Aqila episode 7 to 9

AQILA 💖💖💖🌹🌹🌹
It’s their wedding day, and they are very nervous and sad, hoping for some miracle to happen. They arrived at the wedding hall and the wedding started, the wedding was a hvge success.
Aqila can’t believe she won’t be living with her parents. Aqila and Asad sle-pt in the same room but separately. The next morning, they had breakfast, after breakfast Gamila took Aqila to her new room as she promised Aisha that Asad and Aqila won’t consummate their marriage until Aqila is of age.
Aqila felt relieved to be in a separate room but she’s sad as she’s going to live the rest of her life at the mercy of Asad. After a week, Asad got his things re-ady to return back to London. The driver drove him to the airport.
At Aqila’s school, a new guy transferred to her school and they bec@m£ friends. He’s Mustafa. On their final grade in highschool, Mustafa was 19 and Aqila was 18, he confessed his feelings to her, Aqila loved, but she can’t let her emotions get the best of her, she turned him down but never told him the reason she did so, even though the reason was clear, she’s alre-ady married.
Aqila graduated with good grades and she and Mustafa were the best graduating students. Aqila wanted to go to college but Gamila objected as She’s married. Aqila doesn’t see this mess she’s in as marriage as it’s been 4 years and Asad has not called her to ask her how she is.
Two years later, Asad called home and told that he’s coming home. Asad’s flight to Dubai was successful. His driver was alre-ady waiting for him, Asad and his friend Elizabeth joined the driver who drove them home.
Everyone at home was so eager to meet him. Asad c@m£ down from the car with Elizabeth, Gamila welcomed Asad with a hvg. Elizabeth tried to hvg Gamila who st©pped her ’cause she doesn’t know her. Aqila was busy in kitchen, she made lunch for everyone. The guard and maids took Asad and Elizabeth’s luggage to their rooms. Not long lunch was served, and everyone went to have lunch
Aqila left to have her bath and change into something nice. Gamila couldn’t hold her curiosity of wanting to know who Elizabeth is and why she had come to their home with Asad.
‘So tell me Asad, who’s this girl you have brou-ght home with you?
‘You don’t nee-d to ask him ma’am, just ask me directly ‘
‘Oh really? Seems like you don’t have manners. Asad I asked you a question which nee-ds an answer, don’t you think?
‘Can’t it wait mum? We’re eating ‘
‘Yes aunt, table manners, plea-se’
‘Asad answer your mum, once she’s curious, she can’t st©p until she’s got the answer she’s looking for, so give her the answer she nee-ds’
Yes dad. Mum, she’s Elizabeth Anderson, she’s from London. Her dad is an attorney and her mum runs a very big five star h0tel in London. Elizabeth and I are very good friends and we’ve known each other for7 years’
‘Why is she in our house?
‘No offense mum, she had come to know where I live at, actually, her mum intends opening another br@nch of her h0tel here in Dubai ‘
‘I see, I hope she’s not intending to stay long ‘
‘Mum c’mon, she just arrived, plea-se mum. Seriously I’ve misses home. These delicacies are very delicious, You made them mum?
‘No, Aqila did’
‘Aqila? Aqila… Aqila, oh my jelly pie’
‘Jelly pie?
‘Yes, but where is she?
‘Maybe taking her bath ‘
‘Really, I can’t wait to see her again ‘
After lunch, Asad left for his be-droom to shower up and get some rest. Gamila asked Aqila to give Asad a chilled glas-s of jui-ce. Aqila left for Asad’s room with a glas-s of jui-ce, she placed it on the table and arranged some stuffs, she tried arranging the be-d when Asad walked in on towels, thinking that Aqila is Elizabeth, he hvgged her from behind and gave her a pe-ck on her n£¢k, Aqila feeling shocked and gave out a scream.
‘That’s not Lizzy’s voice, who are you?
Aqila turned towards him with her hands covering her face as she was scared to see his b©dy.
Asad approached her while she stepped back, he gr@bb£d her hands and re-moved them from her face.
‘Who are you?
‘What? Little jelly? What are you doing in my be-droom?
‘jui-ce, excuse me then ‘
‘Ok sure’
‘Kifak (how are you?)
‘Mnih( fine), I’ll go ahead now’
Aqila left for her room, while Asad put on his clothes and had some rest. By evening Aqila made dinner, everyone loved it especially Asad who ate to his fill.
‘Wow, i never knew that Aqila is such a nice cook’
‘Yes she is. She surprises us everyday with her cooking skills’ said Mahdi
‘What do you love to do? What do you enjoy the most Aqila?
‘Well, i can’t say for sure’
‘Ok, shokran (thank you) hope I still got it?
‘Yes you did’
‘Good night everyone, I’m off to my be-droom ‘
Asad left for his room, Elizabeth dropped by to say goodnight. Aqila still can’t figure out their relationsh!p. Camila asked Aqila to s£nd warm milk to Asad. Asad was quite busy when Aqila c@m£ in, she dropped the milk on the stool beside his be-d and said good night.
‘Aqila…. Thanks and good night’
‘Yes, good night ‘
Aqila left for her room and while Asad continued with what he was doing.
Asad’s morning began with some noise, he got out of his be-d and went to the bathroom, he brushed his teeth and washed his face. Aqila walked in to wake him up.
‘Sabah el Keir (good morning)
‘Good morning to you too. Hope you sle-pt well last night?
‘Yes I did, thanks to Allah, breakfast is served’
‘I’ll be down in a jiffy’
‘Ok sure, I’ll go ahead then’
‘Wait, let’s go together, after you ‘
Asad and Aqila c@m£ down to the dinning room. Gamila was so happy to see them together and she prays they bond so as many years have been lost. Elizabeth sat beside Asad while Aqila served everyone breakfast. She had her seat and ate quietly as usual. After breakfast, Aqila and the maids cleared the table.