as-sistant girlfriend episode 1

as-sistant girlfriend episode 1
Feeling nostalgic, Dora Andy decides to pen down her experience with her first love Jack and the dark clouds of their one year relationsh!pwhich eventually births a silver lining for the Andy’s but from the unlikeliest channel.
Hello diary,
I’m Dora Andy and I’m sure you’re wondering at my br@nd of crazy to name myself an as-sistant girlfriend, stick a little longer and you just might find out. On a regular day, I’m the average girl next door who is just another face in the crowd because I’m not so popular or outstanding.
The reason may be because of my plain Jane looks, neat but regular dressing with no laces and frills unlike all the other ‘girly’ girls. I’m more comfortable on baggy jean and jersey than Sk-irts and go-wns. I also detest heels with a pas-sion. Another reason may be because I don’t like to talk too much, because i know for certain that along the line, people may try to probe dee-per and get behind my reserved facade.
Maybe I’m a little to wary of people getting close but I believe here’s a place to honestly and shamelessly pour my heart out. So what could be better to talk about on here, than the first time I fell in love and what went down with Jack.
I’m usually the kind of girl whose emotions can easily be re-ad on her face. Who isn’t pretentious about her feelings like most other girls are. I have all the good intentions and try to do things right. But things doesn’t seem to go right for people like me especially because not everyone is like me.
I doubt Jack will ever find this, but i would love to express myself to someone thing other than myself and what other thing than you, dear diary.
Why, you may wonder, am I so stuck to the past? Well, maybe its because I still cherish the memory of my love for someone who didn’t seem destined for me, even though we have never seen nor spoken since we went our separate ways.
Or maybe its because I believe there’s always two sides to a story and despite all that happened, I deserve a chance to state exactly how things happened without fear or prejudice.
So I will l@yhow it all went down 5 years ago so you will un-derstand all of it dear diary
June 15, 2016
March 2011
I was in sophomore year in the university . I and my bunk mate from the hostel then, Kristen, were looking for a place to stay. We didn’t want just any place but an exclusive room in the lecturer’s quarter bq. Getting such a place was an onerous task indeed because it was one of the most sought after places for students due to maximum security, stable light and water. Most students didn’t mind paying outrageous prices to the lecturers to live in some of the dil@pid@t£d rooms. Rooms in the boys quarters were as old as the main houses. Most of them didn’t mind having to stay in a single room and share toilet facilities with their neighbours either. So the competition was usually stiff to get such rooms.
I met Jack on one of our expeditions to the staff quarters to search for a room. His father was a lecturer and he helped us secure a room in the bq throu-gh one of his neighbours. We were really grateful to him for ch!pping in a good word for us to his neighbour who eventually bec@m£ our landlord. All he was to me then, was a fair handsome graduate who seemed off-limits because he looked too handsome to be single.
Being friends with him had been really easy. He was funny and jovial, the life of the p@rty. He had a spring to his step, a twi-nkle in his eyes and a joke up his sleeves that couldn’t help but induce smiles from your face. He was that charming.
He was the first son of his parents and second to last child but he acted like he was the last. He had been spoilt rotten by his mom because he had such a carefree attitude. His winsome looks made him almost unt©uçhable as his pouts could melt the strongest of hearts. It was no wonder he got away with a lot of things including my heart.
We had started out as ‘hi-bye’ friends until he managed to charm me enough to let down my guard with him. Due to past failed relationsh!ps, I had vowed not to let any man in and definitely not sleep with him unless he was my husband and was bent on my resolve.
But what i felt for Jack was way too strong for that, mainly because it was the first time i was feeling that way. I wanted to always be in his company and would even be the one to initiate our heavy petting sessions. I was never sure about his feelings though I never dared to ask, because I was afraid of the answers.
I noticed that before we started d@t!ng, he used to be all over me. He would walk me to my room, call me, text me, etc. We spent a lot of time in each other’s company, talked about our different households and the disparities of growing up in different cities. We seemed so preoccu-pied with each other, the world ceased to exist to us for a while.
But after a while, i noticed my baby was changing.
His calls were shorter, and his texts were only when necessary. Even our chats were beginning to dwindle as we didn’t have much to talk about. I noticed i was beginning to be the one to hold up our conversations. If I didn’t call, he wouldn’t call or s£nd me his sweet goodnight messages. I gave him lots of missed calls with no replies and no questions asked.