Arranged love Episode 5 & 6

Episode 5
Adrian and I turned around and walked down the aisle with our arms locked together. Once outside the chapel, we unlocked our arms and faced each other. I kept my gaze to the ground and thought about what had happen.
I turned my head to see the our grandparents walking towards us. Pietro shook his grandson’s hand while Maria gave me a k!sson a cheek and a hvg. “Welcome to the family,” she said to me. I gave her a nod.
I turned around and gave my grandparents a hvg. “We love you Vera,” Grandfather said to me. “I love you both,” I said to them. I held my tears back. I pu-ll-ed away and gave them a smile. “Time to take some wedding pictures,” Pietro said to us.
Adrian esc-rted me to a room where our pictures would be taken. Our grandparents were giving us some alone time. The ph0togra-pher looked up at us. “Mr and Mrs. Minetti. It’s an honor to be at your pres£nce as well as take your pictures,” he said to us. “Indeed,” Adrian said to him. I kept myself silent at watched them have a conversation for a few moments.
After their conversation, the ph0togra-pher finished setting up his c@m£ra. “Alright. The newly weds plea-se stand in front of the c@m£ra,” the ph0togra-pher instructed us. Adrian brou-ght me in front of the c@m£ra and wra-pped his arms around me w@!st. He brou-ght me closer to him so that there was no space between us.
Automatically, I placed a hand on his che-st and held my bouquet on the other hand. My face felt a bit h0t from his t©uçh. f0rç£ yourself to smile. I tried to smile. “Perfect,” I heard the ph0togra-pher say while he took a picture.
We took about five different pictures. Next thing I knew, the day had went by. I had to say that the pictures c@m£ out better than I had expected. “I’ll have these developed right away,” the ph0togra-pher told us. Pietro had entered the room.
“Lets go and celebr@te,” Pietro said to us. We walked to the cars that were parked in the parking lot. Surprisingly, I did not see any paparazzi in the area. The Minettis must really made sure that nob©dy knew about the wedding.
Adrian’s driver was waiting for us. Adrian esc-rted me tot he car and opened the door for me. I got inside and made sure that my dress was inside the car. He closed the door and walked to the other side of the car.
He got inside the car and wore his seat belt. “To the Minetti Mansion,” Adrian instructed the driver. “Yes. sir,” the driver answered and drove out of the parking lot. Throu-ghout the ride, I stayed quiet and looked out of the window.
I watched the buildings go by as the car drove up the street. I tried to take in the scenes that I pas-sed by me. It was going to be the last time that I see them. Tomorrow, I would be on a plane to New York City with Adrian.
At the corner of my eyes, I could see Adrian looking out of the window on his side of the car. I still wasn’t used to the idea that he was my husband. In time, I would have to accept the fact that I am married to him.
Once at the Minetti Mansion, Maria took me away to a room so that I could change into something comfortable. I liked to continue to wear the wedding dress but, it felt suffocating if I wore it for long period of time.
Maria had me wear a grey and white wra-p dress with metallic grey high heeled sandals. I remembered something. I looked at Maria who was tying the dress for me. “Why wasn’t Adrian’s parent at the wedding?” I asked her.
“They were busy with business in Asia. They were happy to know about the marriage and hope to meet you very soon,” she told me. I gave her a nod. I wonder what they are like . I smoothed the dress down.
“I’ll meet you downstairs,” she said to me and left the room. I fixed the dress a bit and shoes quic-kly. I got my glas-ses and wore them. Almost look like a libr@rian . I didn’t care. The glas-ses made me look smart.
I put my hair up in a neat bun. I made sure to take off my wedding gloves and sl!pthe wedding ring onto my f!nger. I wasn’t used to wearing rings on my f!ngers. It felt odd to me. I better get used to wearing a ring .
The wedding ring was adorned with diamonds. So pricy looking . I would have been fine with a simple ring. After all, the ring wouldn’t have much s£ntimental value. The marriage was loveless and arranged.
“Are you re-ady Vera?” I heard my grandmother call out to me. I turned my head to see her at the door. “Yes. I’m re-ady,” I said to her. She took my hand and led me out of the room and throu-gh the different hallways.
We walked down the stairs to see my grandfather talking to Pietro and Maria. I turned my head a bit to see Adrian who was wearing a grey dress shi-t and black p@n-ts. He looked up at me. I couldn’t re-ad the emotions in his eyes.
