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Arizona episode 62 &;63

( His Crazy Queen… )


By, Naomi Cindy B


“Are you fine?, You almost fell” Vince asked, feeling her temperature.

“I’m….I’m…fine, I was just… just….I felt dizzy slightly” she said awkwardly.

Penelope stood but she immediately fell on the ground heavily, slee-ping off.

Vince sniffed the air and [email protected]

“Why didn’t we smell this earlier?, This punk is reeking of alcohol” he said, going closer to Penelope, he sniffed her but quickly shifted back.

“She’s drunk seriously” he said and Blaze came in looking drunk too.

“Not you too Blaze, what’s wrong with them?” Vince said worriedly.

Blaze stopped and smiled drunkenly.

“Who gave him alcohol?” Vince wondered.

“eomma!!” Blaze shouted and rushed to Arizona.

He was about to hug her when Vince blocked him so he hu-gged Vince instead.

“appa!” He said emptily.

“You’re totally wasted” Vince said, taking him in.

He placed him on the be-d and he sle-pt off immediately.

He came back and made to carry Penelope too..

“I’ll help” Arizona offered and Vince let her.

They both carried her in and she kept swaying unconsciously till she was dropped on the be-d.

Vince took Arizona out of the room but she kept looking back at Penelope.

“Are you sure you’re fine?” Vince asked when they got to the second room.

“Yes” she replied as sincerely as she could.

“Then I’ll shower first” he said and she nodded with a smile as he entered the bathroom.

She sat on the be-d, deep in thoughts.

“Why is she freaking me out?, Why is she asking about Arizona when it’s me?, Gosh!, Does she know about the two lockets?” She thought worriedly.

She was still lost in thoughts when Vince came out and she’s even unaware of his entry.

Not till he touched her and she jumped.

“Ariz please….if there’s anything bothering you just tell me, I’m always here to listen ok?, Please” he begged, stro-king her hair.

“I’m just… preoccupied with the thoughts about the upcoming fashion runway show next week” she said.

“I agreed to be your model already, so why?” He asked.

“Maybe because I’m competing mainly against Arielle, she can be tricky at times you know?” She smiled.

“You’ve always won queen, always” he said, p-ulling her up.

Seeing him like this in only his towel and water dripping down his bo-dy, his abs standing out, his we-t hair sticking rebelliously on his face which made him look s*xier, she should be thinking about ki-ssing the fu-ck out of his li-ps and maybe try something new but her fears overtook everything.

Vince suddenly dra-ped an arm around her wa-ist, p-ulling her closer then he held her face with the second hand before capturing her li-ps, ki-ssing her without warning.

Normally, things like this excites her but she’s just not in the mood so she didn’t respond no matter how much she tried, she couldn’t.

Vince broke it and looked at her.

“You aren’t even gonna ki-ss me back?, Did I do something wrong?, Huh?” He asked.

“Baby…. I’m sorry …

“For what?’

“I’m just…

Vince went to his wardrobe and changed into short pa-nts and shirt before sitting on the be-d, his back on her.

“Vincent…” She said and climbe-d the be-d too, hugging her from behind.

“I love you” she said.

“Tell me what’s wrong” he replied.

She kept mute.

“You’re still gonna remain speechless?” He said.

She kept it up.

“If you’re gonna start hiding things from me then I won’t like it” he said, removing her hands from his tummy.

He left the room.

Arizona stood dejectedly.

“Shoot, now he’s mad at me, how do I sort this?”


Vince found Arizona slee-ping beside him when he woke, he sle-pt off unknowingly last night when she kept refusing to tell him her plight.

He sat up and started rubbing her hair, that woke her.

“Candy” she raised her head.

“Am I a stranger?” He asked.

“Are we still on this matter?”

“Of course we are Ariz, why am I your boyfriend if you can’t tell me what’s bothering you?, If you can’t share your problems with me then why are we dating?” He replied.

“Vincent…I promise to tell you..

“When?, I want to make sure you have no worries but you’re making that [email protected]” he interrupted and stood.

He left the room and met Penelope placing meals on the table for breakfast.

“Why were you drunk last night?, What’s up?” He asked.

“Nothing” she replied and it’s kinda obvious it’s a lie.

Blaze came out and secretly turned back when he saw Vince.

“Hey stop, why did you drink last night? , When did you start drinking!” He demanded.

Blaze slowly faced him.

“Hyung…” He said guiltily.

“Why did you drink?” Vince asked.

“I’m….fine, it was just to keep calm” he lied.

“And why is everyone lying!, Why is everyone making me feel like a stranger in this house!, No one is ready to talk to me and it’s bothersome!, I’m not usually like this but I just feel there’s something I need to know” he replied seriously

Ariz stood by the door of the room, feeling guilty.

