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Arranged to him episode 2 & 3

😈 Arranged to him 😈
( You are mine )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 2
Mia’s POV~~
I woke up to my alarm ringing. gr0@ning I wake up. I rub my eyes to get off from my sleep.
Soon I realised what happen yesterday. I can’t believe anything. It felt like a dream. But I know it’s not by the way my sister is squealing downstairs.
The scary man is going to be family. Gosh I should really stop with ‘scary man’. You cannot blame me though. He really is scary. I shook my head as I went to take my shower.
After doing my morning routine I grabbed a pink summer dress with a white shoe and a white bag pack and got ready for school.
I went down to greet my family. My mum gave me breakfast which I quickly start to eat.
“Mia, come back home early would ya. The Mariano’s are coming to have dinner with us.” My dad said. I saw my sister smiling dreamily. I instantly tensed.
I just nodded my head at him. “Also you and Olivia would be going shopping.” My mum said.
I gr0@ned while my sister squealed.
I love my sister and all but gosh I hate shopping with her. I wanted to protest but one glare from my mum, I shut my mouth. I quickly ate my breakfast and left.
My sister and I took her car to the mall. All the way to the mall my sister kept talking about her fiancé while I just nodded my not wanting to be rude by keeping quiet. My sister and I are quite opposite. She is the popular girl while I try not to be.
I do not like the attention. But since my sister and I studied at the same school, I automatically became the popular girl.
I tried to change the topic rather than the scary man. But somehow Olivia kept going back to him.
Giving in I just continue nodding at her. Soon we were in the mall. Olivia practically dragged me into the shopping mall. Great. Note the sarcasm.
Olivia was dragging me into each shop. She already had 9 bags in her hands. I on the other hand had not bought anything and if I go home empty hands, my mum will kill me.
We went into one of the cute boutique. It had fairy lights and looked very beautiful. As I entered I spot a cute pink dress.
It had a gold belt in the middle and also looked quite simple. Just the way I liked it. I grabbed it and paid for it.
After grabbing our bags, I was exhausted and hungry. “Oli, I am hungry. Can we get something to eat.” I whined. ” Sure. Let’s go.” Once she said that I felt happy and grinned.
She brought me to a restaurant that was looked expensive but she said its better here. I just shrugged and followed.
As long as I get food I am ok with it. Once we were served with a table we quickly settled down and started to order our food. While my sister ordered for salad I ordered a burger with fries.
As the waiter came he took our order and s£nt me a wink and went off. I started to blush and Olivia started to squeal.
“He is cute. And is interested in you.” she said as she smirk at me. I just swat her off and stick my tongue at her and started to laugh at our childishness.
I felt as if someone was staring at me. I looked around me and saw two brown eyes staring at me. I gulped and looked away. Yet I felt his eyes continuously burn holes in my back.
“OMG. Mia, Damien is here.” she squealed. The way this girl scream, I am definitely going to get my ear drums exploded. I just started to fidget in my steps. Soon he was at our table hovering above us.
“Hi Damien.” Olivia stated as she batted her eyelashes. Seriously? Get some dignity woman! I did not dare look up at him and wished the floor would eat me up. I shrink back into my chair and pretend I was not here.
I felt him nod his head at Olivia.”I did not know you were coming.” Olivia stated. I have a feeling she knew
. “I came to have lunch with a friend. And he couldn’t make it so I am going back.” he said almost as a whisper. It was sharp and stern.
I was concentrated in his voice I did not realise what he said. Yay he was going back. I was doing a happy dance in my head.
“oh, why don’t you join us?” Olivia stated. I froze. ‘ please say no, please say no’ I was praying in my head. “Sure.” he said as he drag a chair that was beside Olivia and set down.
I mentally face palmed. He quickly ordered his food and both of them started to talk to each other. Not really interested with their conversation I started to zone out.
I keep feeling his stares at me but I tried not to be bothered by that. Soon our order came. I was starving. The waiter who came just now served our food.
He kept staring and I started to blush. I was never good with boys and their attention.
As he served our food, he kept his eyes on me and I started to fidget in my seat.