Once down the stairs, Adrian walked over to me and wra-pped an arm around my w@!st. I felt the chills go up my spine. My cheeks tingled a bit. What is he ma-king me feel? Our grandparents seemed to approve the match.
We walked to the dining room to see that food was set on the table. Adrian pu-ll-ed my chair for me. I sat in my seat and watched Adrian take a seat next to me. I had many questions popping in my head about him.
In my mind, in order for our marriage to work, I would have to know about him. I didn’t want to know him from the media’s perspective. I would rather learn from him directly. I knew that the media portray people differently.
We pas-sed the food around the table and enjoyed the meal. The servers c@m£ with wine glas-ses and a bottle of wine. I waved at one of the servers. “Can I get water plea-se,” I said to him. “Yes. Of course ma’am,” he said and walked away to get my water.
un-derage .
The server c@m£ back with my water. “Thank you,” I said and took a sip. At the corner of my eyes, I could see Adrian taking a sip of his wine. I helped myself with some salad and penne pasta. I wasn’t in the mood to have a large dinner.
After the meal, the cake was brou-ght to the dining room. “This is your wedding cake,” Pietro said to us. The wedding cake was decorated elaborately. Wow. The baker really showed off his or her skills.
Everything was symmetrical.
“Adrian and you should cut the cake,” Grandfather suggested to us. I looked at Adrian who gave me a nod. We got up from our seats and walked over to the cake. I looked down at the cake cart to see the cake knife with a crystal handle.
I could see Grandmother getting re-ady to take pictures with her c@m£ra. Adrian took the cake knife and gave the knife to me. I took the knife in my hand and waited for Adrian to hold the knife with me. He placed his hand over my hand and got re-ady to cut the cake.
“re-ady?” I heard him ask me. I felt shivers go up my spine and tingles on my cheeks. He hadn’t spoken to me until now. I gave him a nod. I felt him guide my hand to the cake. We made the first cut and were blinded with flashes.
After cutting the cake, we had the cake slices for dessert. Adrian seemed to have a lot in his mind even though he would talk to his grandfather and my grandfather. It was in his eyes. His eyes looked a bit distant.
“Well…look at the time. It’s time for us to go,” Grandfather said to us. I felt my mood fall. I knew what he really meant to say. We got up from the table and walked to the front doors. I helped my Grandparents wear their coats. It was the least that I can do for them for one last time.
Grandmother gave me a hvg goodbye. “Stay health Vera,” I heard her say to me. “I will,” I said to her. I pu-ll-ed away and gave my Grandfather a hvg. Tears were forming in my eyes. I felt him ru-b my back to comfort me.
“Don’t cry Vera. Be happy,” I heard him say. “I will. I promise,” I said to him. He pu-ll-ed away and gave me a smile. Hesitantly, I let go of him. Slowly, they made their way out of the mansion and walked to their car.
I watched them get into their car and drive off into the darkness. They were gone. They left me to live my new life. I started to feel different emotions. I felt sadness, loneliness, fear, and nervousness. My new life felt…scary.
I turned around to face my new in laws and my husband. “Well, you should go to your room and get some rest. You have a flight to New York tomorrow,” Maria told me. I gave her a nod. I felt a hand on my small back that made me jump a bit.
“Let’s go,” I heard Adrian whisper softly to me. I felt him push my back that led me to walk up the stairs. He used is hand to guide me throu-gh the mansion. I had no idea where we were going. I still didn’t know my way around the place.
Soon, we arrived in front of a door on the right side of the mansion. He opened the door to reveal a large room. I was very surprised about the view. He had a King size be-d with a grey blanket, an office desk with a duel screen computer, and a large bookshelf.
I felt him nudge me to go inside the room. Slowly, I walked inside the room and looked around to see that a bathroom was connected to the room Even though the bathroom was dark, I could see that the bathroom had a large size bathtub.
I turned around to see that Adrian closed the door. I felt really nervous. He walked over to me and took my hand. Instantly, I felt a tingle s-en-sation go up my arm and all over me. It’s probably from my nervousness .
He pu-ll-ed me over to another door. He opened the door and turned the lights on to reveal a large walk in closes that was filled with clothes.
Wow. I really have my own mall here . I saw that the closet was separated into different wears.
He walked me to where my pajamas were located. “Pick one out and wear it. I’ll wait for you outside,” he told me before he left the closet. I let out a de-ep breath that I seemed to have kept inside the whole time. It was a breath of relief in a way. When I thought about the situation, I didn’t want him to look at me……n-ked.
