Aqila episode 27 to 30

AQILA 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💖🌹🌹
CHAPTER 27 💖🌹🌹💖💞
‘How do you mean?
‘Once he checks your temperature. Your temperature will definitely be normal’
‘What if it is not normal?
‘What do you mean by that?
Asad rushed in with the thermometer. He checked her temperature which was high. Aqila was surprised, but unfortunately for Elizabeth, Aqila is smarter than her.
‘Oh my gush. Your temperature is really high’ said Aqila
‘Yes it is’ replied Elizabeth
‘It’s ok Elizabeth ‘said Asad
‘Asad, quic-k, give her the drugs. She nee-ds them now.
‘Yes. Water ‘
‘No I’m fine. ‘
‘You are not. Here’s water Asad. You can help her with the drugs ‘
‘Sure. Thanks Aqila
‘You can’t runaway this time around lady’ Aqila mumbled to herself and laughed.
Asad made Elizabeth take the drugs and helped her lie down. Aqila asked Asad to leave while she clears the stuffs. Asad left the room. Aqila bur-st out in laughter, seeing Elizabeth’s reaction.
‘What’s funny?
‘You of course. Asad I’m sick, no appetite, blah blah blah. You think you are smart. Now you are gonna be sick. You’ll be admitted to the hospital and some lousy nurses will treat you. Hahahahaha.
‘You evil girl. I’ll get you for this.’
‘Sorry you can’t. Allah is with me. How dare you mess with me. Crazy London girl’
‘Aqila, I’ll kill you, but why do I feel dizzy?
‘When you rushed off, I added my own type of drug. Sleep ti-ght’
‘What did you add?
‘Are you scared alre-ady. Oh my gush. What if you don’t wake up tomorrow morning, what if you die in your sleep?
‘Aqila… What did you do?
‘Calm down. I’m not evil. Just slee-ping pills. You worry over issues and plus I swapped the drugs. You are safe. Just wanted to scare you. I’m not evil. Good night Elizabeth. Don’t lie again. Lying is bad. Ok?
‘Yes. You crazy girl. You scared the death outta me. Good night ‘
‘One crazy creation ‘
Aqila dropped the tray at the kitchen, had some water. She laughed for a while. It’s been long she pranked someone. She enjoyed it especially Elizabeth’s reaction. She loved Elizabeth’s reaction when she told her she added some drug. She laughed and drop the glas-s cu-p. Asad walked in and noticed her smiling.
‘What have you done now?
‘Nothing. She’s asleep. I’ll head to my room now’
‘Aqila… You are angry with me because you saw us hvgging last night right? Since when did such stuffs start moving you?
‘You are jealous of Elizabeth right?
‘No. Good night!
AQILA 🌹🌹💖💖🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖
CHAPTER 28🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖
Aqila rushed off to her room and locked her door behind her. She can practically hear her heart beat. She held the pillow close to her che-st. She was blu-shing. She la-id her head on the other pillow and sle-pt off.
‘Cutie pie. Honey, darling, jelly pie. Wake up. Wakie wakie little jelly’
‘Two minutes plea-se ‘
‘No. I’m alre-ady late for work. Come pack my lunch baby’
Asad t©uçhed her nose and she sat up. She ru-bbe-d her eyes and smiled.
‘So cute. Cute little thing, should I give you a hvg?
‘Yes. hvg me, plea-se’
‘Aqila! Aqila! Asad dragged her ear a bit.
‘Oh my! Good morning. How long have you been here?
‘Quite long’
‘So I was dreaming. So sad.
‘Come pack lunch for me.
‘Yes. Let’s go ‘
Aqila and Asad left for the kitchen. Aqila packed his lunch and gave it to him. Asad t©uçhed her nose and left. Aqila returned to her room. She felt disappointed, It was a dream. She had her bath and went to the garden to check the flowers. Elizabeth approached her.
‘You wake up late these days. Why?
‘Because I work all day, unlike you who do nothing. I thought you said you are to help in building your mum’s h0tel?
‘Do that and leave. ‘
‘Only Asad can tell me to leave. Got it?
‘Yes, yes, yes. Blah blah blah
By evening Asad invited Aqila to his room for a talk. He asked her what she loved doing most. She said she loves cooking and Music, but music the most. Asad asked her to fill a college entrance form. Aqila chose music, cause she loves singing. She submitted the form. She was grateful to Asad. Asad asked her to study for the exam.
After dinner, Asad told everyone that he’s s£nding Aqila to college. Gamila tried to object but she had to give in. Asad asked them not to bug Aqila while she’s studying for her exams. Aqila was excited for every thing.
Two weeks later it was the day for the entrance exam. Asad drove Aqila to the college. Aqila was very nervous. Asad noticed she was freaking out. Asad held her hands
‘Are you scared? It’s ok. It’s common to feel nervous ‘
‘Really? But I’m really nervous. I’m practically shaking ‘
‘Aqila. It’s ok. Ok look, have this br@celet. Consider it your lucky charm. Ok?
‘For real? Thank you ‘
Aqila hvgged Asad and Asad k!$$£d her cheek. Aqila waved at Asad and left for the exam hall. She got in and settled down. She took some de-ep breathe and prayed for better results. The question papers were served and everyone started writing.
