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Arizona episode 56 & 57

( His Crazy Queen… )


By, Naomi Cindy B


“Don’t try that shit!, Don’t!” Prescott said quickly and Vince pressed his sneakers more roughly on his hands.

“F*ck!!!!!” He yelled as his hands bled.

“You don’t give the orders here, I do” Vince said, finally zipping down his trousers.

His d*ck is bulging out in his shorts.

Vince smirked. “Mine is quiet bigger” he said and made to really cut it when someone held his hand.

He looked up and saw Yang.

“Cutting his man-hood will make him die” Yang said.

“Ion care if he dies, I really wanna kill him for trying shit with Ariz” he said.

“You’re not like him, do you wanna have blood on your hands?, Don’t become a murderer, please” Yang begged.

“It’s dangerous to keep him alive” Vince said.

“I know, but not just now, you’ll surely get in trouble if you kill him here, people are watching” Yang said and Vince looked back to see Chrissy and Summer by the door.

He looked at Prescott and sighed.

“I’ll just keep the slicing for another day but trust me when things get messy, I’ll be the one to kill you” he said and threw down the knife.

He slapped Prescott thrice before standing.

Summer rushed to Prescott immediately.

“Baby you’re bleeding!, Gosh what do we do!, I can’t stand this!” She said, helping him to sit, he rested his back on the wall and his stabbe-d che-st kept bleeding.

Vince left the building with Yang, [email protected]$$ing by Chrissy.

“Vince…” She tried to call him but he didn’t even look her way before walking out completely.

He left with Yang to a clear spot and they sat on a chair under a tree.

Yang brought out his handkerchief the took Vince’s hand, he started cleaning the blood on it, Prescott’s blood.

“Where were you for those two weeks?, What really happened?, Who exactly was buried?” He asked as he cleaned.

Vince told him everyday and his eyes won’t stop widening.

“Then you should narrate everything to the cops and they’ll…

“Cops?, I hate cops” he replied.


“Dad was killed by cops, ion believe in them, to me…. they’re the real criminals, they side with the criminals and make them innocent, then they make the innocent into criminals” he replied.

“Why was your dad killed by cops?”

“It’s a story ion wanna talk about, a sad memory” he replied slowly.

Yang is so full of pity for him right now, for the fact that even his mum is now dead, it’s so touching.

“I’m sorry” he said.

By now he has finished cleaning the blood.

“It’s fine, why are you here anyways?” Vince asked.

“I came on boss’s behalf” Yang replied.

“She’s down right?, She probably hates me now, can’t believe I actually told her i hate her, I dunno why I even said that” he replied.

“I understand you perfectly Vince, yes she’s down but since you saved her last night….

“Last night?, Saved her?” Vince looked at him.

“You were the person in mask who brought her home last night when she was drunk right?” Yang asked.

“Not me, i didn’t see her throughout yesterday” he replied.

“Really?, Then who could it be?” Yang wondered loudly.

“But is she ok?, Ion even know how to face her” Vince said.

“She doesn’t hate you, she’ll never hate you, Miss Arizona loves you a lot” he replied, bringing out an entry card to Krystal, he gave it to Vince.

“Now you won’t need my help or Ming’s to enter the company, come in anytime you want, you’re always welcome” he said and Vince smiled.

“Do you really have to give me this when I’m not a staff?”

“You’re a staff, working in Miss Arizona’s heart” Yang said and they both laughed and Yang’s phone rang, it’s Arizona calling.

“She’s calling, guess she misses me” Yang said before picking

“Where the hell have you been since an hour ago!, Do you wanna die!, Do you!, You’re drinking the juice whenever you get back!, You have just ten minutes!, Come back!!” She shouted loudly and Vince smiled, hearing her voice again.

“She really misses you” he said and Yang stood.

“Her mood swings is just frustrating, I need to go” he said.

“I’ll see you…soon” Vince said and Yang smiled.

“By the way I recorded the video of what you did to Prescott and I’ll make sure I show it to Miss Arizona” he said and Vince’s eyes wide-ned.

“What!, No don’t!, Don’t do it!” He started rushing after Yang.

“Catch me if you can” Yang giggled, running away.



“Baby are you ok?” Summer asked quickly immediately Prescott opened his eyes.

His wound has been stitched and his hands were bandaged.

“Where’s Javi?” He asked weakly.

“Boss!” Javi rushed in.

“I’m leaving this hospital right now” he said.

“No baby, you need to rest for now” Summer said.

“You should have allowed me to follow you boss, now this happened” Javi said.

“Ion know where he got the strength from” Prescott replied.

“We’ll surely get back at him but for now rest” Summer said, trying to push him back to the be-d but he resisted.

“You don’t get to order me, I’m going home” he said.



Students poured out of the school in groups, everyone is getting in his or her car at the park.

It’s rare to see a student of Flowers high boarding a cab.

Havana has been waiting since ten minutes ago for her driver but he didn’t show up.

“What’s taking him so long” she said, glancing at the time again.

