Aqila episode 3

AQILA 🌹🌹🌹🌹❤💖💖💞
‘Uncle, call me uhmm jelly fish or my name, Aqila’
‘Ah, cute little thing, wanna take some pictures with me?
‘Yes uncle, but you haven’t told me your name ‘
‘I’m Asad, Ahmed Asad’
‘You are my favorite uncle big man’
‘Really? Ok, I nee-d to head inside wanna come along?
‘No go ahead’
‘Ok, later ‘
Asad returned back to the hall and Aqila left for the pool side. Asad felt uncomfortable like something bad was about to happen. He left the p@rty and searched for Aqila.
Aqila’s br@celet had fallen on the floor, she bent down to pick it, herleg sli-pped and she fell into the pool. Asad saw her struggling for breathe, he rushed to the pool and dived in and saved her. He took her to his be-droom where he woke her up.
He asked one of the maids to call Gamila and Aqila’s parents. Aqila’s go-wn was we-t, A gr@bb£d his shi-t and short and gave it to her to wear, Aqila took them and left for the bathroom to change. The shi-t and short were big on heels, Asad laughed at her but she gave him a frown. He gave her his hand dryer to dry her hair, he turned and re-moved his shi-t and vest, Aqila screamed and closed her eyes.
Asad went closer to her and tried removing her hands from her face but she kept on screaming. Asad quic-kly and covered her mouth with his hand. Asad and Aqila had a quite funny eye contact for some seconds. Asad and Aqila’s parents walked in and saw them in an awkward position.
‘What’s going on here? Aisha asked with an angry tone ‘
Aqila rushed over to her parents ma-king Asad look like a bad person. Asad tried to explain the situation, lucky him, Aqila told everyone what happened. Gamila was happy, she introduced Asad to them and asked him to change his clothes.
Aqila and her parents thanked them and left for their home, Gamila had asked Aisha to come over the next day by 4pm. It was quite a funny night for Asad, he went throu-gh the pictures he took with Aqila earlier and smiled, he likes this angel.