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Arranged to him episode 6 & 7

😈 Arranged to him 😈
( You are mine )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 6
Mia’s POV~~~
Hearing those words made me froze. I never had my first kiss. I certainly did not want him to be my first kiss. I totally forget about it.
While I was panicking I didn’t realise that he was leaning in.
I started to tremble. As he was just a few inches away I quickly turn so that he end up kissing my cheeks.
I gasped when his lips just touched my cheeks. It was warm and tingly. When he pulled away, I saw him frown but he brushed it off when everyone started to clap. I guess no one saw that.
With everyone clapping, he took my hand and walked me down. We walked down the aisle and as I reached the end of the aisle, I got ready to throw the bouquet.
When I throw it behind I heard a few squeals. I turn to see it was Olivia who caught it. I smiled at that. We went indoor for the groom and bride reception.
It started with the scary man and me cutting the cake. I tried to make as much space as there could be between us as I did not want to stand beside him.
Once we had cut the cake, we were led to seat in a table for the bride and groom. Then people start giving speech. Few I know and many I don’t now.
Lastly my dad’s came for the speech. “Thank you everyone for coming today. I really appreciate all of you coming today. I cant believe that my cupcake got married.
It is like she was born yesterday only. And today she is married. Hopefully she is happy for the rest of her life.” he said as he was almost in tears.
I tried to not to cry. Will I be happy with him? I don’t know why but I am so scared of him. Maybe it was the threat he gave when we first met. I don’t know but he scares me.
“Lets have the bride and groom give their first dance.” My dad say as everyone claps. I internally groan. I don’t want to dance with him. ‘Please don’t make me dance with him’ I prayed.
But it did not happen. The scary man stretched out his hand for me take. I stood up while lightly holding his hands.
It was a feather touch.
Soon ‘Give me love’ by Ed Sheeran came and we started to waltz for it. I was looking down the entire time.
I did not dare look up. To tell the truth I was always not the tall girl. But standing in front of him make me look like a dwarf.
“Look at me.’ he said suddenly making me flinch. I shook my head and continue to dance. I heard him sigh but let it go.
Soon we were done people start to clap. We went back to our table.
The rest of time some people came and went and soon some of them started to talk about business with the scary man. I took that as my chance to get out of there.
I searched for Ash. I spotted him and dragged him out. “Hello Mrs Mariano.” he started and I glared up at him which shut him up.
“Why did you come out?” he asked me. “I was feeling overwhelmed inside. I needed some air.” I said as I shrugged.
He sighed as we sat down in the steps. We went quiet as we stared at the nothing. “I just realised that I never got to dance with you inside.” he said as we started to laugh. ” Seriously” I asked.
“Yes seriously.” he said. Suddenly he stood up. “My lady, may I have this dance.” he said in British accent. “Of course.” I said back in a British accent.
We started to dance like goofy people. We were randomly dancing to no particular song. And for once in that evening, I felt happy and relieved.
Soon we were done and went back to seat. I went back to staring at the sky with my head on his shoulder.
“Ash?” I called out. “Hmm” he hummed back. ” I am scared.” I said honestly. He sighed. ” Look Mia. I know you are scared. But you are strong person. Always remember that.” he said as he reassured me.
I nodded my head at him.
That is when I heard my dad’s voice. “There you are. What are you doing here? We were looking for you.” he said. Before I could answer, he started to talk.
“Lets go. It is time for you to go.” he said making me tear up. I hugged him. “I don’t want to go daddy.” I said.
“I know sweetie. But you have to.” he sighed. I shook my head. “I will always love you my cupcake.” he said. I laughed at the nickname.
He nodded at me. My dad, Ash and I went back. Once I went back in, I realised not many people were left. There were only very few guest left.
As I went the entire family was standing, My mum came to me hug me. “My baby. I am gonna miss you.” she said as she sobbed. I comforted as I pat her back.
Soon my sister came. “My baby sister. Take care of yourself. ” she said as she hugged me.
Followed by my dad. “I am gonna miss you cupcake, Don’t forget to come and visit this old man.” he said as we both chuckled.
Finally It was Ash. I hugged him as I mumbled “I love you, stultus (Idiot) ” I said which he chuckled. Soon we pulled apart. Next was Mr Mariano.
“Welcome to the family, my dear.” he said as he gave me a fatherly hug which I return. Soon it was time for me to go. I said my goodbye and followed the scary man.
