as-sistant girlfriend episode 2

as-sistant girlfriend episode 2
May 2011
By second semester year two, my heart was sickled, but not broken. I found myself trying too ha-rd to impress one guy. I bought new clothes all the time, told tall tales about things i know nothing about, and places i had never been. I just kept trying. But i was always afraid. Why?
I knew I wasn’t all that pretty, but I thought I made up for that with my manners, and intelligence. I wasn’t a head turner but I tried to have a plea-sant and approachable personality. Some people took it for naivete and tried to use my head. Including my b©yfri£ndsometimes.
We would have an argument and for weeks, he would totally blank me out of his life. He wouldn’t call, message or even see me. This was another side to my sweetheart that left me heart broken because I often wallowed in self-pity when he ignored me.
Most of our quarrels had been almost over nothing, now I think of it, he hadn’t given me any reason to be suspicious of him but I just felt insecure where he was concerned.
To cap it all, most of my friends thought we weren’t such a great match. They always considered me extremely ‘lucky’ to have landed such a great guy. My room mate even had a crush on him and even though she never openly said it, she didn’t know what he had seen in me to choose me over her.
She was more good looking than I am. Long legs and a slender b©dy, I didn’t hold a candle to her in looks dep@rtment plus she was the more outgoing one. She had so many rich guys asking her out but I just couldn’t un-derstand why her and everyone else seemed to only want my man.
I felt really inadequate at holding on to my man for much longer because he was sli-pping farther and farther out of my grasp. I used to see us as two destined hearts, souls that had found each other and could communicate their innermost thoughts without words. But now I felt lonely and out in the lurch.
June 2011
Jack soon got himself an ap@rtment in town and off campus. It meant we wouldn’t get to see each other as often as we used to. I was always welcome to his place but he was a stickler for propriety. Blame it on him being too much of a mommy’s boy but he could never agree to my spending more time than was necessary at his place. So I only c@m£ during the weekends.
Exams were by the corner and I had a lot of catching up to do with my studies, I had never been as studious as I should and it was beginning to take its toll. d@t!ngsomeone with such a roller coaster attitude was beginning to tell on me. I was always worried about the next probable cause of a quarrel between I and Jack because that would mean weeks of silence. When you love a man like I loved Jack, you never st©pped to think or consider, you just acted. Even if some of those actions were detrimental to your well being.
I was obsessed with Jack, I thought of him so often I couldn’t sleep. Because I couldn’t sleep, I re-ad and prepared for my exams, even though it was proving such an arduous task. I was lonely most times, although i had friends. I was suspicious of them so I began to distance myself from them.
Jack had managed to settle down in his new ap@rtment. At twenty-seven, this was the first time he was ever living ap@rt from his parents.
Weekends when we weren’t having one of our couple tiffs bec@m£ quite special to me as I went to spend time over at his place. I did all that was required of a girlfriend and more. He often said, he didn’t miss home so much because of me and I glowed from comments like this.
I don’t know why, but I felt inferior I guess, being the one who was lucky to be with him. It made me feel like I had to do a lot to keep him and this I did even at the expense of my own comfort. We had another argument before I left his place, it had been so bad that I felt our relationsh!phad surely ended.
I tried to scale throu-gh the exams without breaking down even after all the re-ading binges I’d been on to meet up with the course outline. By the end of the semester, I had a new friend, Richa-rd . He was a friend in church who always looked rather sickly but was cool all the same.
February 2012
By the time I resumed year three, Richa-rd was extremely skinny, and frequently spent time in and out of the clinic. He had frequent hemodialysis now. He had chronic kidney disease and was awaiting surgery for a transplant. I’d never been so close to such a thing in my life, I didn’t even know what to say to him or how I could help him. All I felt for him was fear and pity.
But Richa-rd was a wonderful guy. He was full of life and so lively that I felt ashamed for being depressed over a failing relationsh!p. Jack and I eventually patched things up and for a while didn’t get into quarrels or arguments.
I was happy for a moment, but things were no longer as pure as they once were. For me, i had been too depressed, it was ha-rd to believe everything was cool.
For him, some of his friends had begun filling his ears with lots of gist about me, and the guys in the bq. They didn’t matter for a while until he began to repeat some of their advice to me.
Technically, we didn’t have S-x because I couldn’t go all the way with him. We would fondle, smooch and even give and receive b!ow jobs but that was where it ended. It wasn’t like I didn’t trust him fully, I just wasn’t re-ady to go all the way and no amount of his cajoling could make me. I know what girls like my roomie say about guys and how they wouldn’t stick around if you didn’t go all the way with them. I wanted Jack to stay with me but I just wasn’t re-ady yet.
Some of his friends advised him to get another girl and he would often repeat this when I was stalling his attempts to have S-x with me. I really don’t know if he ever cheated on me, but i know what happened on Valentine’s day.
We had planned to revamp our relationsh!p. I was supposed to spend the weekend over at his place. I finally planned to go all the way with him and for days leading up to Val’s we talked of nothing else.
But on the D-day, he was nowhere to be found. I couldn’t reach him on phone because his phone was switched off. After hours of not getting throu-gh to him on phone, I decided to take the bull by the horn and go to his place, invited or not, after all we had planned to see.
I didn’t know what to expect at his place but I went anyways hoping he had some reasonable explanation for the silence. I hoped in my heart I could make things better between us this weekend. I wanted to go all the way with him on this special day because I always thought our not having S-x was the cause of our issues. Kristen thought so too so I believed it must be so, the only thing was, nob©dy was home when I got to his place.
I sat outside and waited for hours but Jack never returned home. I went back home dejected and disappointed but the next day when he called with a truck load of apologies and promises, I felt happy again. He said his phone fell into water that morning and he had to go to the phone repair shop to have it fixed. He forgot his smaller phone at home so had no means of reaching me. The phone was still at the phone repairs shop and he would be going back to collect it that day.
I didn’t ask pertinent questions like, why didn’t he call me to tell me of the misfortune? Why ignore my calls that morning on his smaller phone and eventually switch it off? Why didn’t he call as soon as he got home. Those questions were at the ti-p of my ton-gue to ask but I swallowed them. I was glad we were good again, nothing else seemed to matter beside that