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Arizona episode 58 & 59

( His Crazy Queen… )


By, Naomi Cindy B


Vince broke the ki-ss and un-bu-ttoned her shirt, the first four bu-ttons.

Her b*asts became more accessible and she just watched in anticipation as he stared at them.

“I can’t wait anymore” she whispered.

“Wasn’t expecting it to be this big, I was expecting a cup size” he tea-sed and she pla-yfully smac-ked his head.

“Na-ughty boy” she laughed and he ki-ssed her right n*pple which was pointing right at his face.

“Vincent” she mo-aned out softly and he started su-cking it almost immediately, pla-ying with the other one.

“I’ve never felt this way before trust me, I love how you make me feel…” She muttered, closing her eyes while holding his head to her br*asts.

Vince tea-sed her with his tongue and her eyes flew open.

“Vincent…I love you” she mo-aned again.

The way he’s handling her is just too plea-suring and she might just burst.

He continued su-cking tea-singly and she attem-pted to ca-ress him by di-p-ping her hand under his shirt but she met bandages.

“Candy wait..” she quickly said and Vince stopped su-cking.

She quickly raised his shirt and [email protected]

“What’s this?, Why was it bandaged huh?” She said quickly, unwrapping the bandages.

Vince smiled as he watched the concern on her face as she did.

She finished unwrapping and [email protected] again when she saw the wounds.

“Vincent why…

“I’m fine” he interrupted.

“No this is much, tell me what really happened please, just tell me, is it Prescott?, Did he do this to you?, And you have to tell me where you were for those two weeks” she said quickly.

“I said I’m fine” he said.

“But I’m not fine!, Do you know how devastated I was during your abse-nce?, Do you know I attem-pted poisoning myself without anyone’s knowledge when I thought you were dead?, Do you know I attem-pted suicide too?, Do you have any idea of how down I was?, I became sick of living all because I thought you were really dead, I thought my life will end too when that bo-dy was lowered to the grave in front of me Vincent, I can’t survive without you anymore candy, I dunno how it happened, it’s unfathomable but I’ve come to love you so much, much more than I expected baby, much more, so please tell me what exactly happened, and I promise to make it all right” she said, holding his face dearly.

Vince’s eyes kept looking dee-ply into hers and the level of worry in there is too deep.

He sighed and smiled.

“I don’t want you to get involved again” he said.

“But I want to…. just tell me already please” she said, rubbing his ear-lobes.

“It’s exactly what you’re thinking but…

“Prescott?” She stood.

“Where are you going?” He asked

“It’s not too late to go arrest him for doing this to you I can’t take it” she said, heading for the door but he held her halfway.

“Vincent let’s go get him arrested please” she said.

“Like I said, ion want you to get involved anymore, I’ll handle him myself, please” he said gently.

“Vincent I love you so much and I hate seeing any scratch on you, look what he did to your s*xy bo-dy and…

“It’ll return to fresh once it heals trust me Ariz” he said.

“Promise me you won’t get hurt anymore” she said, holding his face again.

He ki-ssed her lightly.

“Promise” he smiled.

“I love you sweet candy” she smiled too.

“I love you more Ariz, but why were you denying Unicorn elementary school before?” He asked.

“You know….my pains started from there, my ugly memories, I never wanted to remember, it’s enough that I dream about it every night” she replied .

“I’ll help you get through it ok?” He said, ca-ressing her face.

“You don’t mind my plastic face?” She asked curiously.

“Even if you’re still red-faced, I’d still love you, so plastic surgery means nothing… You’re still my Ariz” he replied and she blushed before ki-ssing him again.

He responded quickly and their li-ps entangled in their mouths again.

He touched her b*tt this time and she smiled into the ki-ss.

“I love your hands on any pa-rt of my bo-dy, it drives me crazy” she said after the ki-ss.

“Same here Ariz” he smiled.

“We need to get your wounds treated at the hospital” she said.

“No, at home, Penelope will treat it” he said and she squinted.

“Who’s Penelope?”

“My friend”

“She lives with you?”



“Stop being paranoid, she’s harmless” he replied.

“Let’s go to your house” she said and before he could stop her, she entered her changing room.

“Jealousy looks cute on her” Vince smiled.

She came out some minutes later, changed into a short but free white gown and short heels.

“Let’s go” she said, leading the way but he pulled her back and checked her out very well.

“You look s*xy” he said.

“I really can’t wait to meet the so-called Penelope” she said jealously and left the office.

He smiled and followed her.

Yang is gone already so they’re the last to leave the whole building.

He held her hand, linking it with his till they got to her car.

Vince told the driver his house and he drove off.

It’s past 10pm right now.

She rested her head on his shoulder and he started rubbing her hair.

She got his phone and started ordering things.

“Gosh!, It’s been long since I shopped, I need a new car too” she said.