He was walking very fast which made it very hard for me to catch up to him. I had to do a slow jog in order to catch up with him.
Soon we reached the car which was very well decorated. He opened the door for me and I quickly went in not wanting to make him wait. He went to the other side and got in.
The driver started the engine and we were off.
Here comes my new home.
Mia POV~~
The tension in the car was intense that it could be cut with a knife. I dare not talk or move.
It was becoming uncomfortable sitting in the same position. But I rather sit in the same position then to make a single move.
The scary man was keep clenching and unclenching his hands. It was obvious he was pissed but I don’t know why and I don’t want to know either.
Whoever he is pissed at, well, good luck to the person.
It felt like hours that we were travelling in the car.
I started to think that we were going out of the town. God no please. Don’t tell me he is going to bring me out of the town and kill me.
I mean he won’t kill me, Right? Or would he? As I was pondering on the thought of whether he is going to kill me or not, the car came to a abrupt stop.
I look out to see we have reached wherever we are supposed to be at. I jumped as I heard a sudden slam. I see to the other side and realise the scary man was no more sitting beside me. He must have left.
I took a deep breath and got out of the car. Just then then the driver came to open my door. I thanked with a nod.
“Mam, please go inside. Your things will be inside.” He said and I nodded at him. I took small steps and walked in the walkway that leads to my new ‘ home’. It feels weird to even say that.
Soon I reached the porch. The door was opened and I entered. As I step inside, I was mesmerized by the beauty. It was beautiful.
It didn’t look that modern neither did it look blunt. It was really breath taking.
I was admiring the beauty that I didn’t realise someone was standing beside me. She cleared her throat to gain my attention.
I quickly turn around and saw a lady smiling at me sweetly. “Sorry.” I squeaked out. I felt embarrassed. “Its ok Child.” She chuckled as she dismissed me off.
“My name is Mary Willows” She said as smiled at me. “Well Mrs Willows, I am,” I started but unable to finish.
“Oh please call me Mary. And I know who you are, Amelia Mariano.” She said. Right Change of surname. Great.
I saw my stuff in the living room and went to grab them.
There were a few boxes and few suitcases.
Looks like my family cleared my entire room. Thanks mum and dad. (Note the sarcasm) I thought to myself.
I turned around to ask the lady where am I staying before she beat me to it. “Mr Mariano’s room is upstairs. I will have some people to send your stuff up.” she said as I frown.
I am not gonna stay together with him in his room. I quickly shake my head. “Can I use the guestroom please. ” I asked. She frown. “But,” she started but I didn’t let her complete.
“Please” I begged her again. She sighed and nodded her head. I grabbed a suitcase and the two boxes while Mary brought a suitcase and a box. We walked upstairs and she brought me a room that was at the end of the hallway.
She entered and left the boxes and came out. “If you want anything don’t hesitate to call me Amelia.
” She said as she smiled at me. “Sure. And please call me Mia.” I said while she smiled and left. I entered the room while I left my stuff where Mary had left.
I closed the door and took a deep breath. Everything that happened today dawn on me now. I got married to a man whom I am scared off. He hates me and said he will become my worst nightmare.
As I thought about all of this, tears starts to flow on its own. I don’t want any of this. I thought to myself. I slide down and start to cry.
I cried for some time before I realised I still was in my wedding dress. I opened up my suitcase and took out my black PJ romper. I saw two doors.
I went to open the nearest one and saw that it was a walk in closet. It looked classy and luxurious. I should start unpacking if I am gonna stay here.
I opened another door. It was the bathroom It looks just like the walk in closet. Classy and luxurious.
I entered the bathroom and got out of the wedding dress and slipped onto my PJ. I washed of the make up and cleansed my face.
Once I was done I entered back to the room. When I entered the room, did I realise how tired I was. I switched off the lamps and went straight to bed letting sleep take over me.


For making everyone wait I am gonna give you all Damien’s POV. Enjoy everyone.
Damien’s POV~~
“I will say whether the deal is worth it or not. Not you!” I yelled in the phone and hanged up.
I was starting to have an headache and the investors are not helping me. I really needed a coffee and there seems not to be a single café for crying out loud. I am seriously starting to get pissed.
Everyone is scared of me and they should be too. That’s when I get what I want done. If they do not fear me they’ll never do what I want and I’ll never get what I want and I always get what I want. ALWAYS.