“Would you all like anything else?” he asked but more specifically me.
I shook my head as Olivia said no. The scary man kept glaring at the waiter. But the waiter was oblivious to it. I wonder why he was glaring at him.
The entire time we were having our food, he kept glaring holes at the waiter. The waiter, who was oblivious to his glares, kept looking my way.
Soon we were done with our food and had requested for our bill. Damien and Olivia started to argue on who was going to pay the bill.
I just sat and waited. Soon the waiter came and that’s when I saw his name badge. Adrian.
Nice name I thought to myself. He was holding onto the bill and I thought he was going to give it one of them. But instead he gave it to me.
Both of them stop arguing and stared at me. I fiddled with the bill. I thought I might have to pay the bill.
As I was going to pay the bill, Damien snatched the bill and placed the bill amount. He started to glare holes into the back of the bill.
“Excuse me. I have somewhere to go.” He said as he quickly stood up and left.
Olivia and me just stared at each other. The waiter cleared his throat. “Oh, please you may take the money and go.” Olivia said to him. He nodded his head and left.
Olivia took the bill and she started laughing. ” The waiter wrote his numbers” She stated as she started to laugh.
I quickly snatched the bill and saw. Indeed he had given me his number. Olivia and me stared at each other and started laughing.
“You should call him you know.” Olivia said as we stood to go back. I just shook my head.
“Nope.” I said as I dragged the ‘p’. She just sighed. I was never good with dating and all.
Soon we were home and I went to take a small nap. I am so exhausted. I gr0@ned as I think about meeting the scary man for the second time for the day.
I just shrugged it off and went to bed.
“Mia! Wake up now! The Mariano’s are coming in awhile.
You better wake up Young lady!.” I heard my mum shout from downstairs. URGH. I gr0@ned and woke up.
I better not make my mum wait or else I would have my ears bit off. I went to take a shower.
Once I showered, I put on the pink dress that I bought. It was simple and elegant.
Just the way I liked it. I applied some mascara and l!p-gloss. And I was done. I wore a white and rose gold sneakers to match it.
I made my way down. As I was walking through the corridor, I heard the door bell ring.
My body went still. I gulped. I slowly made my way down. As I walked down, I heard my dad.
“There you are Sweetie, come join us.” he said as I reached the last step. I nodded my head. I saw my sister quickly went to stand beside the scary man.
She interlocked her arms with his and started to giggle. She is whipped. I thought to myself. We went to the living room and sat down.
I sat near my dad in a couch while Olivia Sat near the scary man. Mr Mariano sat in the couch that was in the middle.
Mr Mariano and my dad were talking about some business staff while Olivia was telling the scary man about her modeling job.
Soon I got bored and took my phone and started texting Ash.
-A (Ashton) -M (Mia)
M- “Hey”
A- “Hey. Aren’t you supposed to be in a dinner? ”
M- yes. But it’s so boring in here. ☹️
A- hahaha. Wow. Let me guess your dad is speaking about business while Olivia is speaking about her model job.
M- hehe. Yap.
A- I knew it.
M- hahaha. Maybe you should become my brother since you know about everyone so well.
A- no thanks. I cannot put with olivia.
M- hahaha.
“Mia.” I heard Mr Mariano call me. ” Yes Mr Mariano? ” I asked him back. ” Oh please call me Albert. Mr Mariano make me sound like I am old. ” He said as he laughed.
I just smiled softly and nodded my head.
“Tell me about yourself dear.” He asked. “There’s nothing much to tell about myself. ” I said politely.
” Oh come on there must be something. ” He insisted. ” Well I am in high school and in my s£nior year. ” I stated.
“That’s nice. What have you thought for your future? Do you plan on taking your dad’s business?” He continued.,
“I am not sure. I do want to do a degree in computer science. After that I am not quite sure yet. ” I said. It’s true. I always like to solve mysteries. And computer always intrigued me.
” That’s nice sweetheart. Good to know you have interest on your future.” He said as he smiled lovilingly at me. I realised he is a very kind hearted unlike his son
Just then my mum came saying dinner is ready. Soon we gathered around the dinning table and sat for our dinner.