No one is talking but the TV is talking and the news that’s currently on is baffling.

Chrissy Belmont, a final year student of Haesung University was found dead with a cracked head in front of the new skyscra-per just now.

“No….” Vince’s eyes wide-ned in horror.

His phone rang, it’s [email protected]

He picked with shaky hands.

“Was that news…that news was it really….true?” [email protected] asked and he’s obviously crying.

Vince hung up and didn’t bother to change to trousers before rushing out of the house.

“What exactly happened?, What do we do?” Blaze said, still in shock.

“Probably she committed suicide, maybe tired of living” Penelope said.

Blaze went back into the room.

Arizona came out fully.

“Miss Arizona, let’s eat breakfast together since the two brothers are in grief right now” Penelope said.

Arizona sat with her beside the table and got her spoon for the rice but she barely ate, she kept staring at Penelope.

“Have something to ask me?” Penelope suddenly asked, catching her off guard.

“You..are you really…. Cee?” She asked .

Penelope gave her a blank look for a while.

“Cee?, Who’s Cee?” She asked innocently.

“You said you were Cee from Andrews orphanage and you asked me how’s Arizona doing” Arizona replied.

“I think I really drank more than I could handle, Penelope is my name, and ion know Andrews orphanage, and why would I ask how Arizona is doing when you’re Arizona?, Gosh!, I say gibberish when I’m drunk, please pardon my manners” Penelope smiled .


“Trust me and let’s eat” Penelope replied.

“I need to go check something” Arizona replied and went in.

Penelope sma-ck ed herself on the head.

“Gosh!, I nearly spilled the beans, ok I promise not to drink again….but how long will you be able to keep the truth, that the circle shaped necklace doesn’t belong to you…. Miss Arizona” Penelope muttered.


FLOWERS HIGH, JUNIOR [email protected]$$**

“Ok settle down cuties!, We have a new student around!” The homeroom teacher announced.

“It’s almost the middle of this term” [email protected]$$idy muttered but her eyes wide-ned when Joy was led in.

“Joy!!’ she shouted.

“You both know each other?” The teacher asked.

“Yes yes!, She’s…my friend” she replied happily.

“Hi I’m Joy Carlo!” Joy waved and [email protected]$$idy took her to sit beside herself.

“You didn’t tell me you’ll be joining my school yesterday at the audition” she said.

“I’m sorry, and you know what?, Miss Arizona is my sponsor, my mum is her new designer, she’s so generous!” Joy said.

“My sis has always been like that, we have just two [email protected]$$es today and it’s not yet time, let’s stroll gosh!, Thanks for coming!” [email protected]$$idy said, leaving the [email protected]$$ with her.


se-nIOR [email protected]$$**

“Havana, Adam, when the students finish turning in their @$$ignments, make sure to bring them to me in my office” the teacher in [email protected]$$ addressed.

“Yes ma’am!” They both chorused as the teacher left.

“You’ve been acting cold since morning, you haven’t talked to Havana especially, is it because of what happened yesterday?” Trevor asked.

“I need to start distancing myself so it won’t look like I’m forcing myself on her, my heart is too fragile to be broken more than it has already been” he replied, packing some books

“I need to go to the [email protected]” he said.

“You’re so boring” Trevor pouted and he laughed before leaving.

Avery packed some of her books and followed him .

Havana got more worried, Blaze hasn’t been talking to her and anytime she tries to start a conversation, he snubs her.

The turning in was over so she took the books out of the [email protected]$$ with Adam.

“Have you started reading for the exams?” Adam asked as they walked.

She was lost in thoughts so she couldn’t reply.

“Havana?” He called.

“Huh?” She looked at him.

“Are you ok?”

“Of course” she smiled.

“The student who died, I heard she didn’t commit suicide, autopsy revealed that she was ra-ped then thrown down from the skyscra-per to make it look like suicide” he said.

“What!, There are still rapists in Korea?” Havana said fearfully.

“You’re safe” Adam smiled.

They entered the teacher’s office and dropped the notes before coming out again.

“Havana” he suddenly called as they walked on the empty hallway.

“Yes?” She faced him and he suddenly started walking closer.

“Adam…” She said, hoping he’d stop but he didn’t.

Her back touched the wall and he held her face slowly, rubbing her cheek.

“I like you” he said affectionately and her eyes wide-ned.

“Since day one here, it was love at first sight” he said and her eyes won’t stop getting bigger.

“Do you… like me too?” He asked, leaning in already.

Havana folded her fists and her li-ps became the only visible pa-rt of her bo-dy to Adam as he kept leaning.

He closed his eyes when his li-ps finally touched hers but she was unable to do the same.

He started ki-ssing her slowly, trying to make her respond but she didn’t.

