as-sistant girlfriend episode 4

as-sistant girlfriend episode 4
Mark started S-xting me a few days later, and I was replying. He knew about my relationsh!pwith Jack but he didn’t care. When I’d first tried to put him off by reminding him of my relationsh!p, he reminded me of the fact that I wasn’t married yet so I was still fair game. He didn’t cast any aspersions on Jack’s personality per se but made insinuations about his conduct especially when he found out I was a vir-gin.
After he didn’t hear from me for a week, Jack called and I told him I’d gone back home. He was surprised that I had gone without informing him but I didn’t care. I told him I didn’t feel like he wanted me around since his privacy was more precious to him so I left without telling him. He apologized for overreacting when he’d seen me going throu-gh his phones and eventually I relented.
The holiday wasn’t a long one so I expected to be back in school in three weeks time. We made up on the promisory note of my visit to his place when I returned. Meanwhile, Mark and I were becoming really close. We engaged in a lot of meaningless banter, and somewhere along the line I began think about him a lot. Everything he did made me smile.
June 2012
Mark made me feel special when I returned to school. Due to my inability to get IT placement outside school, I had to do my IT in the school’s lab. He made it a duty to check up on me almost every evening. Sometimes, when I complained of hunger, he would take me to get Mishai (bre-ad and fried eggs) and drink. I enjoyed his company and though he still made advances, I tried to resist him. But sometimes, when we were alone, things got out of hand.
In the backyard, sometimes in his friend’s car when we drove out together. We k!$$£d and got really inti-mate, with him sometimes sli-pping his hand into my p@n-ties and up my coochie while I m0@n ed in ecstasy. I didn’t seem to care that people could be watching us. I thought it was in secret and nob©dy knew what was going on.
But some of my neighbours were beginning to get suspicious of our sudden friendsh!pand the fact they saw me frequenting his room, set ton-gues wagging. Everyone started talking about me in derogatory terms when I wasn’t there. Just like Daddy Freeze, I lost all respect. Especially because they knew I was alre-ady in a relationsh!pwith Jack. My worth had taken a free-fall just like the naira did against the dollar.
My roommate, as an act of caution spoke to me about some of the things she was hearing about me and the dangerous person she thought Mark was. But I didn’t take much stock in any of it, I was so involved in my friendsh!pwith him, I forgot the fact that when one dines with the devil, one must do so with a really long spoon. I didn’t see beyond his niceties till the evening he invited me to his room to ‘gist’.
We got talking until he started ma-king some advances. After unsuccessfully trying to stave him off, I ended up giving in and we got really inti-mate with him su-cking one of my n!ppl!s and me c@r£ss!nghis d–k. Even though I tried to protest, my words sounded feeble even to my own ears.
Before I realized it I was n-ked with him on the be-d, a mas-s of de-sire and pure animal lvst. He fed my de-sires and made me m0@n louder when he went down on me. Reality however c@m£ like a thun-derbolt when he f0rç£d his d–k into me. The jo-lt of pain was so sharp it brou-ght me out of my cloud nine.
I was struck with panic as I remembered Jack and tried to make Mark st©p. But its either he was oblivious to my cries or he didn’t care, he plodded on with his j£rking motion and didn’t st©p until he was on the brink of eja-culation. He quic-kly withdrew and used his f!ngersto deftly work his d–k and spill his c-m on the be-dclothes.
I was disgusted at him as I dressed up and tried to hold back my anger. When he tried to t©uçh me I rebuffed him and told him everything was a mistake that he should never expect to hear from me after this. But that was when I unwittingly made him let the cat out of the bag.
“Jack loves me, you’re just being jealous.”
He let out a hollow laugh that mocked my statement as his eyes lit up in merriment. What the hell had I found attrac-tive in such a vengeful and sadistic fellow?
“Keep dreaming baby girl, everyone in this bq including your Jack, know the sort of girl you are. You’re nothing but a hypocrite. You lead a man on with your m0@n s and when he tries to get in, you claim vir-gin. Who your vir-ginity epp?”
I walked out of his room, and went to my room. I was racked with guilt and so disgusted at myself. What would I tell Jack? How would he react? What the hell had I done?
I didn’t have to wait for long to get answers to those questions as Jack called that night and told me we had to see the next day. My roommate had gone to spend the weekend in town so she didn’t see me that night but when she returned the next day, she knew something was up with my reticence and melancholia. She tried to probe but got nothing off me.
Mark s£nt me knowing looks while he was smoking weed with his friends the next morning and I noticed the glances they all exchanged. He had k!$$£d R@p£d and who knows how much more of what he’d told them? How much was fact or fiction? It didn’t matter now, he had disvir-gined me.