and tender t©uçh filled my heart with a warmth I never dreamed I’d feel.
Nothing was rushed; nothing was gross. His f!ngersmade secret places on my b©dy tingle, places I never imagined would ever feel as alive. I closed my eyes and clung to him when he moved over my brea-sts with hisl-ips and t©uçhed my n—-e with the ti-p of his ton-gue. I felt as if I were falling, but as long as I held on to him ti-ghtly I would be safe, forever.
He didn’t rush to f0rç£ his d–k inside me. It was as if he knew what I had experienced un-der Mark’s f0rç£d S-x the night before. But when my hy-men seemed to offer little resistance, he looked at me and I knew he knew. He seemed to get over his shock quic-kly and in a few quic-k thrû-sts, he was done.
I told him I was sorry…I tried to explain how things happened. I told him I’d been R@p£d but I didn’t tell him who and my role in it. I painted Mark as the bad guy.
Jack was shocked and stewed for a while. He eventually comforted me and as-sured me, that it wasn’t the end of our relationsh!p, unless I wanted it. He had taken everything in stride, or so I thought.
I cried all the way to school. I was completely ashamed. I had started out trying to make Jack jealous but had ended up messing up everything.
But Mark was waiting for me in school. Kristen was out when he c@m£ to my room and apologized for his statement the night before. I told him all that transpired between me and Jack, I carefully left out the p@rt that I’d painted him as the bad guy.
I told him I and Jack were still together, he knew what had happened and was still sticking with me. He asked me if we were bound by an oath. I smiled and told him, we were bound by true love, oh, how I wished this was true.
Four months later, I and Jack were still together and in my mind I thought we were waxing stronger. Jack and I had S-x now and every weekend I spent in his place, we spent more time un-der the sheets than out of it. The only problem was, when I and Jack got into our l@pses of silence, I’d find succor in Mark’s arms.
Mark had refused to let go and I found it difficult to turn down his advances despite what he had done. I had heard from friends chatter how difficult it was for a girl to let go of her first and I seemed to be experiencing the same thing. It didn’t help matters either that Mark sometimes subtly threatened me with his influence as a former cultist.
I was stuck in a web of deceit and betrayal, spanned by none other than myself and I couldn’t seem to get out of it.
One evening, Mark had his f!ngersinside me, the beginning of one of our S-xcapades. I was in his room and on the throes of pas-sion, trying to forget the nas-ty argument Jack and I’d had the day before on a suspicious call he kept receiving. I longed to be lost in Mark’s arms and was halfway to Pearly Gates when he suddenly st©pped.
“Why is your discharge this thick?”
I couldn’t mistake the wariness in his tone as he asked so I couldn’t help ra-pping back smartly, “because I’m ovulating I guess. Its called cervical mucus.”
He didn’t seem to believe me but I thought nothing of it until he went to wash his f!ngersbriskly and call a doctor friend of his. That ended our lovema-king session for that day and forever.
Finally, I’d had enough of Mark. His doubt of my virtue was the swift kick of reality I nee-ded that I was casting my pearl before a swine. He thought that my thick discharge was a result of some infection but his doctor friend had as-sured him it was really cervical mucus, he said you couldn’t be careful but I nodded serenely while boiling with rage within. After being the one who f0rç£fully deflowered me, he was having doubts about my S-xual health. The fvctard!
A few days later, I had also had enough of Jack. My roommate showed me pictures of a girl he took out on a d@t£ at the cinemas and seemed inti-mate with. She was probably the one who kept his lines busy with her calls and the one he made all those secret calls to. I kept wondering why he didn’t want to let me go. He knew I couldn’t end it.