Arranged love Episode 3 & 4

EP 3
I felt myself freeze from his gaze. “Adrian. This is Claudio’s granddaughter Valeria. Your future wife,” I heard Pietro say to him. Adrian didn’t seem to react negatively when his grandfather mention the word “wife.” He had a small smile on his face.
“Hi,” he said to me and gave his hand out to me. I looked down at his hand. Slowly, I gave him my hand. Next thing I knew, he brou-ght my hand close and k!$$£d it. I started to feel my face burn. I wasn’t used to the gesture.
“Um…hello,” I said to him shyly. At the corner of my eyes, I could see my gra file smile. “What do you think of my granddaughter Adrian?” my grandfather asked him. I wondered myself what he thought of me. “I think she is stunning,” Adrian said to him. Something told me that he wasn’t honest about his answer.
“It should be time for dinner. Lets go inside,” Pietro suggested to us. The four elderly walked ahead of Adrian and I. We followed behind them. I kept my gaze away from Adrian who kept looking at me. I tried to keep myself calm.
Soon, we found ourselves in the dining room. The dining rom was hvge with a long table in the middle of the room. The table was set with expensive plates and utensil. I could tell that we were going to have a multi course meal. The other guests c@m£ and took their seats. My grandparents and I were seated next to Minettis.
I was about to pu-ll out my chair until I saw a hand go over mine. I felt my heart skip a beat and looked up to see Adrian’s face so close to mine. “Let me,” he said to me smoothly. My face was burning up again. I gave him a quic-k nod and had him pu-ll my chair out for me.
We were having an Italian meal. The servers poured wine to everyone except me. The server c@m£ up to me. I held up a hand. “I’m un-derage. I will have a glas-s of water,” I said to him. The server gave me a nod and got me my water. I was the only un-derage person in the room.
Everyone had an appetizer for the first course. We had Anti-pasto. The Anti-pasto had cured meats, olives, anchovies, peperoncini, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, fresh mozzarella, and pickled vegetables in oil.
Everyone were in a conversation while they ate their meal. I ate my meal quietly, listening to the conversation of my grandparents. They were talking about old times from childhood. I heard many of them. Adrian got into the conversation too.
Next, we had soup. Ribollita was served to us. It was one of my favorite soups. It was a Tuscan soup that was made with stale bre-ad, cannellini beans, carrot, onion, cabbage and other greens. It was thick. I didn’t finish my soup since i nee-ded room in my stomach for the other courses.
We had caprese salad that was really fresh. We were having family style for the entree. We had baccala that was salt cod, ravioli that was filled with fresh ricotta and covered in cream sauce, pasta al pomodoro that was simple, Arancini that was an Italian de-ep fried rice ball, and Acqua pazza that was poached white fish.
“Vera. You are very quiet. Are you alright?” Pietro asked me with concern. I lift my head to see the elderly giving me a concern look. Adrian’s face was emotionless. I gave them a small smile. “Yes. I’m fine,” I said to him. He gave me a nod.
I pas-sed the plate of ravioli to my grandmother. “Here.” I turned my head to see Adrian who was trying to pas-s me the plate of pasta al pomodoro. I took the plate from him. “Thanks,” I said to him and scooped some onto my plate.
Everyone on the table were in their own world of conversation. “So Adrian. What do you think about the marriage between you and Vera?” my grandfather asked him. I looked at Adrian. I wondered what he had thought the arrangement.
Adrian took a sip of his wine and set the glas-s on the table. I couldn’t re-ad his expression on his face. “I don’t mind. I love the idea,” he said to them. He looked at me. “I alre-ady like your granddaughter,” he said with a smile on his face.
My heart jumped when he said the word ‘like.’ Pietro looked at me. “What about you Vera? What do you think about Adrian?” he asked me. I alre-ady told him my thoughts on the marriage . I looked at Adrian who was looking at me. Honestly, he was a good looking guy.
I felt my grandfather squee-ze my hand. “I know that you don’t want the marriage. But, I think the marriage would be good for you,” I heard him say to me. I didn’t know what to feel at his words. It’s as if he was trying to give me a better life.
Maybe…he’s right.
Pietro was waiting for an answer. “He seems…nice,” I said to him in a low voice. It was enough for him and everyone on our side of the table to hear. Pietro gave me a smile. “He is very nice gentlemen. He is beyond his age,” he told me.
Adrian had a smile on his face.
Wonder if that’s true . Grandmother seemed happy about my answer. Maria took a sip of her wine happily knowing what I had thought about her grandson. I continued to eat my dinner until my plate was clean.
Looking at at the people in the room, I noticed something. Where are his parents? Don’t they have a say in this arrangement? I didn’t dare talk to them about it. Maybe they are busy with business or something . Hi ish on+233544142683 to get more stories from Novela and story room, house of stories room,fresh stories kingdom, unlimited story platform to re-ad more of such stories.
