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Arranged to him episode 13

😈 Arranged to him 😈
( You are mine )
Written by Authoress Yesha 📒📒📒
Episode 13
Amelia’s POV~~~
His confession made my eyes go wide. Did he really mean what he say? I was just looking at him all this while.
Just staring at him
“Say something please.” he looked at me pleadingly. I just stared at him in disbelief. I didn’t know what to say.
“I know you would be mad for asking you in marriage, but I didn’t know what else to do. I can’t marry your sister when I am in love with you.
That is why I asked your parents in hand marriage of you instead of your sister.”
“But then I realised that you were scared of me. I know when we first met I told you some mean things but that was because, I was scared of falling for you. But when I realised that I had already fallen it was too late.
I did everything I could so that you wouldn’t be afraid of me.”
I was blank. He did so much for me.
I had all this while thought wrong about him. I was such an idiot. Without saying I hugged. I kept saying sorry, not knowing what else to say.
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know any of this. I’m so sorry…” I just kept saying I’m so sorry. “Hey, its ok. Its not your fault. I was the idiot and tried to push you away.”
I laughed at what he said. We stayed there for a few minutes and didn’t say a word.
“So, does this mean you are not scared of me anymore?’ he asked like a small child.
I smiled. “Nope.” I said as I smiled up at him. He rubbed the back of his neck, wanting to say something. “Erm I want to say something to. But promise me you won’t get angry or anything.” he asked me.
“What is it?” I asked him. “Promise me first.” he looked like a small child right now. “Alright I promise.” I assured him.
“Well I kinda kidnapped your friend today.” he say as he nervously laughed. “What!” I asked shocked. “Ok. Its not really kidnapped.
I borrowed him for awhile. He is back at his home safe and sound.” he defended.
“But why?” I asked questioningly. “Well I wanted to know what are your dislikes and likes. So I brought in your friend and he told me everything.
That is why he didn’t come to school today. I didn’t want to lie to you so that is why I am telling you this.”
I wasn’t mad at all. I was astonished. “Do you forgive me?” he asked me. I act as if I was thinking.
“Let me think. Nope.” when I said this his face fell. I laughed. “Unless you get me an ice cream” when I said this, he smiled and hugged me so tight I was not getting oxygen anymore.
“Thank you so much.” he said as he set me down. We sat down and talked for sometime about random things.
He was really a fun and nice man. I was the one who judged the book without reading.
At one point I told him a joke where Ash and I did something foolish and he started to laugh so hard.
When he was laughing, I realised he had dimples. When I saw his dimples, I didn’t know what came over him, but my hands immediately went out and poked his dimples.
When I realise what I did, I froze. He turn to look at me and gave me a smirk. “Why did you just do that?” he asked me cunningly. I just chuckled like a mad girl.
He just started laughing again. Soon I started to get sleepy. “We should go and sleep.” he said when I started to get sleepy.
I head off of to my room and said good night for the last time tonight to Damien.
As I lie in my bed and think about everything that happen tonight, I was overwhelmed. I feel like everything that happen tonight was just a dream.
But I know is not. Everything that happen today was true. I was so embarrassed of how I was behaving all these days.
How oblivious I have been all this days. He has been in love with me all these days, and I didn’t know about it.
If I have known about it, I wouldn’t have treated him the way I did. But now that I know that he loves me, I don’t know what I feel towards him. What should I feel?
Do I love him? I don’t know. Do I like him? Maybe. Am I still scared of him? Nope. I guess I have to let time decide for me.
All this thinking made me exhausted that I went to sleep without realising myself.
The next morning I woke up earlier. I had a smile on. I know from today onwards will be different. I quickly got ready and went down.
I saw Mary making breakfast. “Good morning Mary!” I said cheerily. She turns towards me and smiled sweetly at me.
“Good morning Ms Cheery. Did something happen?” she asked questioningly.
“No. Nothing happen. Nada” I said quickly. She gave me a suspicious look before going back to making breakfast. “Good morning Mary” I heard a deep voice.
I knew it was him. “Good morning Dear. Take a sit. I’ll get breakfast for y’all.” she said as she turn back and look.
Soon I felt him sit beside him. I didn’t dare turn. I was too shy. I felt him coming closer to me. “Good morning Amelia” he said in a husky voice that, I felt butterflies in my stomach.
“G-Good morning.” I said still facing down. He took my face and made me look at him. He rubbed my red cheeks with his thumb which only resulted it becoming more redder.