She tried his line but he’s not picking.

She dialled her mum’s line.

“Mum I’ve been waiting!, Where the hell is my driver!”

“He got into a slight accident while coming to pick you dear, I’m so sorry you had to wait” Mrs Smith replied.

“Accident?, Is he ok?”

“He’s getting himself treated, I’m just about to leave the house, I’ll come pick you” Mrs Smith said.

“No don’t worry mum, I’ll just ride with Trevor” she replied.

“Alright dear, I’ll be expecting you”

She hung up and continued waiting.

Adam showed up first and her face brightened.

“Hey you’re waiting for someone?” He smiled.

His dimples made her heart race immediately.

“Actually my driver got into a slight accident…

“Is he fine?” He quickly asked.

“Yes I guess” she said, touching her hair shyly.

“Then…I can give you a ride home right?” He asked.


“Of course, get in” he replied, opening the car door.

She was about to go in when Trevor appeared with Blaze.

“Hey why are you ri-ding with him?” Blaze asked.

“None of your business” Adam replied.

“I’m ri-ding with him today, my driver isn’t coming” Havana said.

“Ride with I and Trevor instead” Blaze said.

“Let’s go” Adam said.

“Bye!’ Havana waved and left with Adam.

Trevor tapped Blaze.

“Sorry” he said and Blaze continued looking at Adam’s car till it went out of sight.

“se-nior Blaze!” [email protected]$$idy appeared cheerfully.

[email protected]$$idy I’ll see you tomorrow” Blaze said curtly and got in the car with Trevor.

They drove off and [email protected]$$idy went sad, she looked at the jade [email protected]

“Will I be able to give him this?, I kept losing my chances” she muttered.

Avery appeared, bu-mping into her.

“I see you have a crush on Blaze just like me” she said.

“You have..a crush on him?” [email protected]$$idy said surprisingly.

“Isn’t it obvious?, well let’s see who gets him last” Avery smiled, touching her b**bs slightly.

“Guys like bursty girls these days” she winked and drove off.

[email protected]$$idy looked down at her b**bs and squinted childishly before resting on her car.

“They’re so small!!” She cried.


“Do you have a boyfriend?” Adam asked as the driver drove.

“Me?, No I don’t, I’ve never dated, I’m just in love with tiktok only” Havana replied and he smiled.

“I dated once” he said.


“Yeah, back in America, I dated a girl when I turned fifteen but we broke up after a month, I can barely call it a relationship” he laughed.

“Why….did you break up?”

“My grandma caught us ki-ssing and she’s against puppy love, so she made us relocate and I changed school, I’ve never seen her since then” he replied.

“Aww, sad” she replied as the car pulled up in front of her house.

“Your number” he said, giving her his phone.

She took it and typed her line.

“See ya tomorrow!” She said, getting her backpack.

“Sure!” He replied.

“By the way I love your dimples Adam” she smiled before getting down.

Adam touched his che-st.

“Whoa!” He smiled.



“Priyanka Chopra choose Arizona too?, Then what’s the point in running this institute!” Arielle screamed at the top of her voice.

Bing just reported to her.

“Why am I still running this institute when Arizona is always the one who gets the contracts!, When last did I get contract from big shots!, It’s been over a month!” She yelled.

“Heard she just got a new fashionista, she’s really talented” Bing said.

“Should I just shut down this institute?, Yes it’s the best decision, I’ll just shut it down cos nothing is working!, Prescott jilted me and Arizona is giving me headache why!”

“The fashion runway show is coming soon, we shouldn’t give up yet, I think we should gear up more towards our preparations, we might be able to beat Arizona” Bing said.

Arielle’s phone rang, it’s Byung

“I’m on my way to the bridge, meet me there…with the gun” he said and hung up.

Arielle blew air out of her mouth and smiled.

“I’ll surely come with the gun”

She stormed out of the institute and got into her car.

“Get down, I’ll drive myself” she ordered and the driver obeyed.

She looked at the gun in her bag before driving off.

It’s 8pm when she got to the bridge and Byung is waiting already.

“Where’s the gun?” He asked.

“Who are you killing with the gun?”

“Adam Banks and Blaze Mendelssohn” he replied.

“So after killing them, if it boomerangs, what’ll you say when the cops get you?” She asked.

“I’ll tell them you gave me the gun, isn’t that better than telling the whole world that you made me f*ck you?” He replied and Arielle slowly started bringing out the gun.

“I was drunk and I crashed in your house but you took advantage of my drunkenness Arielle, I was imagining you as Havana, I was calling Havana’s name but you kept answering and I f*cked you!, Thinking it was her” he said bitterly.

“You su-cked my d*ck and I released in your mouth, I can still remember su-cking your b**bs too, I li-cked your p*ssy, my sister’s p*ssy….. aren’t you so shameless?, You were even shouting ha-rder, fas-ter…. Arielle you…

Arielle’s bullet rammed into his forehead straight, she shot his head and he went down in blood.

