Aqila episode 31 to 35

AQILA 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💞💞💞💖
CHAPTER 31🌹🌹💞💞💞
Aqila and Uddin bec@m£ good friends. They we’re close. They sat together and had lunch together. It’s been a month Aqila got into college and met Uddin, it feels like they’ve known each other for ages. The university announced their festival. The Theater Arts dep@rtment is going to pres£nt a drama and asked students to audition.
Aqila felt awkward but a little boost helped her. She decided to audition. Uddin decided to audition since Aqila is going to audition. On the day of the audition, Aqila left for the audition venue. She was surprised to see Uddin.
‘Why are you here?
‘To audition. You are going to audition too? Wow! This is fate
‘Really? Like you had no idea I was auditioning ‘
‘Come on, let’s go inside baby’
‘St©p it Uddin’
‘Yeah, yeah yeah ‘
Uddin and Aqila went in and had their seats. One of the drama coaches mounted the stage.
‘Pretty good sight. I’m glad with this years turn out. Well, there some few roles which are open for either of you guys to open. We alre-ady have our perfect male lead. We nee-d a female lead, second female lead and second male lead. Good luck with your audition. The audition starts now. plea-se do well to plea-se the audience. Thank you ‘
He returned to his seat and the audition started. Aqila and Uddin auditioned, luckily, no mistakes. After much consultations and debates. The caoches selected the students for the roles. Aqila because of her beautiful voice was given the female lead and Uddin got the second male lead. They were happy with the success of the audition. Uddin took her out for lunch at a five star restaurant. They enjoyed their meal.
After the lunch, Uddin drove to the park. They had fun and pla-yed at the water falls and got themselves we-t. They la-id on the field p@n-ting. Uddin turned towards Aqila and admired her with a smile on his face. Aqila noticed him smiling.
‘What now?
‘Nothing really. But I’m so happy I’m in this drama with you’
‘Really? But you ain’t male lead’
‘Does it matter. As long as I’ll be close to you. Well… Thanks for toady. You made my day. I really appreciate ‘
‘I should be thanking you. Well… It’s getting pretty late. Let’s get going.
‘Where do you stay, I’ll drop you off there’
‘No nee-d. Just drop me off at the bus st©p ‘
‘Why? Am I not allowed to know where my cutie petite stays at?
‘Uddin, plea-se not now. Let’s go. I don’t even know your house ‘
‘Fine I’ll take you to my house then..
AQILA 🌹🌹🌹💞💞💖💖💖🌹🌹
CHAPTER 32🌹🌹💞💞💞
The next day, Aqila and Uddin left for rehearsal. Both had their seat and watched others perform. One of the coaches called the two and handed over their script. Aqila and Uddin went to a corner to learn their lines. After 30 minutes, the drama coach 3 called Aqila as the male lead has arrived. She asked Aqila to go up to the stage with the script.
The male lead dropped his bag and went to the stage. They we’re given microphones. Aqila was surprised to see Mustafa who was the male lead. Mustafa was in his 3rd year. Mustafa was happy to see Aqila. They started with their rehearsal while Uddin watched from the floor. After the drama rehearsal, Mustafa went to Aqila.
‘Hey, why didn’t you tell me you study here?
‘I didn’t know you study here either ‘
‘Really? Niesha studies here too. But she’s in business clas-s’
‘For real? I miss her’
‘Yes. She’s in her third year too. I really missed you. Wanna gr-ab a bite with me?
‘No. It’s ok. ‘
‘I insist. Let’s go. I’ll carry your bag for you ” he win-ked at her
Aqila and Mustafa left for the canteen. Uddin was surprised when he noticed that Aqila has disappeared. He searched for her. Aqila and Mustafa had lunch together. Mustafa walked her to her hall for her next lecture.
‘See you later ok?
‘Sure. Take care’
‘I enjoyed your company. hvg?
‘C’mon. It’s just a hvg. plea-se
‘Fine. Just a hvg’
Mustafa hvgged Aqila, while Uddin watched them. Mustafa t©uçhed her cheek and win-ked at her. He turned to leave, he walked three steps, turned back and blew her a k!ss. He was happy. Seems like destiny is on his side. His love is in the same college with him and also his woman in the drama. He left with joy. Aqila turned, she freaked out when she saw Uddin.
‘How long have you been there?
‘You abandoned me at that place, and ran off with that guy. Do you want to bring the drama into reality. Don’t crush on him. Got it!