After everyone ate their meal, Pietro tapped his wine glas-s to get everyone’s attention. “Everyone. I have to say thank you for coming to Adrian’s birthday p@rty to wish him a Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday grandson,” he said to Adrian and everyone.
“Happy Birthday Adrian,” everyone said to him. “Thank you everyone,” Adrian said to them. A chef c@m£ out with a large tiramisu that was covered in candles. {I guess it’s his favorite dessert too.} The dessert was set in front of Adrian.
“Lets sing Adrian Happy Birthday everyone,” Pietro said to them. Everyone started to sing the birthday song to him. After the song, Adrian blew the candles. Everyone cl@pped their hands and continued with their conversation.
The tiramisu was pas-sed to everyone. I had a smile on my face. Once the tiramisu was set in front of me, I ate a forkful. It tasted like a proper tiramisu. I could taste the coffee and the cocoa. Adrian was enjoying his dessert with more wine.
After dessert, everyone left the mansion. My grandparents and I were getting re-ady to leave. They walked us to the front of the house. “Thank you for coming Claudio,” Adrian said to him. My grandfather gave him a smile.
“You are welcome Adrian. I’m glad to see that you had grown up to be a handsome man,” grandfather said to him. Adrian gave him a hvg. Grandmother gave him a hvg. “Thank you Rosa,” he said to my grandmother. “Of course,” she said to him.
He looked down at me. “Thank you Valeria for coming,” he said to me. “Your welcome Adrian and happy birthday,” I said to him. He took my hand in his hand. He bend down and gave a k!sson my hand. His t©uçh s£nt a tingle s-en-sation up my arm and my whole b©dy.
He looked up to me with a sm-irk. “See you at the wedding,” he said to me. I gave him a nod. He turned around and walked into the mansion. Pietro and Maria had a smile on their faces. My grandparents had a smile on their faces as well.
Pietro and Maria looked at me. “We will set the wedding and prepare everything. You will have to show up at the altar,” Pietro said to me. I guess I’m not doing the work . “Okay,” I said to them.
I gave them a hvg and walked to the car. I had so many things to think about once I got home. Also, I had so much to do for the next two months. I put my seatbelt on and watched my grandfather drive out of the Minetti property.
Once at home, I washed up for be-d. It had been a long night. I changed into my pajamas and got un-der the covers. I never really expected Adrian to be my future husband. Then again, his older brothers were pretty much taken.
What am I going to do?
Epi 4
Two months later…..
Time had flown by really quic-kly. Maria had to call me a few time about my shoes and dress size. She was buying my wedding dress. I was told that it would be a small pri-vate wedding. Our grandparents were going to be our witness.
I had been packing my things into boxes for the past two weeks. My books had to be put in boxes. My clothes had to be folded and fit into boxes. Everything had to been put into boxes and labeled with my name. They would be s£nt to New York City.
Also, while I was packing my things, I had to make a phone call to my boss Linda Rosario at the cafe. I didn’t tell her the reason. She was very sad that I was quitting but, she told me that I could use her as a reference for jobs in the future. I was grateful for working with her.
Last week, I had turned eighteen. I invited Pietro and Maria to my birthday. Maria tried to get Adrian but, he was busy with work. He had important meetings to attend. I didn’t mind. I was happy to spend more time with Pietro and Maria. Plus, Maria wanted to discuss the wedding with me. Maria had everything set up for me. I had to show up on my wedding day.
Today, I was getting married to Adrian. at a Catholic church in San Francisco that the Minettis attend since they arrived in the United States. I had spent the morning hours getting re-ady for the wedding. Maria had helped me with the make up. I had to say that I didn’t look like a teenager. My grandmother fixed my hair.
“Let’s get your veil on you shall we.”
My grandmother walked to the table with my wedding stuff. Maria helped me with my wedding dress. I had to say that the dress was very beautiful. The dress t©uçhed the ground. When I walked around the room, the dress trailed behind me. The t©p half had an off the shoulder n£¢kline that showed off my shoulder and n£¢kline. The dressed hvgged my b©dy perfectly showing off my curves.
Wow. Maria managed to find a dress that fit me perfectly .
While Maria helped me with my dress, my grandmother c@m£ to me with the veil. “Let me put this on you,” she said to me. Carefully, she placed the veil on my head and made sure that the veil was secured. I had my hair down. Throu-gh the veil, I could see the tears forming in her eyes. I gave her a small smile.
“Don’t cry grandma,” I said to her. I reached over to her hand and gave it a squee-ze. A tear slowly made it’s way down her cheek. Maria c@m£ over to us and gave my grandmother a tissue. “Thank you,” my grandmother said to her and dabbe-d her face so that her make up wasn’t ruined.
Maria handed me my bouquet. The bouquet was very beautiful. “I hope you like the flowers,” she said to me. “I do,” I said to her. She gave me a big smile. As I looked closer at the bouquet, I noticed something.
She used flowers that had very de-ep meanings. White Lilly meant purity, chastity, and innocence. Aster symbolized love, daintiness, and trusting. Red carnation meant de-ep ro-mantic love and pas-sion. Purple tul!pmeant forever love.