To my horror the scary man was sitting opposite me. Beside him was Olivia and the other side was Mr Mariano.
Beside me was my mother and beside her was dad, who was at the head of the table.
The maids started serving us food. As soon the food was placed we all started to dig in. I guess everyone was hungry.
It was amazing. My mums lasagne was the best. ” This is very delicious Sophia ” Mr Mariano stated.
” Thank you Albert” My mum smile and told him. Everyone started to talk about random stuffs.
I felt someone staring at me.
When I looked up, the scary man was staring right at me. I gulped and stared down.
This is going to be a long night.


Mia’s POV.~~
To say that dinner was boring would be an understatement. Everyone was busy with each other. Me on the other hand was just eating the delicious food and texting Ash constantly as I was very bored. We were s£nding each other jokes.
One of the joke Ash s£nt me really made me laugh. Which draw attention from everyone. Everyone was looking at me as if I was crazy. However the scary man was glaring at my phone. I apologised and started to eat again.
Soon we were done. Olivia was keep talking to the scary man. Like literally. She was clinging on to him. Olivia has dated several boys but she never and I mean NEVER was this crazy.
We were in the living room. I sat in one of the coach with my mum while Olivia sat with the scary man. our dads went to my dad’s office room.
Suddenly, Olivia’s phone. She excused herself and left. And we are back to the scary man staring at me. I swear this man loves to shoot me with his glares.
We sat there with complete awkwardness. Suddenly he cleared his throat. ” Mrs Knight I would like to use your washroom, if you don’t mind.” he asked my mother. Oh god mum don’t say what I think you are gonna say.
“Oh sure. And please call me Sophia. Mia why don’t you guide this gentleman and guide him back.” my mum said. And just like that my face paled. Wow. My mum is digging my grave for me. Thanks mum. Note the sarcasm.
Not knowing what to say I just nod my head. The scary man stood up. Not wanting him to wait I quickly stood up. I nodded for him to follow me.
I guided him to washroom down the hallway. I still felt his intense gaze on me. Not having the guts to turn back I looked forward and walk.
Soon I was in front of the washroom. I turn back to let him go to the washroom. He was just standing behind me. With only a few inches of gap. I g@sped silently. I was met with his chest. This reminded me of the first day when I had accidently bumped into him.
And just like on the first day, I had my head down and he held my chin and tilt my head upwards. As he held my chin, I flinched slightly and closed my eyes.
I felt his breathe on me. I did not dare to look up.
After few seconds, he let go of me and pushed past me to the washroom. I waited there for him while trying to catch my breathe. What just happened. I thought he would have scolded me or warned me.
But he just left. I waited for him for a few minutes. Soon he came back and I quickly headed back up to the living room. I tried to go back to the living room as quickly as possible. I did not want to be in his pres£nce any longer.
Soon Our dads return, and Mr Mariano said that they have to leave. When they left, the scary man looked at me one last time. In his eyes I saw something I did not understand. Determination.
Not able to think anymore I shrugged it off. I was too tired to think so I went to bed saying goodnight to my parents.
I got into my PJ and went to sleep. As I tried to sleep, I was unable to. The determination I saw in his eyes made me shiver. I feel like he is up to something. And it is up to no good.
I rolled and rolled but unable to sleep. His eyes keep coming to my mind. Urgh. God help me. I took a few deep breathe and try to sleep.
Finally sleep came and I drift off to sleep.
Mia’s POV~~
I was in school right now. With Ash trying to find seats with our lunch trays in our hands. The canteen seems to be crowded. ” hey I found a spot for us to seat.” Ash exclaimed. finally. We took our seats quickly and start to eat.
“So how was dinner yesterday. Anything interesting?” Ash asked as he wiggled his eyebrows at him. I threw my fries at him.
He started to laugh at me. I just stick my tongue out at him. I had just told him about the café incident. And then I told him about how the scary man is going to marry Olivia. When he had heard about, he was quite shocked to the say the least.