I turned my attention the pajamas. I could tell that Maria had them picked out. Sifting throu-gh the clothes, I found one that was a bit more conservative than the other ones. The other pajamas were a bit too…appealing for men.
After getting dressed in my pajamas, I walked out of the closet and to the bathroom without seeing Adrian. I made sure to lock the bathroom door so that I didn’t get any surprises. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I should shower in the morning .
Once I was done, I walked out to see that Adrian was on his computer. Is he working? He didn’t seem to notice that I was looking at him. I walked towards the be-d and got un-der the covers. I la-id down close to the edge of the be-d to be sure that I didn’t t©uçh him during my sleep.
I could hear him typing on his keyboard. Maybe a long night . I closed my eyes and tried to drown out the sounds. Usually, I couldn’t sleep with any noise around me. I la-id on the be-d waiting for Adrian to st©p his business.
I didn’t know the time but, after a long while, I heard Adrian st©p typing. He must be done. I started to drift away into a de-ep sleep. I heard heavy footsteps go around the be-d and to the closet. I heard the lights go on. I didn’t open my eyes to see because I was alre-ady re-ady to go to sleep.
Soon, I was at the edge of falling asleep. I didn’t hear Adrian come out of the closet and wash up in the bathroom. I did feel the be-d di-p a bit. He must be in be-d now . I felt him adjust the blanket so that he had most of the blanket.
I didn’t fight for the blanket because I sli-pped into a de-ep sleep.
I could see that it was morning un-der my eyelids. I wiggled in the be-d but, something was prevented me from moving around. I lied very still to let my s-en-se of t©uçh could feel things for me. I felt something around my w@!st.
What is that?
Sleepily, I opened my eyes to see that I was in Adrian’s arm. How did this happen?! I looked up at Adrian’s face. He looked very peaceful slee-ping. What am I saying?! My face started to heat up from our clos£ness. I nee-d to get out of be-d.
Slowly and carefully, I took his arm off my w@!st so that I didn’t disturb his sleep. His arm was heavy. {He must work out a lot.} After two minutes, I managed to move his arm off my w@!st and carefully get off the be-d. I pu-ll-ed the blanket over him so that he didn’t get cold.
Alre-ady, I was performing my duties as his wife.
I walked into the closet and sift throu-gh the the outfits. I picked a white camisole, maroon bu-tton sweater with a v-n£¢kline, blue skinny jeans, and brown shoes. I gathered the outfit with my un-dergarments and walked into the bathroom to take a quic-k shower.
I made sure to scru-b and wash my hair very well. After the shower, I dried my hair thor0ûghly and brushed my teeth. Hope I didn’t wake him. “Feel fresh,” I said to myself after brushing my teeth. quic-kly, I wore my outfit. Surprisingly, the outfit fitted to my figure.
I wore my glas-ses and opened the door to see that Adrian was still in be-d. He must have been very tired . Worry started to pop in my head. I surpresed the feeling and walked out of the room to make my way to the dining room.
In the dining room, Pietro and Maria were having their breakfast. The table was set with breakfast items. I walked over to the table. “Good morning,” I said to them and sat in my seat. They gave me a smile.
“Good morning. How did you sleep?” Maria asked me. “Fine,” I said to her and got myself some yogurt and fresh fruit. I never liked to eat a heavy breakfast in the morning. “Adrian still slee-ping?” Pietro asked me.
“Yes sir,” I said to him. “There is no nee-d for formality dear. We are family now,” he reminded me. That’s right . I gave him a nod and ate my breakfast. I saw a server standing nearby. I waved him over to me. He gave me a smile and walked up to me.
“Good morning. What can I get you ma’am?” he asked me. Ma’am? That makes me sound a bit old. “I would like some h0t milk plea-se,” I said to him. He walked away to get my milk. Once my milk c@m£ to the table, Adrian walked into the dining room looking very fresh and clean.
That’s quic-k.
“Good morning,” he said to us. His grandparents gave him a smile. “Good morning. Did you stay up working?” Maria asked him. “Yes,” he answered his mother as he took his seat next to me. Your typing kept me awake.
I took a sip of my milk. Maria grew a frown on her face. “You didn’t think to be with your wife than to work?” she asked with some disappointment. As Adrian got himself a panino (Italian word for panini), a server walked up to Adrian.