After so long of searching I finally found a Café.
I quickly parked and got down. I was rushing to get a coffee when someone suddenly bumped into me. I quickly got angry and started to glare at the person.
When I looked down, it was a girl who reached my chest barely. I did not why but all of a sudden I felt like protecting this girl from all evilness and darkness.
She slowly raised her head up to look up at me. And I was dumbfound.
I was mesmerized by her big doe eyes. She held so much of innocence and purity, I couldn’t move. I kept looking at her. She started to ramble a bunch of apologies.
But I couldn’t do anything. I kept looking at her. Suddenly I snapped out of everything. I am a dangerous person.
Everyone should fear me. But something deep down wished she was the only person who does not fear me. I snapped out of my daydream.
I scoffed at her and put up my hands to stop her from rambling. She quickly kept quiet.
I started to move forward and she got afraid and moved back until she was against the wall. I was an inch away from her and her smell hit me strong. It somehow calmed me.
But still I put up the strong and tough exterior. She looked down to avoid my gaze. I stared at her before speaking.
“How dare you bump on me? Do you know who am I?” I spoke dangerously. She vigorously shook her head and continued to looked down.
“I could be your worst nightmare.” I whispered slowly into her ears. I heard her gasp.
She started to quiver and apologising and how she was late for her school. When she was apologising and scared something in me felt uneasy.
I wanted to see into her eyes again. I hold up her chin and made her look at me.
When I looked into her eyes it was as if I forgot everything that was happening around me. I just continued to stare into her eyes, I couldn’t bring myself from looking into her eyes.
After sometime I found the strength to look away. I took a deep breath and let her go and backed away. She quickly took the chance to run away, As she was running away I kept looking at her.
All I wanted to do was run to her and pull her into my arms and never let her go.
I quickly shook my head and when back to my car. I decided I did not need the coffee anymore.
I got into the car and quickly drove off. On the way to my Office I couldn’t help but think of the girl. She was simply dead gorgeous and magnificent.
She carried this light with her. Her innocence was driving me crazy. Damn it I need to get her out of my head. She maybe a stranger but she is now stuck in my head. I quickly drove off to the office so that I wouldn’t miss the meeting.
Within fifteen minutes I reached my office. I quickly got on to my private lift and went up to my office. And yes I have a private lift. I don’t like sharing what is mine. And also I need my privacy.
Soon I reached my office. I prepared myself for the meeting and went to the meeting room. As the meeting started and the board member started speaking, my mind drifted off to the girl I met in the café.
Why on earth is she keep coming into my mind. What was so special about her? I have dated several models before but no one has disturbed me the way she had.
I realised I lost focus on the meeting and decided to postpone the meeting. I told everyone to reschedule and walked out off the meeting room. I retreated back to my office room.
Once I entered I poured myself a whiskey. I don’t understand what is going on with me. Why is she disturbing me so much. Damn her eyes is alluring. They held so much innocence.
I found myself getting in lose of them. Words just couldn’t be formed when I was looking at them. She held me prison in her eyes. They held so much light and purity, I have never felt myself drawn to someone in the way I have been drawn to her.
I quickly came back to reality when I heard the door being open. I got irritated on the peron for not knocking. When I turned to see who is it, it turned out to be my dad.
I chewed my words back. “Good morning son.” my father greeted me. “Good morning dad.” I greeted my dad back. I was always formal to everyone whether its family, my employees or friends.
“What brings you here?” I asked him. “I bring news my son.” My father told me. I raised my eyebrows in question.
That’s when he told me something that got me shocked and confused.
“You are getting married my son.”
Damien’s POV~~~
“You are getting married.”
Those words got me jolt up from the chair sending my chair flying back. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN?” I yelled at my father. He flinched at my voice and glared back at me.
“I mean what I say, my son.” he simply stated. “Look you always worked hard to get the company to its best. Now we have the chance my son.”
“What do you mean?” I asked my dad confused. ” One of my friend and I had the idea collaborating the company. And the only way to do that is when you marry his daughter.” he explained.
“Not only that. When you were born, it was already decided that you marry one of his daughter.” he finished.
I started to think about it. If by marrying the girl, I will get my company to number 1 than I won’t care. My company always come to me first.
But suddenly the girl that I met outside the café came into my mind. I quickly shook off the thought. There is no way I will meet the girl again anyway. So why waste my time on her.
Something in me was against the proposal of my father. But the future of company made me say the next words.