‘What’s with you. Well Mustafa and I are…
‘Don’t wanna hear any word. Let’s go in. Lecture will soon start’
‘What’s with that guy?
After lectures, Aqila and Uddin left for the lecture hall. They met Mustafa at the bo-ttomof the stair case. He was waiting for Aqila.
‘Geez, him…
‘Aqila! You are done? That’s good. Let’s go’
‘Where are you taking her to?
‘Aqila, let’s go somewhere quiet and rehearse, so that we’ll be good tomorrow. Don’t you think so?
‘No. She doesn’t think so…
AQILA 🌹🌹💞💞💞💖💖💞🌹
CHAPTER 33🌹🌹🌹💞💞
(AqilaMustafa chemistry)
Mustafa smiled and took Aqila by her hand and they left for another hall. They dropped their bags and rehearsed. Uddin was really hurt by the action. After the rehearsal, Aqila and Mustafa took a taxi. Aqila dropped at the bus st©p. She waved at Mustafa. She gr@bb£d another taxi home. She was tired, she went in and saw Asad at the sitting room.
‘You are late again. Aqila, is this a new habit?
‘Sorry. I had rehearsals. Sorry ‘
‘Are You tired? Get some rest. I’ll ask the maid to make you dinner ‘
‘Thank You. I really appreciate. Uncle, I mean Asad, will you come watch me on the festival day?
‘If I’m free. I’ll be in my room. Excuse me ‘
‘Huh? He looks quite angry. I’m really tired.
Aqila retired to her room. The next morning, Asad dropped her off at school. Uddin had seen her get down from the car. But something didn’t feel right to him, cause Asad wasn’t dressed as a driver and also the way Aqila waved at him. He tapped Aqila’s shoulder.
‘Are you hitching rides from strangers now?
‘You are nuts’
‘Let’s go in. ‘
After lectures Mustafa c@m£ over to Aqila’s lecture hall. Uddin wasn’t happy.
‘Wanna rehears again? I’m p@rt of the drama. I wanna rehearse with you guys. I’m the second male lead’
‘Oh really?
‘Sorry guys. No rehearsal today. I’m sick’
‘Really? I’ll drive you home. Let’s go’
‘See You tomorrow Mustafa ‘
‘Call me once you get home ‘
Aqila and Uddin left the hall. Aqila flagged down a taxi, got in and left. The next day, Mustafa called her over to where he is. She went to him. They rehearsed together. After the rehearsal, they had some lunch which Mustafa made.
They rehearsed together for a week. Uddin found out the place they stay to rehearse, he went there before them. He was surprised to see another girl there. It was Lina, she loves Mustafa and she heard that Mustafa and Aqila meets there and spends time togethy. She asked Uddin why he was there. Uddin told her.
Lina asked Uddin to team up with her to separate Aqila and Mustafa. Uddin saw she was a dangerous jealous type. He nee-ds to protect Aqila from her. Aqila and Mustafa walked in smiling at each other. They we’re surprised to see Uddin and Lina there. Mustafa took Aqila’s hand and tried to leave. Uddin held him back.
‘St©p meeting her. Meet her only during the general rehearsal, you fool ‘
‘What fool?
‘Guys, no fighting. Save it for the drama. I’m leaving.
AQILA 🌹🌹💞💞💞💞💞🌹🌹🌹
CHAPTER 34🌹🌹🌹💞💞
(AqilaMustafa chemistry) 🌹💞💞
It’s the day for the final general rehearsal before the D-day. All the students acting we’re pres£nt. Uddin and Aqila were excited. The drama coaches arrived and asked everyone to take their position. They started with the rehearsals. It was the final scene of the drama. Aqila and Uddin were re-ady. They mounted the stage.
‘Action! The coach screamed’
‘Ishtar, I want to tell you something, I can’t hide it anymore ‘
‘Tell me Adil, what is it?
‘I don’t know how to say it, well… I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Ishtar, I… I…, geez, this is ha-rd to say. I love you Ishtar. Since the day you c@m£ into my life. I love you so much ‘
‘Adil, I’m quite surprised, honestly, I’m dumbfounded. I really appreciate your love, but I guess we’re only meant to be best of friends. I love someone else.
‘Who’s that?
‘You know him. Hazim. I’ve been in love with him since childhood. I’m sorry’
‘No place for me?