Adrian looked up at the server. “Espresso,” he simply said to him. “Yes sir,” the server said and walked away to the kitchen. Adrian turned is attention to his mother who was waiting of an answer. “I’m a busy man mother. You know how it is,” he said to her.
Pietro set his cu-p down on the table and gave his grandson a serious face. “Adrian. You are married now. You nee-d to think about your wife first before your work,” he told him in a stern tone. “Yes sir,” Adrian said to his grandfather. At the corner of my eyes, I saw him turn his head to me.
I didn’t mind him working yesterday. He seemed to always have something in his mind. I didn’t want to be in his way. I rather have him work than to take care of me. I had been caring for myself since I bec@m£ a teenager. As his wife, I should be supportive of him.
I managed to finish my breakfast and drank the remainder of my h0t milk. “When do you plan on leaving?” his mother asked him. I set my cu-p at the table and looked at him. He finished his espresso and looked at his watch.
“I was thinking in an hour,” he told her. One hour until I really begin my new life in a different city . “Well, you two should go to your room and get re-ady,” Maria suggested to us. We got up from our seats and walked up the stairs to our room.
Like yesterday, it was a quiet walk. He had his hand on my lower small back and guided me back to our room. His t©uçhed felt warm but, it s£nt shivers up my spine. Once in our room, Adrian closed the door. I kept my gaze at the be-d. For some reason, I haven’t been able to look at him straight in the eyes since our wedding. Nervousness was probably the reason.
I should probably pack.
I was about to walk to the closet until I heard Adrian’s voice. “You don’t nee-d to pack anything. You can go on a shopping spree when we get home,” he told me. Home. The word sounded so foreign to me.
To me, home was San Francisco. San Francisco was my home. San Francisco was where I was raised since I was a baby. When Adrian said ‘home’, many emotions flowed throu-gh me. Mostly, I felt very confused.
For the rest of the hour, I sat on the be-d thinking of the life before marriage. Adrian was working throu-gh the computer. Soon, my life in San Francisco will close. My new life in New York was about to begin.
I c@m£ out my thoughts and looked at the door. The door opened to reveal Maria. “It’s time,” she told us. I took a shaky breath and stood up from the be-d. Adrian got up from his desk and gr@bb£d his briefcase.
He walked over to me and guided me out of the room and to the front doors. Pietro was there waiting for us. At the bo-ttomof the stairs, a maid c@m£ to us with our jacket. I could tell that the jacket was bought for me.
Adrian took the jacket and helped me even though I didn’t nee-d any help. After wearing our jackets, Maria gave us a hvg. “Take care,” she said to us. After Maria’s hvg, we faced Pietro. Adrian and Pietro shook hands.
I bent down and gave Pietro a hvg. “I wish you well,” I said to him. I felt him pat my back. “Thank you dear,” I heard him say to me. I pu-ll-ed away from him and gave him a big smile. Even though I didn’t like the arrangement that he made with my grandfather, I liked him in general. I started to see him as a grandfather figure.
We walked out of the door and down the stairs. A car was waiting for us at the bottom. Adrian opened the door for me. “Thank you,” I said to him. He didn’t respond back. I got into the car and put my seatbelt on.
Adrian closed the door and walked around the other side to his seat. The driver turned engine on. I looked out the window to see Pietro and Maria who waved at us. Soon, the car started to drive away from the mansion and throu-gh the streets of San Francisco.
I watched the houses go by the car. Different memories were pla-yed in my mind.
“We are here.”
I blinked and looked around to see that we were at San Francisco International Airport. The door opened for me. I got out of the car and waited for Adrian to get to me. Once he got to me, he placed his hand on my small back and guided me throu-gh the airport.
Luckily, nob©dy seemed to notice him. I guess nob©dy still know his true appearance. We walked throu-gh the gates and walked up to a jet. The Jet had the Minetti name on it. He has his own pri-vate jet!
The plane was a descent size for a few people to fly on. I looked down at my wedding ring. I shouldn’t have been to surprised about the plane. The Minettis were wealthy people. When I thought about it, I was a Minetti now.
Adrian walked up the narrow stairs up of the plane while I followed behind closely. Once at the t©p, we walked inside to see two flight attendants. One was a man and the other was a woman. They looked very professional with their uniforms.