She slightly pushed him away, her li-ps became redder already.


She ran away instantly.

“Damn, I must have thrown a fast ball” he thought.


[email protected]**

Blaze was still busy reading when Avery appeared and sat in front of him

“Hey” she waved.

“What do you want?” he replied.

She quickly opened the books she came with.

“Please… I’ve never really done this before but can you explain this math to me?, Ion understand one bit” she begged.

“Why are you suddenly interested in learning?” He asked .

“Maybe…I want a change” she replied, looking sincere.


“I swear” she replied and he sighed.

“Come here” he said and she smiled before going to sit beside him.

He solved the math easily and she tried solving it twice before getting it.

The others were easy to @$$imilate, she’s a fast learner.

“Wow, you learn fast, if you were serious you’d be the best in [email protected]$$” he said.

“Are you sure?”.

“Trust me it was fun reading with you” he replied and she smiled happily.

“So… should we do this again tommorow?” She asked, bi-ting her li-p.

“Sure, I like it” he replied.

“Yes!, Thanks Blaze, I promise to keep getting better” she smiled.

[email protected]$$idy watched with joy from the back of a shelf and she kept pouting.

“If you like him then tell him rather than suffer in silence” Joy said.

“It’s not easy as you think” she replied, wrapping her lower li-p in her mouth while feeling the [email protected] in her pocket.



“I just got a call from Andrews orphanage” Paulson said as Rita came downstairs.

“Really?, Why?, Are they calling to claim our baby?” She said.

“No, you know Mrs Andrews cares a lot about the children from her orphanage, she just called to check on her, she calls every month” Paulson replied and Rita inhaled.

“So what did you tell her?” She asked, sitting beside him.

“That she’s fine, what else?” He replied.

“I hope Arielle won’t let this out anytime soon, she’s the only one who knows, even Adam and [email protected]$$idy are unaware of that fact, I can’t believe we’ve been fooling them” Rita said.

Paulson pulled her to his che-st.

“They’ll surely understand” he said, patting her gently.



Arielle walked in with Bing and went straight to the topmost floor.

“Wait here” she said when they got to the door.

She went in, meeting a man on seat.

“Miss Arielle” the handsome man stood.

He looks like a flirt.

“I’m glad I met you Mr Bel, heard you’re in charge of next week’s fashion runway show” she said, dropping her bag on the table.

“I’m in charge of choosing the judges, you can say I’m the director” he replied.

“I’m sure you know why I’m here” she said with a smirk.

“Winning?” He asked.

“You’re smart, what do I have to do if I wanna win against Arizona?, How much do you want?, Or you want a be-d reward?” She asked, rolling eyes.

“be-d reward?” He asked, pretending not to know what it means.

Arielle turned her back on him.

“Zip down” she said and he did it happily

She faced him and slowly pulled down the gown, revealing her total na-ked-ness, she’s neither wearing a [email protected] or pa-nties.

“Shall we get started?” She winked seduc-tively.



Arizona’s head is on her table, she’s slee-ping, she has been busy since she came to work today, it has been hectic.

She has been craving to call Vince but couldn’t.

He just lost a friend so he’ll probably be sad right now, and he’s angry with her for keeping a secret from him so it’s [email protected]

She misses him freakin mad already and she wouldn’t stop thinking about him.

“Vincent” she called out in her sleep.

“Vincent I miss you” she kept mumbling.

Moon-Joo came in slowly and sat beside her.

She started stro-king her hair gently, smiling as she did.

“She grew so beautiful” she whispered.

“Well mannered, decent and strict” she added, still stro-king her hair.

“Vincent I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you….I…. I’m a…twin” she muttered from her sleep again.

Tears sli-pped out of Moon-Joo’s eyes but she quickly wiped it.

“It’s all my fault” she whispered.

Then she started hearing arguments from outside so she had to rush out.

A man is arguing with the students at the reception.

“What’s going on!” She demanded and he faced her, her eyes wide-ned…

“Gary!” She said shockingly.

“Moon-Joo….” He said and started walking to her but she rushed out of the institute

He immediately ran after her and caught up in front of the institute, holding her.

“What!, Are you here to make me arrest you for your crimes?” She snapped hurtfully.

“I searched everywhere Moon, trust me I searched for you, it wasn’t intentional, you should know I’m not like that, I was drunk…

“I begged you vehemently Gary!, I screamed out loud but you didn’t let me go!, You took my v!rg!nity for-cefully and ruined my life!” She cried.

“Moon please….” He went on his knees.

“I’m here to make it up to you, I’ll make all the pains end I promise, please tell me….do I…. Have a… child with you?” He asked.

“You here to take them away?” She asked, still crying.


“Triplets…. I had three girls” she replied and Gary’s eyes wide-ned.



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