‘No, there’s a place for you. You will always be my friend. ‘
Aqila hvgged Uddin and their p@rt ended. Uddin left the stage and Mustafa mounted the stage.
He tapped Aqila’s shoulder
‘Have you been waiting for me that long?
‘Not long ‘
‘Ishtar, you are beautiful today. Something you ain’t telling me?
‘Yes. I love you Hazim’
‘For real? Me too. I love you.
‘No! You can’t love him. He’s mine! Lina screamed, she’s the second female lead
‘Why? What are you doing here Nuha?
‘Hazim, I love you so much ‘
‘Sorry Nuha, but I love Ishtar ‘
‘Why can’t you love me?
‘Because I love someone else ‘
Lina approached Aqila and dragged her by her hair. Mustafa separated them. Lina sl@pped her and pushed her down and left. Mustafa bent down and hvgged Aqila. He carried her up.
‘I’m sorry my queen’
‘It’s okay my love’
Mustafa k!$$£d her forehead and the drama ended. The remaining cast joined them and they bowed. The coaches we’re impressed. Mustafa brou-ght an ice pack for Aqila. Aqila was really surprised with the sl@p. It wasn’t in the script. Mustafa left to get Aqila’s bag. Lina approached Aqila.
‘Does it hurt? That’s just the beginning, you snitch’
‘Such vulgar words’
‘I’ll hurt you until let my man be. Mustafa is mine. Don’t try to use this trash to get close to him or else…
‘What will happen? As long as I Uddin Jafar is with her, no harm will come to her. Now leave us’
‘Mark my words’
‘Are You ok? Let’s go home
AQILA 🌹🌹🌹💞💞💞💞🌹🌹🌹
CHAPTER 35🌹🌹🌹💞💞💞
(AqilaUddin) 🌹🌹💞💞
‘Here’s your bag’
‘Hey, speak to your crazy girlfriend Lina. Let’s go Aqila’
Uddin and Aqila left the hall while Mustafa approached Lina
‘Why do you like acting stupidly. St©p hurting her. I will never love a psycho like you. Got it. Geez’
Mustafa picked his bag and left. He called Aqila that evening to check up on her. Asad had brou-ght some medicine for Aqila when he saw her phone ringing. He picked up the phone.
‘Who’s Mustafa? Mustafa is a guy’s name. Perhaps Aqila’s course mate? Where is Aqila?
Aqila walked in from the bathroom on towels. She rushed to Asad and took her phone and quic-kly picked the call.
‘Hi Mustafa, yes I’m fine. No it’s ok. Yes I’ll have enough rest since no lectures tomorrow. Yes. You have a clas-s tomorrow? Good luck. Yes. Take care bye. Ah… Asad… It’s my… Sorry let me answer this. Hi Uddin, yes. Yes. I’m ok. Tomorrow? Why? Surprise? Seriously? 3pm? Ok fine. Sure. Take care. Bye.
‘I see you have lots of male friends. Here are your drugs. I’m off to my room’
‘Asad. Thanks for supporting me. I really appreciate and I hope you will be there on Friday ‘
‘I can’t say for sure’
‘Hold on Asad ‘
Aqila rushed over to him and hvgged him. Asad was pretty surprised with her. Aqila is hvgging him on her short bathrobe. Aqila wouldn’t do so ’cause she’s shy. College do change people. He bid her good night. Aqila changed to her night wear and took her drugs. She hopes the festival is successful. She do misses the ‘AqilaAsad’ time.
The next day, Aqila left to meet Uddin at a restaurant. He changed the time to 12pm. They had their seats and placed their orders. Uddin was happy to see Aqila smile. The waiter brou-ght their food. Asad was with a client when he heard Aqila’s voice. He turned and was surprised to see her with Uddin. He was quite angry. He ended the meeting and left the restaurant. Aqila returned home with a shopping bag.
Uddin took her shopping. Asad saw the bag and his mood wors£n. He left for his room. Aqila brou-ght a glas-s of warm milk for Asad. He refused to say a word to her. Aqila noticed him wearing a frown. She went to him and hvgged him from his back.
‘Uncle, are you angry with me?
‘Go to your room. Let me be’ He broke off from her arms and went to the be-d and she followed him.
‘Uncle, don’t be angry ok. I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you. I promise never to hurt you again.
Asad went closer to her and brou-ght hisl-ips to k!ssher.