Aqila episode 4 to 6

AQILA 🌹🌹🌹❤💞💞💞
Asad woke up quite late, he went downstairs for breakfast. Nura and Nazim arrived by 12pm with the engagement outfits, they also brou-ght some rings for Gamila to chose. Asad was surprised to see the rings and the outfits, he cared less about it and left for a drive. By evening Aisha arrived and Gamila took her to the ballroom where Nazim and Nura were. Gamila showed her the declarations and other things. Gamila plans on telling Asad everything, she invited him over to her room later that evening
‘Any problem mum, ’cause you kinda look tensed, tell me ‘
‘You are getting married, I’m just excited about it, you know?
‘What? You are kidding right now• I’m not getting married, I don’t even have a girlfriend• Geez mum’
‘No, I got you a wife, she’s Aqila, Heydar and Aisha’s daughter, she’s such a good girl, you will like her’
‘Aqila? You mean that little girl?
‘She’s not a child, she’s fourteen ‘
‘Mum! She’s a child, mum, this is child abuse, I can’t do this, no’
‘Child abuse you say? No, You are getting married to her’
‘No, never! I’m not marrying her. We’re six years ap@rt. Mum she’s a kid, besides I’m too young to be talking about marriage, I’m just twenty, mum, I’m not of age. plea-se put this case aside ‘
‘You are up to age and you are getting married to her and that’s final!
‘Then I’ll return back to London period
‘You won’t, take her out on a d@t£ tomorrow, I’ve made reservation for you two’
‘Oh really? Forget it, never, I’m outta here’
‘Yes, Mrs Gamila Ahmed, let me be
Asad left in anger, he can’t imagine what his mum said to him.
Asad seems to be going throu-gh emotional trauma more than Aqila, he can’t imagine himself getting married to Aqila by the end of the month, he sees her as his younger sister • He tries figuring out what to do, should he return back to London?
The ballroom was filled with guests, Madhi had come to see if Asad was dressed for the engagement. Asad tried to tell his dad he doesn’t want to go on with the engagement but his father kept on interrupting him. Gamila walked in and asked Asad to come to the ballroom.
Aqila and her parents have arrived alre-ady and she’s dressed for the engagement. By 9pm Aqila and Asad got engaged and the p@rty ended well and Aqila and her parents went home. Aqila left for her room in anger and sadness, and Asad was sad all throu-gh the day, he can’t imagine that he just got engaged to the little Aqila. Aqila refused to have breakfast as she locked herself and Aisha tried to bring her down.
For three days, Aqila refused to have any sort of communication with her family. One of the evenings, Gamila c@m£ over to Aisha’s house, she suggested that Aqila and Asad should hang out before the wedding. Gamila left with Aqila to a boutique where she bought her a beautiful go-wn and gave her a make over, they left for a restaurant where she invited Asad over to the restaurant.
They had dinner together and at the middle of the dinner, Gamila got a call and left, leaving the couple alone. After dinner, Asad decided to drop Aqila off, on their way home, a doll caught Aqila’s attention. She couldn’t tell Asad about it, but Asad noticed Aqila stare at the doll, but he couldn’t get it for her but he was afraid that she might get the wrong idea and probably start acting weird around him, so Aqila never got the doll.
Asad brou-ght Aqila home and Gamila thanked him for taking care of Aqila. Asad left for his house. The next morning Aqila left for school.
Asad was busy with his phone when Gamila asked him to pick Aqila up from school, with no strength to argue with her, he picked up his car keys and left. By evening Aisha called Gamila to find out if Aqila was with them, not long Asad walked in, Gamila hung up with Aisha
‘You are back?
‘Yes i’m back, any problem?
‘You are back?
‘Yes i’m back, any problem?
‘No, not really, but, where is Aqila? Did you drop her off at her home alre-ady ’cause her mum called to know if she’s with us?
‘What? Aqila? I didn’t pick her up, besides, am I supposed to pick her up? As what? Her driver? Geez mum, come off it.
‘Do You know what’s the time? It’s 7pm and Aqila isn’t home yet’
‘That’s none of my business, let her parents go get her. Hey get my dinner re-ady, I’m off to my be-droom ‘
‘Asad Ahmed, I demand you to go and get Aqila and take her home’
‘No mum, you ain’t the boss of me. I’ve done enough for you. If you are so disturbe-d, then go find her and take her to her parents. I’m off to my be-droom ‘
‘Fine, be rest as-sured of not returning back to London to complete your education, trust your, I’m capable of anything ‘
‘You don’t scare me mum’
‘Sure walk away, remember Aqila is your fiancee’
‘I hate you mum’
‘And I love you son’
Asad left in anger in search of Aqila. He got to Aqila’s school, Aqila was sitting beside a polar which she leaned her head on. Asad felt bad for not coming earlier to pick her up, he did bad by punishing an innocent child.
He carried her and walked towards his car, Aqila woke up and was surprised to see Asad carrying her. Asad gently let her down and they went into the car. Asad saw how hungry she was and drove to the closest restaurant. They went in and placed their orders, their meal was served and they ate to their fill.
Aqila thanked him, Asad apologied to her for not coming early to pick her up. Asad took her home, he couldn’t bring himself to apologize to Aqila’s parents as he kinda hates them for forcing their young daughter into an early marriage, Asad left bidding Aqila goodnight and Aqila left for her be-droom.
Asad and Aqila’s wedding was close, just three days to go and their parents are busy with the wedding preparations.