“So what if we f*cked?, I was feeling hor-ny and you came just at the nick of time, I hate wasting opportunities and that’s why I used it, fool, go tell the secret to them in hell” she said and looked around before running out of the place.

She drove away from there and smiled victoriously.

“Now it’s your turn Summer, I can have Prescott to myself after killing you” she said and laughed loudly.



Vince came out of DINE AND SMILE and got his phone.

He called Yang’s line and smiled when he picked.

“Hey aren’t you coming anymore?, I’ve been doing things to keep her waiting in the office” Yang said.

“I’m coming right now, what’s she doing?” He asked.

“She’s watching movie but she kept calling your name, I’m sure only her eyes is on the screen but her mind is with you” Yang replied.

“I’ll soon be there” Vince replied and hung up.

He brought out the anklet box and opened it, he smiled when he saw it.

“I love you Ariz” he whispered to himself and pocketed it again when Penelope appeared.

“Get in and go for it!” She shouted and he got into the car.



“Ligament if this surprise you’re talking about is not worth it then I’ll fire you, I mean it” Arizona said, looking away from the TV screen.

She’s wearing just a white shirt which reached the middle of her thi-ghs.

“You’ll rather promote me” Yang said and she scoffed before returning to the movie.

“Vincent” she muttered sadly, it’s like she’s watching him on TV, it’s his face she’s seeing.

“Do you really hate me?, Then why did you save me again” she whispered.

Yang got a call from Ming and she informed him that Vince is here.

He smiled and faced the door.

“Come in” he said and Vince came in.

Yang left the office immediately.

“Yang where do you think you’re going” Arizona said, not looking back.

“Ariz” Vince called and she spranged up, recognizing his voice.

“Vin… Vincent” she stuttered shockingly, not believing her eyes.

“Your sweet candy” he smiled and she covered her mouth shockingly.

He walked to her and made her sit on the chair while she continued staring at him as if he’s from a dream.

He bent in front of her and brought out the box, he opened it and she [email protected] when she saw the gorgeous anklet.

He took it and fixed it on her ankle gently.

Her bo-dy immediately reacted to his touch as he fixed.

He smiled when he saw how perfect it was.

He ki-ssed the anklet on her ankle and her bo-dy electrified.

He looked up at her and met her eyes on himself.

“I’m sorry Ariz, I was just scared back then, sorry for telling you I hate you, sorry for yelling at you, sorry for hurting your feelings, sorry for leaving you in the rain, I’m just so sorry, please forgive me” he pleaded on his knees.

Arizona felt choked, Yang wasn’t even right cos this is not surprise, it’s a shock.

She was left dumbfounded and she didn’t even know what to say at first, it all came suddenly…

“I love you Ariz, since day one, I fell for you since the day I saved you from Arielle and the bad guys, I love you please” he confessed and her eyes wide-ned.

Vince leaned to her on the couch and ki-ssed her neck gently before going for her li-ps.

He ki-ssed her lightly and broke it but Arizona immediately drew him back and hungrily crashed her li-ps on his own.

She won’t deny that immediately he ki-ssed her neck, she lost her se-nses and when he gave her that light ki-ss, her [email protected] followed her se-nses to wherever they went.

Vince hu-gged her to his bo-dy so tightly as their li-ps continued [email protected]$$aging each other.

He’s feeling her soft b**bs on his che-st, she’s not wearing a br* and the more it pressed on him, the more crazy he went.

He started ca-ressing her gently and it didn’t take long before she started mo-aning to his touch.

He has never ca-ressed her this way before anytime they ki-ss, this is his first ca-ress and damn.. it’s Add!¢tive.

She stuck her fin-gers in his hair, tugging gently at it and he won’t stop ha-rdening the intense ki-ss.

Maybe because they missed each other so much, they both seem to be lost in each other.

His hands suddenly started ca-ressing her bare thi-ghs and her mo-ans got louder.

He let his palms run gently on he fresh thi-ghs and she suddenly broke the ki-ss.

She held his shoulders gently.

“Thanks for coming back to me” she smiled cutely.

He stroked her hair and she bit her li-p.

“I just love you Ariz, I love you” he said.

“I love you more Vincent I love you more” she replied.

“I missed you” he said [email protected]$$ionately.

“I missed you more….so touch me more, touch wherever you want to, you own me Vincent, all of me” she said and Vince was about to crash his li-ps on hers again when her phone rang.

It’s [email protected]$$idy.

She picked impatiently.


“eonni, do you know where I can get bre-ast s enlargement cream?, I’m oppressed!!” [email protected]$$idy cried.

“No you’re actually high, get away” Arizona replied and hung up before throwing her phone away.

She pulled Vince to herself and they went down on the couch together as their li-ps met again.

His hand sli-pped under her shirt and when it got to her right br*ast, he pressed it gently and she released a loud mo-an.

Vince started ca-ressing her pink little n*pple as their mouths devoured each other.

“Touch the second one too” she whispered into his mouth.



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