She really wants us to fall for each other huh…..
I heard the door knock and turned around to see the door creak open to reveal a lady who I didn’t recognize. “It’s time,” she said to us. Nervousness started to spre-ad throu-gh my b©dy. I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself down.
I can do this. I can do this…..
I opened my eyes to see grandmother. “Lets go,” she said to me. I got up from my seat and proceeded out of the room to the chapel. I counted the steps and felt the nervousness grow as I got closer to the chapel.
In some ways, I felt that it was a dream and a nightmares. It was a dream to see myself in a beautiful wedding dress but, it was a nightmare because I was going to be given to a man who I was arranged to be with for the rest of my life.
Soon, we found ourselves outside the chapel doors. Grandfather was there to walk me down the aisle. He gave me a big smile. “Oh Vera. You look beautiful,” he said to me. I gave him a small smile. “Thank you,” I said to him.
My grandmother walked over to me. “I’ll see you inside,” she said to me. I gave her a nod and watched her walk to the door of the chapel. I turned my attention to my grandfather who was trying to keep his composure.
“re-ady?” he asked me. I gave him a nod. We positioned ourselves in front of the doors. Once the music started in the chapel, it would be the signal for the doors to open and for us to start walking down the aisle.
Grandfather had some tears in his eyes. I couldn’t help but to feel emotional. I felt sad, relief, angry, nervous, and more. I knew that my life was going to change once I marry Adrian. Soon, I heard the music from inside the chapel.
The doors opened to reveal the chapel. The stain glas-s windows were shining bright by the sun’s rays. The aisles were decorated with baby blue ribbons and the same flowers in my bouquet. The music was pla-yed fluidly throu-gh the air. The combination brou-ght the feeling of the wedding.
I looked ahead to see Pietro and Maria on the left side while my grandmother stand on the right side. They were happy to see me walk down the aisle. I didn’t see his parents. I guess they are busy to come.
In front of me, I saw him. Adrian’s appearance made me g@sp internally.
Oh my….
He made himself more handsome than when I first met him. He wore a black suit with a white dress shi-t. Also, he wore a metallic grey tie and polish black shoes. His hair was sli-cked back. As I got closer, I could see that he had shaved to make his face look good.
I cursed at myself. Don’t think that he looks good Vera. He’s the one who grandfather is giving away. Your life is being given to someone else. There won’t be freedom in this marriage. This is your new reality .
Soon, we got to Adrian. Grandfather gave my hand to Adrian. “Take good care of her,” I heard him say to Adrian. I felt tears forming in my eyes. “I will sir,” I heard Adrian say to my grandfather. Grandfather gave me a smile.
un-der the veil, I gave him a small smile in return. Thank you Grandfather for raising me. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you. Grandfather stood next to Grandmother. Adrian and I faced the priest and waited for instruction.
“Dearly Beloved, we are gathered together here in the sign of God – and in the face of this company – to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony, which is commended to be honorable among all men; and therefore – is not by any – to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly – but reverently, discreetly, advisedly and solemnly. Into this holy estate these two persons pres£nt now come to be joined. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together – let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”
I didn’t turn around to look. Nob©dy was going to st©p the wedding…though I wished that someone did come and rescue me. After a while, the priest continued to conduct the wedding. The rings were brou-ght forward to us. We faced each other. Adrian took a ring.
“Repeat after me,” the priest instructed to Adrian. Adrian listened and repeated his words.
“I, Adrian Minetti, take you, Valeria Laurenti, to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us p@rt,” Adrian said and sli-pped the ring onto my f!nger.
The priest turned to me. I listened and repeated the priests words.
“I, Valeria Laurenti, take you, Adrian Minetti, to be my lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us p@rt,” I said and sli-pped the ring onto his f!nger.
“You have declared your cons£nt before the Church. May the Lord in his goodness strengthen your cons£nt and fill you both with his blessings. What God has joined, men must not divide. Amen. You may k!ssthe bride,” the priest ended.
Adrian lift my veil to reveal my face. His eyes wi-den for a second before his face return emotionless.
He must be surprised about my appearance.
Slowly, he lifted my face with his f!ngersand leaned down toward me.
Here he comes. I closed my eyes and waited for the moment. I had dre-aded about the k!sssince I learned about my arranged marriage to him. Honestly, I never had my first k!sswith anyone. I had planned to save my first k!ssto someone special….not to Adrian.
I c@m£ out of my thoughts when I felt hisl-ips on mine. Automatically, I ti-ght£ñed my grip on my bouquet. I felt my cheeks burn from the t©uçh. Goosebu-mps and chills gone up my arms. After a while, I responded by returning the k!ss.
After a few seconds, I felt him re-move hisl-ips from mine. I opened my eyes to look up at him to see his blank face. I wasn’t too surprised about him enjoying it. I wasn’t too experienced with k!ssing.
The wedding was officially over.
We were now husband and wife.