“Don’t hide your face from me, love.” he said barely in a whisper. “Ok” I whispered back. “Good.” he said back with a smile. He kept looking into my eyes. I found myself getting lost in his blue eyes.
Suddenly someone cleared their throat which made me jump from my sit. I got embarrassed. Mary just laughed it off. Damien and I ate our breakfast together.
Once we were done I was about to go when he stopped me. “Amelia wait.” he called me. I turn to face him.
“I’ll drop you off.” he said with a smile I couldn’t resist. “Ok.” he gave me cheeky smile and we walked to his car. He open the car door and I got in as he jogged to driver’s car.
We soon hit the road. “So, tell me more about your school?” he asked me. Where do I start? “Well, I’m a senior.
I will be finishing high school end of this year. I am also waiting for my competition which will be taking a place in 2 months time.” I said finish.
“A competition? What competition?” he asked in surprise. “A dance competition.” I simply said.
“Oh you are a dancer I see. That’s interesting. ” he said and I sensed proudness in his voice. I simply smiled.
After some time, we reached. I waved goodbye and went inside.
He dropped me off outside the school, as I still wasn’t alright with people knowing I’m his wife. I didn’t want to become the talk of the school.
At least not now.
I smiled and walked to my locker and saw Ash waiting for me at my locker. As he saw me smiling like a crazy woman he gave me suspicious look.
I ignored him and start taking my books out. As I turn around, I was still smiling. “Ok spill. Why are you smiling like that?”
“Nothing.” I just shrugged. “Tell me the truth lady.” he insisted.
He said fustrated. I laugh at his reaction. “Ok fine.” so thats how I him everthing that happen yesterday. When I was finished, his mouth was wide open.
I couldnt help it but laugh uncontrollably. He just glared at me when I was laughing. After few minutes I sobered up.
“So that’s why he ‘kidnapped’ me yesterday.” he said with a thinking face. “He didn’t kidnapped you technically.” I said while rolling my eyes.
“Yeah whatever.” he waved me off. Soon the bell rang and that’s how I started my day.
The day went by fast. And soon here I was waiting for Damien to pull up.
Mia’s POV~~~
As I was waiting for Damien to pull up, it started to rain. I couldn’t help it but get wet in the rain and play.
I looked around and saw no one was there. I had stayed back longer than usual as I was rehearsing for the dance competition.
By the time I was done, everyone has left. It was Friday so I wasn’t expecting any less. Here I was in the middle of the road dancing like a fool that I was.
I didn’t care about anything to be honest. I loved the rain. Somehow it comforted me.
For a few minutes I was just spinning and running around. As I stood there enjoying the rain,
I felt two arms circling around me. Startled I turn around and saw Damien. My heart was racing being startled. My breathing was uneven.
He was looking right into my eyes. His blue oceanic eyes were gazing at my hazelnut brown eyes.
The rain was drops were dripping from his forehead down to the tip of his nose and pass through his lips and disappeared to his chest.
He looked different. His hair was messy and wet. His eyes looked more intimidating, his lips looks so kissable and his white button up hugged his muscles.
I felt him inching closer to me. I don’t know what came over me, but I noticed myself inching closer to him.
Before I can think, he was kissing me. And automatically, I responded to it. His lips was sweet yet salty due to the rain.
There was fireworks going on in my head. The kiss started of slow and soft. But soon, his lips started to move in quick motion.
I was barely able to keep up to his pace. After what felt like hours we pulled apart. We were both breathing heavily.
We didn’t know what to speak who to start the conversation. I couldn’t stand the tension so I ended up speaking first.
“So erm” I didn’t know what else to say. “Amazing” he completed first. I couldn’t help but laugh. We both ended up laughing.
What we didn’t realise was that the rain has stopped. “You wanna head back?’ he asked me. I nodded to his question.
We got into his car and drove back home. Went we got back home, Mary scolded and lectured us about us getting wet in the rain.
We both stood there like kids who is getting scolding for stealing cookies.
After a long hour of scolding, we both went to take a shower not wanting to catch the cold.
As soon we arrived back to dinning area, Mary served us with our food, beginning with a soup.
All the while Mary was glaring at us, so we didn’t end up speaking. Once we were done with our food, we slowly made our way up.
As I was about to go to my room, “Hey.” he called me.