AQILA 🌹🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖💞💞💞💞
Seems like her studies paid off. Aqila finished with her exams. She quic-kly picked up her bag, with excitement she turned to leave, she bu-mped into a candid@t£, Uddin. Uddin caught her from falling. She thanked him and turned to leave but Uddin held her hand.
‘Careful, you might get hurt’
‘Thank you but I gotta go. Bye’
Aqila left Uddin who stood back to admire this pretty lady. Asad was waiting for Aqila at the school canteen when she walked. She waved at him in excitement.
‘Done so soon?
‘Yes. I was nervous but when I saw the questions, i was happy’
‘Seems like your studies paid off. Congratulations. Let’s hope for the best, ok?
‘Yes. Your br@celet…
‘You can keep it. Are you hungry alre-ady?
‘Yes. But I crave for something else.
‘What is it?
‘Lunch made by you. Oh my, you can’t cook.
‘Hey, are you mocking me? I can cook and I’m gonna prove it to you. Let’s go’
‘Really? Yepee. ‘
Asad and Aqila left for his car. Uddin saw Aqila getting into Asad’s car. He thinks she’s a rich girl from a rich family.
‘Wow. She’s cute and now this. Pretty cool’
‘Who are you talking to sir? Asked his driver
‘No one. Let’s go’
Asad and Aqila got home and left for the kitchen. Asad wore the apron and started his cooking while Aqila sat there admiring him from various edges and angles. She rushed to him wiping off his sweat.
Food was re-ady to be tasted. Aqila pretends not to like the food and tea-sed Asad. Asad felt sad, but Aqila brightened up his mood with a smile’
‘Anything you make is delicious, ’cause you made it with so much love’
‘Oh wow. She’s trying to be ro-mantic ‘
‘Fine. I take my words back’
‘No don’t. I like what you said, but this is rather new’
‘And you don’t like it?
‘If this is a new Aqila, i must confess I like her ‘
‘More than the old Aqila?
‘Old Aqila is rather cute and so conservative, but this one… I like her’. He win-ked at her
‘St©p. Let’s eat ‘
‘Are you blu-shing?
‘You are annoying. Why do you like teasing me all the time?
‘Cause you are cute?
‘So I look cute only when I’m being tea-sed. Huh?
‘No. You are cute, but cuter whenever I tease you. What I love most when I tease you is your cute reactions. My cutie queen. Awww, i don’t think I’ll ever find a cute thing like you in the world’
‘Geez. So cheesy. Nice cooking. I love this. Thank you ‘
‘You’re welcomed. Enjoy. You deserve more than this’ he smiled
‘Aqila, your admission letter has been delivered’ Asad calls on Aqila
‘Oh really? I’m nervous to see it’
‘C’mon, I bet you got the course. May I do the honours?
‘Sure open it’
Asad opened the letter.
‘What does it say?
‘Congratulations. You made it. You’ll be resuming school soon’
‘Really? I’m so happy. Thank you Asad’
‘You’re welcomed’
The university resumed for a new session and Aqil resumed school. Her first day at school was quite cool. Asad gave her a ride to school. Aqila’s outfit changed as Asad did some shopping for her during the weekend.
Aqila wore a blue flare jean skrit, white shi-t with her hijab perfectly worn and sneakers. She walked confidently to her lecture hall and settled down. Not long the first lecture commenced. Aqila was filled with happiness. After the first lecture, she packed her stuff and tried to leave for another lecture hall when she bu-mped into Uddin. Uddin was happy to see her again. She was in a hurry, she apologized and left.
Uddin left for the lecture hall. He saw an empty seat and rushed over to it. He sat down and brou-ght out his book when he noticed Aqila sitting right besides him.
‘Oh my, miss bu-mper, you are here. Wow’
‘Huh? bu-mper?
‘Ssshhh… Lecture is about starting’ he win-ked at her.
The lecture ended quite early. Aqila packed her books to leave, Uddin quic-kly packed his. He doesn’t want to miss her. She stood up to leave when Uddin held her hand.
‘Don’t leave now. plea-se’
‘What? Why?
‘plea-se seat. I guess we’re on break, miss bu-mper ‘
‘Why call me that?
‘Cause you keep on bu-mping into me. Like we’re destined for each other. Don’t think we are?
‘You are crazy. I’m not miss bu-mper. I’m Aqila Ahmed, boy’
‘Boy? Wow! I’m Uddin Jafar. Nice to meet you miss bu-mper, I mean Aqila. I guess it’ll take time for me to get used to your real name. But I’m so happy to meet you pretty one’
‘Thank You’
‘Hey bro, it’s lunch time, let’s eat’ said Uddin’s friend
‘Sure. Wanna gr-ab a bite with us? Say yes, plea-se’
‘OK fine. At where?
‘Canteen. Well… He’s my friend. QD
‘My name is pretty long. And you are?
‘Nice to meet you. Gotta go guys. I’ve seen my heart beat. Bye guys’
‘Bye QD. Strange name ‘
‘Yes. Let’s go.
Uddin and Aqila left for the canteen. They took their food to the table and had their seats. They introduced themselves and got to know themselves. Uddin is funny.