“Fine I will marry the girl.” I said instantly regretting. My father looked at me shocked. “You serious my son?” my father asked me confused.
I rolled my eyes at my father’s reaction. “Yes father. If by marrying the girl I can get the company to number 1 then why not.” I answered my father’s unheard question.
He finally recover from his shock. “Thank you so much my son.” he said. “We are going to meet the girl and the family today.” he informed. “Whatever” I muttered and went back to my work.
He exited the room soon. Once he left the room my hands automatically stopped working. I started to reconsider the choice.
I don’t know why but the girl’s face keep coming into my mind. No matter what I do I keep having her disturbing me. Urgh. This is so irritating.
I pushed everything and start to focus on my work.
In the evening
I somehow managed to finish all my work. To say I wasn’t distracted will be an understatement. But I managed to finish everything.
Just then my dad walked into my office. “You ready my son?’ he asked me. “For what?” I asked back confused. ” To see the girl and her family, remember I told you.” he reminded me.
I totally forgot about it. “You forgot about it didn’t you?” he asked with a pointed look. I just glared back at him. “Give me few minutes I will be with you. Wait for me at the parking lot.” I said and started to pack my stuff.
He just nod his head and left. I quickly start to pack my stuff. Once having my table clean, I arranged my stuff. I needed my place to be tidy.
Sooner or later I was done with it. I took my staff and made my way to the parking lot. On my way there, I was keep my thinking about my decision.
There was no chance of me meeting the girl again. She is just some random girl. I don’t even know her name. I know nothing about her.
At least by getting married to this girl I will be able to get my company to number 1.
So without any further thinking I made my way to the parking lot. Once I was there I saw my dad waiting for me there.
My Dad and I got in our car and were off to meet the girl and her family.
I don’t know what was I expecting to say the truth. I never thought about marriage or anything. I always focused on my company and business. Now that my dad is making me marry, I have no idea what to think about.
To say honestly all I am thinking about right now is the girl that I met outside the café. She is simply stunning. I am feeling bad for threatening her.
I always loved it when people feared me. But when I saw fear in her eyes that was directed to me, I felt odd.
What am I saying? I shouldn’t be thinking about her. Especially now that I am going to marry another girl.
Sooner or later my dad and I arrived at their placed. Their place looked quite astonishing to say honestly.
It looked homely from the outside.
We parked the car and head to their doorstep, My dad rang the door bell. We were a greeted by a woman who looked to be in her early 40s.
“Oh my god their here. Honey they are here. Please come in.” she invited us in politely.
She gave this warm motherly feel. We entered and were asked to sit down in the living room. Soon a man who looked to be my father’s age came down.
“Albert its so nice to see you.” he greeted my dad while they did their man hug. “Same here.” my dad greeted back.
“Damien is so nice to finally meet you. Your dad have told me so much about you.” he said while he pat my back. We all took our seat.
“Olivia come down darling.” The man called.
That’s when I saw a woman coming down. She was wearing a short dress with tons of make up. To be honest she looked more like a cake then a lady.
She came down and gave me a flirty smile. I wanted to roll my eyes. Every girl tries to flirt with me. I always preferred someone who was hard to get. Not barbie dolls.
“Come here and sit Olivia.” he father said. She took a seat in the couch that was beside me. Wow. “This is Olivia, Damien. You and she will be getting married soon.” My dad said. Great.
Note the sarcasm.
We talked for awhile. Soon we started to have dinner, done be Mrs knight. Once we were done everyone was indulged in the wedding conversation. While I was thinking about the Café girl.
How it would be to hear her sweet voice. Look into her bright blue eyes, and get lost in them. Pinch her chubby cheeks. Hug her so tight that no air would pass through us.
Have her soft lips against mine.
What am I doing. Here I am sitting in the house of the girl I am going to marry and thinking about another girl.
Just then the door bell rang. I got confused to who it was. Mrs Knight went to get the door. “That’s my second daughter.” Mr knight said.
I heard Mrs knight answer the door. “How many times should I tell you not to play in the rain?” she scolded. When she said that I wanted to chuckle but refrained. Wow. The sister seems to be an interesting person.
Just then I heard the most soothing voice in my life. “Mum whose car is outside?” I knew I have heard that voice. Its a voice I would not forget in a billion years,
Just then I saw her enter the living room.
The café girl.
TBC 😈😈😈


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