But then he started to laugh his @ss off about how I call Damien ‘scary man’. I just rolled my eyes at him.
“Answer my question.” He asked once he stop laughing like a hyena. “Nothing. We had dinner and they left.” I said to him.
I didn’t want to tell him about our little incident. His eyes still s£nd shivers down my spine. Soon we were done. We had one last lesson before our free period.
During the lesson, I was totally zoned out. I couldn’t concentrate. His eyes keep coming back to haunt me.
Once the lesson had finished, Ash and me met up to do dance rehearsal. “Few more months and we get to dance in front of everyone.” Ash said as he grin. I just smiled foolishly at him.
After hours of practicing, we decided to call it a day. I said goodbye to Ash and skipped back home. As I reached my door step, I realised there were cars parked.
When I reached the living room, I was confused. The room was filled with tension. When my mum saw me, the colours in her face drained. “Mia you are back” as she said this all the eyes turn to me.
And I saw on particular brown eyes staring at me with achievement. I don’t understand. “Dad what is going on?” I asked him. “Come here sweetheart” he said as he pat the spot next to him.
Reluctantly I went.
My sister looked angry. But when she saw me it turn soft. She gave a look of pity and disappointment. I really don’t understand what is going on.
Mr Mariano gave me look of apology. As I sat beside my dad, I gave him the ‘explain’ look. He sighed. “Look, I want you to be calm when I tell you this.” my dad spoke to me calmly. “O-OK” I stuttered.
He took a sigh. “You remember how Damien is supposed to marry Olivia?” he asked. “Yeah” I said back confused. “Well there has been a slight change.” he said as he turn to look at the scary man.
The scary man just smiled at us. I got even confused. He can SMILE? My dad turn back to me. “Damien does not want to marry Olivia.” I don’t know if I should be sad knowing it must have hurt Olivia or happy I don’t have to see him again.
As I was doing my happy dance inside my head, it was cut short. “He wants to marry you”
he said finish. I was dead. That is the first thought came to me. I froze. I did not dare to breathe even.
After recovering from my internal turmoil, I stood up abruptly. “WHAT?” I did not mean to shout but I couldn’t control it.
“Listen sweetheart. I know it is difficult to understand. But years ago, Albert and I made an agreement that one of my daughter will marry his son. Hence Damien here choose to marry you.”
He explain to me.
I cannot believe what I am hearing now. “What about what I choose? Don’t I get to make a decision? I have yet to even turn 18.” I spoke with my l!ps trembling.
My dad sighed. ” We have made the necessary arrangements for that. I am sorry to say that you don’t have much of a choice.” he said finish as hang his head low.
That’s it, I am done. I turn and left the house without looking behind. I couldn’t look back. I ran and ran aimlessly without knowing where am I going. After running for sometime I stopped to catch my breath.
I realised I came to an empty playground. It was night time. I screamed and fall to my knees and sobbed.
I cant believe this is happening. I am getting married to the scary man. The man who I am so scared off. Urgh why is this happening to me.
After crying for sometime, I left to face reality. I wished all of this is just a dream.
As I shut the door, my mum came running to and hugged me. “Thank god you are ok. I am so sorry.” she whispered to me.
I just stood there. She let go off me as my dad came. He looked as if he just killed a puppy. I couldn’t help but to run and hug him as I cried.
“I am so sorry cupcake. I wish I could do something to help you.” He said as he tried to console me. I hiccupped for a few times before I speak.
“Its ok dad and mum. I understand. I am mad. But its ok.” I forgive them. Its not like they had any choice.
“Thank you for understanding us.” my mum said. I smiled at her softly. I started to get tired. “I am tired. I am going to head to bed.” I said as I felt my eyes started to get loopy. They nodded as they klzzed my forehead.
As I was walking back to my room, I thought about my sister and went to check on her. As I entered her room, she was using her phone.
I cleared my throat to get her attention. As she saw she came to hug me. I started to cry. “Its ok baby sis. That guy is douche bag.”
As I cried my sister consoled me. Sooner or later I fell asleep in the comfort of my big sister.
TBC 😈😈😈

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