“Hello Mr. Minetti,” they said and bowed to him in unison. I watched the female flight attendant walk up to him. She was really a beautiful person. She had striking brunette hair and green eyes. Her uniformed fit her perfectly that showed her curves.
“Let me take your jacket for you sir,” she said to him. Adrian gave her a nod and took his jacket off. The female flight attendant took the his coat gladly with a big smile on her face. In my heart, I felt a pinch of jealously from her facial expression. I wondered if she knew of my pres£nce…or who I was to him.
The male flight attendant walked over to me with a smile. I could tell that he was built un-derneath his uniform. He had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. To me, he didn’t look too bad compared to Adrian.
“May I take your coat ma’am?” he asked me. “Yes. Thank you,” I said to him and took off my jacket. He took my jacket from my hands. I looked at Adrian to see him walk towards a seat. I quic-kly followed behind him.
He gestured me to sit near the window. I sat down in my seat and wore my seat belt. He sat on the other side and put his seat belt on. He couldn’t sit next to me since there was no seat next to me. We had to sit ap@rt.
“Hello Mr. Minetti. This is your captain Steven Spizale with first officer Jordan Michael. We will be taking flight momentarily. At this time plea-se put on your seatbelt. Again, we will take flight shortly,” I heard from the intercom.
I heard the engines roar from outside. I looked out the window to see that the plane was moving towards the runway. Here we go. The plane started to go down the runway increasing speed. Soon, we were rising to cruising altitude.
I looked out the window to see my home of 18 years. Even though I would be back, it felt like I was leaving my home for good to start a new life in New York. Also, I would be creating New York City as my new home.
Bye California.
I heard a sound. It was to indicate that we could take our seatbelt off. I didn’t take my seatbelt off. I looked over at Adrian to see that he gotten his l@pt©p out and started to work.
He always busy. Not surprising.
I decided to not disturb him. The flight attendants got out of their seats and started to do their duties. The male flight attendant walked up to me. “Would you like anything to eat or drink ma’am?” he asked me.
“Water would be nice,” I said to him. He gave me a smile and a nod before he walked away. The female flight attendant walked over to Adrian. “Would you like anything sir?” she asked him. Adrian looked up and gave her a smile.
“Wine would be nice,” he told him. “Yes. Of course,” she said to him with an alluring voice. It sounded as if she was trying to flir-t or s£dûç£him. I could see that Adrian liked the way she talked to him. His eyes showed it.
I put my head down. He’s practically having an affair alre-ady! The male flight attendant walked over to me with my water. “Here you go,” he said to me. I gave him a small smile. “Thank you,” I said to him.
I took a sip of water and looked out the window.
Throu-gh out the flight, Adrian was doing his work as the female flight attendant flir-t with him. The male flight attendant asked me occasionally if I nee-ded anything but, I told him that I was fine. Also, he tried to have a conversations with me. From the questions that he had been asking me, I didn’t want to be anywhere near him.
His questions were way to personal. At the corner of my eyes, I could see Adrian glaring at him but, he didn’t do anything else. He kept his attention on his l@pt©p and the female flight attendant who was enjoying his company.
I guessed that he didn’t know that I was married to Adrian. I didn’t think that anyone knew yet.
Few hours later………
“Mr. Minetti. This is your captain speaking. plea-se put your seat in an upright position. We will be landing at JFK International Airport shortly. Thank you for flying with us and hope you have a very good day.”
I watched the plane land onto the runway. As the plane started to glide to the airport, I saw New York City’s buildings in the distance. Looking at the time, it was in the afternoon. I better get used to the time zone.
The plane was able to land smoothly. I didn’t feel any turbulence on the way down. Once the plane st©pped completely, Adrian got up from his seat. “Get my jacket plea-se,” Adrian said to the female flight attendant.
She gave him a big smile and walked away behind the curtains. The male flight attendant disappeared behind the curtains as well. After a minute, they c@m£ back with our jackets. I watched the female flight attendant help Adrian with his jacket.
Simply, I took my jacket and wore it with ease without any help. At the corner of my eyes, I could see her bu-tton his suit jacket and got too close to him that there was no space between them. “I hope you had a great flight,” I heard her say to him in a s£dûçt!vemanner.
Adrian gave a sm-irk to her and leaned down to k!ssher on the cheeks then whispered something in her ear that made her smile. The male flight attendant gave me a smile. “I hope to see you again,” he said to me.
I hope I don’t see you again.
I gave him a small nod and followed closely behind Adrian.