I turn around and faced him. “D-Do you wanna like sleep in our room?” he asked so softly I barely heard.
I froze at my spot. Did he just say our bed? And invited me to sleep with him? I didnt know what to say to him.
I know I like him. But sleeping in the same bed as him? I don’t know how to answer him. After the kiss I shared with him today, I feel more comfortable with him. I feel more closer to him.
I dwelled on it for awhile before answering him. “Sure.” I guess why not. After all we are married. I know he wouldn’t do anything that I wouldn’t want him to do. So I agreed.
He smiled so wide, I could see all of his 32 teeth. The smile of his brought an instant smile onto my face.
We walked to his, our, room. The last I was in his room, I didn’t take a proper look at it. It was too dark to see the room anyways.
As I entered the room, with the lights on, my mouth hung low. On the wall that was on top of the bed, was our wedding photo. It was huge. So big I wondered how it actually fit the wall.
Seeing this he chuckled. “Close your mouth, love” he said as I got embarrassed.
The picture was so beautiful. Except for the part I was frowning. In actual the picture didn’t give the look where I was frowning.
If anyone to see this, they’ll think we are a happy married couple.
The photographer indeed did a good job. “You coming? ” he asked. I didn’t realize I was standing there just staring at the picture.
“Yes.” I said as I walked to the bed. I took the left side of the bed while he took the right.
He patted the spot and I quickly jumped into the bed. He chuckles at my behaviour.
After turning off the lights we went to sleep.
But honestly we were just staring at each other. We both couldn’t take our eyes away from each other.
His hands start to caress my cheeks. I couldn’t stop the blush that was forming in my cheeks.
“So beautiful.” he whispered. If it was possible my cheeks became more redder. His thumbs caressed my lips as his hand travelled to the nape of my neck.
“Don’t worry. I’ll not do anything you are not comfortable with.” he assured me.
I nodded my head. “Good night Amelia” he said as he kissed my forehead.
Before I could say goodnight, I fell asleep. Before I could succumb to my sleep, I felt 2 strong arms embrace. With that comfort I went to sleep.
I need to pee. That is what I want to do now. But I am unable to do that as there is a pair of arms around me that wouldn’t let go.
I tried to wake him but he wouldn’t bulge. I tried to squeeze out of him but still no vail. I huffed in annoyance.
I have tried to tickle him. Poke him. Call him. But nothing is working. Then I had an idea.
I went near to his ear scream as loud as I can. Hearing this, he woke up startled. As I saw his reaction, I started to laugh uncontrollably.
He gave me a confused look before he understood on what is going on. When he realised he gave a mischievous look. As he came closer, I quickly got up and went to the bathroom and lock it.
Once I was done with my business, I came out only to be lifted off the floor by two strong arms. I started squealing as he turn me around in circles. “Let me go.” I said as I giggle.
“Not after the little stunt.” he said as he kept turning me around in circle. I started feeling giddy. “Alright I’m sorry.’ I said and that’s when he let me down.
I turn around and glare at him. Which to he only laugh. I couldn’t help it but laugh along with him.
After sobering up we just stare into each others eye. I realise that this has become our thing.
“Come on. I have to tell you something. We’ll discuss it over breakfast.” he said to which I just nodded my head. We headed to dining area. I expected to see Mary but she wasn’t there.
“Where is Mary?” I asked him. “Mary doesn’t stay for the weekends.” Is all he said. “Oh.” Is all I said back. “What would you like for breakfast?” he asked me.
“Cereals would do.” I said. “You sure?” I nodded my head. He took out the milk and cereals and start poring in two bowls.
He placed one in front of me. We started eating when I remembered he wanted to talk about something.
“You said you wanted to talk about something?” I asked him. “Yeah. About that,” he paused. I urged him to continue.
“I might have to go overseas tomorrow.” he said. I stared at him blankly. Something in me wanted to ask him not to go.
But I refrained.
“I’ll be back in 3-4 days.” he said finish. He was staring at me for some kind of reaction. But honestly I have no idea how to react.
I just nodded my head and continue to eat my cereal. I felt something heavy in me. I just couldn’t pin point what is it.
Suddenly I felt 2 fingers lifting my chin. He made me look at him. “Hey, don’t worry alright.
I will be back faster than you imagine.” he assured me. I just nodded my head not able to form any kind of voice.
“Today we are gonna do anything you want alright.” he said smilingly. I smiled back in return.


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