“Which colour have I not gotten?, I have three blue cars, five red, two yellows, seven white, six blacks, four pinks, three brown, six lavender, one green, one wine colour, ten peach coloured…I haven’t gotten purple gosh!, I should order purple” she said.

“Forty eight cars and you’re thinking of ordering another color?” Vince said shockingly.

“I buy cars every month” she smiled.

“When you spend money like this, how come you’re rich, people who say you’re a shoppaholic aren’t lying” he said.

“I love shopping!” She said and made to continue with the ordering but he took the phone from her.

“Candy….” She pouted.

“Not allowed, learn how to save” he said.

“But I have more than enough in my account” she said like a baby.

“Keep saving honey, how many of the cars will you drive?” He replied, pocketing her phone.

“But please, ok I’ll just order this purple car and I promise not to order any car again this month, please please please please!”

“No” he insisted.

The driver smiled in the front.

Arizona ki-ssed him [email protected] and when she broke it, she rubbe-d his li-ps.

“Will you let me order now?” She said se-ductively, ki-ssing him lightly.

He smiled and she got @$$ured.

“No” he said and she rolled eyes at him.

“You’re too strict” she pouted and hu-gged him.

“But I love you so much” she said.

“I love you more” he smiled.

The car finally got to Vince’s house and they both went in, holding hands.

“Finally!!, Whoa!!!” Blaze shouted, attempting to hug Arizona but Vince blocked him.

“Not allowed” he said and Blaze giggled.

“Baby you’re back!” Penelope said, coming out of the room.

“Baby?” Arizona said, looking at her somehow.

“Ariz, meet Penelope, my lifesaver, … Penelope I’m sure you know her, Ariz, my crazy queen” he said and Penelope smiled.

“It’s nice to meet you closely in person Miss Arizona, I’ve always been your fan” Penelope said.

“Oh” Arizona replied slowly.

“Yes, welcome to my baby’s life” Penelope continued.

“Your baby?” Arizona replied.

“Yes, Vince is like my baby” she said.

“Don’t call him that anymore, I’m the only one who can do it” Arizona said.

Penelope smiled, se-nsing jealousy.

“Baby I’ll get your wounds treated, come with me” Penelope said, grabbing Vince but Arizona hu-gged him.

“I’ll treat your wounds instead, only me is allowed to touch your bo-dy” she whispered and Penelope laughed loudly with Blaze.

“The baby I’m talking about is that…he’s like a young child to me” Penelope said.

“Still…stop calling him baby” Arizona insisted.

“Fine, lover girl” Penelope smiled.

“I’m starving, let’s eat first before you treat me” Vince said and sat in front of the low table.

Meals are on it already.

Arizona sat beside him.

Penelope and Blaze sat on the other side.

Rather than eating, Arizona started feeding Vince.

Blaze and Penelope had to watch interestingly.

She finished feeding him and he started feeding her too.

They ki-ssed in-between

“What’s the meaning of this” Penelope said, dropping her chopsticks.

“I’m awed, you guys should be arrested, it’s unfair” Blaze said and stood with Penelope, they both went in.

The lovebirds finished eating and went into the second room, Arizona treated his wounds before taking her night shower.

She came out in only the towel and he started digging into his wardrobe, looking for what to give her.

All his shirts are faded.

She noticed and went to him.

“I’ll wear anything so far it’s yours” she said and he remembered he actually bought one shirt last month which he hasn’t worn.

He got that and gave her

She took it and dropped it then got one of his faded shirts.

“I’ll go with this, it’ll have your scent” she smiled and without minding weather he’s looking at her or not, she pulled off her towel and he beheld her na-ked-ness before she put on the shirt.

“That’s dangerous” he said.


“Nothing” he replied and her eyes wide-ned.

“Wait Vince you can actually model for me” she said.


“Yes, the runway fashion show is coming soon and I’ll need a male and a female model to showcase my designs, I’m modeling as the female, why don’t you model as the male” she pouted, holding his face already.

“I’m not a model” he said.

“But you’re fit, just say yes already, huh?”

“I don’t want to model” he said, jumping on the be-d.

She jumped on him, laying on his che-st.

“Please please please….do it for your queen ok?”

“Modelling is [email protected]” he said.

“I’ll make it easy, please candy, please please” she said.

“Let’s do this first” he said and suddenly covered them with the quilt.

Her mo-ans started coming out some minutes later.



Summer woke up and found Prescott pacing around the room.

His back tattoos made her wish he’s inside her right now.

Apa-rt from his roughness during s*x, his s*xy bo-dy is another thing which made her get obsessed.

No guy f*cks her satisfactorily like him.

She got down from the be-d, still na-kedfrom last night.

She walked to him and hu-gged him from behind.

“Baby good morning” she said, ki-ssing his tattoo.

“I want Arizona” he replied and she squinted.

“I want her badly, I wanna f*ck her, the fact that she has people protecting her is only making me want her more” he said dreamily.

“Should I help you get her?* Summer asked.

“Why?, You want me too” he replied.

“So far you promise to f*ck me anytime I want, satisfy me with your d*ck always, then I’ll help” she replied and he faced her.

Her na-ked-ness made him smile.

“You’re kind of special, a special breed of b*tch” he said, in-serting three fin-gers inside her roughly.

“Ouch!, Prescott!” She screamed out

“Boss!, Your father is here” Javi said from the door and he removed his fin-gers immediately

“Dad?, What’s that bastard doing here?” He glared, going out of the room.

Javi led him outside and truly his dad ( Gary Farley ) is waiting.

“What the hell are you doing here!” He yelled at his father’s face.

“I thought you’d change, I thought growing up will make you change but it was all my illusion” Gary said disappointedly.

“You disowned me already, get out of here before I order my guys to beat you up” Prescott said meanly.

“Can’t you just change and be a better person?” Gary said in a pleading tone.

“Why would I change when I inherited it from you, you once ra-ped a maid too!, Right in front of me when I was four!” Prescott yelled.

“I was drunk!, I wouldn’t have done that if I was sane!, Stop using that to live your life!” Gary yelled.

“A mistake is a mistake, stop trying to teach me how to live my life bastard, f*ck off!” Prescott sneered and went in.

Gary took a long glance at the house before going into his car, fighting back his tears.

“Continue looking for that maid, search everywhere in Korea, I need to know if I have a child with her” he said to his driver, wiping his tears.

“Yes sir” the driver replied before driving.

Prescott got back in and was still ranting when a news came up in the TV about the corpse of the only son of @$$emblyman Lee which was found on the bridge early this morning with a gunshot wound on his forehead.

Byung Lee!

“Arielle at work” he smiled, lightening a cigar.



Moon-Joo was served coffee but she hasn’t drank from it, Arielle actually invited her here.

“Madam, you aren’t drinking the coffee?” Bing asked.

“I already said I’m fine” she replied and Arielle came in, smiling brightly.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting, was doing some things inside” she said.

Moon-Joo bowed.

“Thanks for honouring my invitation” Arielle said.

“Please be fast, I need to go back to my boss” Moon-Joo said.

“Why don’t you work for me instead?” Arielle said craftily and Moon Joo smiled.

“Is that a yes?” Arielle asked.

“Ion blame you, I blame myself” Moon-Joo said.

“What do you mean?” Arielle glared.

“I’ll only work for Arizona all my life, no one else” she replied and stood.

“I’ll pay you more than she does!” Arielle said quickly.

“I’m not greedy Arielle, try to be consistent and real like Arizona, then you’ll grow” Moon-Joo smiled and left.

Arielle broke the flower vase on the table first, pouring her anger on it.

“At this rate, I’ll have to add Arizona to the list of people I have to kill, it’s obvious she’ll only come to me after Arizona’s death” she mumbled to herself.

“Boss!” Bing rushed in, breathing heavily.


“The news!, Byung was found dead on the bridge!” He announced.

“What!” She shouted innocently.


Penelope waited in her taxi on a silent road and it’s obvious that she’s impatient as she kept tapping the steering with her nails.

“Why is he taking so long” she wondered and made the dial a line but Javi came in immediately.

“What took you so long!” She said.

“Sorry it was [email protected] creating an unsuspectable excuse for Prescott” he replied.

“I was expecting him to be dead right now Javi!, You’ve been working for him since last year!, Pretending to be on his side just to kill him but he’s still alive I hate it!” She shouted.

“Calm down Penelope..

“I can’t calm down!, He ra-ped Millicent till death!, I know how much you loved her!, You loved my sis very much Javi!, As her boyfriend I was expecting you to kill Prescott immediately but you resorted to penetrating as his PA … It’s not working!, I hate the fact that he’s still living!” She shouted.

“He’s dying slowly Penelope, I know what I’m doing” Javi said.


“His cigar, the cigarettes he takes almost ten times a day, each stick were poisoned…by me” he said.

“How long will that take!, How long will the slow poison make us wait!, I want him dead already!” She shouted and he hu-gged her tightly, trying to calm her down

“Just trust me please”



Arizona walked into her room happily, she’s just returning from Vince’s place and anytime she remembers their crazy make out last night, she smiles.

“Gosh!, He’s so Add!¢tive, I wish to have his hands on me again” she said, sighting the locket on the dressing table.

The one she took from Blaze.

The smile disappeared from her face as she walked to it and took it

A face appeared in her head but she closed her eyes.

“Should I tell Vincent?” She thought.

“No, what if he leaves me…I can’t” she thought fearfully and opened her eyes.

She went into her dressing room and opened the jewelries [email protected]$$.

Another locket is in the [email protected]$$ but that one is square in shape, she dropped the circle shaped locket with her beside the square locket.

“Vincent loves only me, I’m doing the right thing” she said and closed the [email protected]$$ before walking out of the room.


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