Aqila episode 23 to 26

AQILA 💖💞💞💖🌹🌹🌹🌹💖💖
CHAPTER 23🌹🌹🌹❤❤
At afternoon, Mustafa invited Aqila over to his flat. Aqila brou-ght some cookies for him. Mustafa thanked her and offered her some snacks and jui-ce. They watched some movies. Aqila bec@m£ uncomfortable with him. She’s missing Asad, but why. She turned to Mustafa
‘Why did you invite me over?
‘C’mon, can’t I invite my friend over for some time alone?
‘Aqila, I’m really serious about my feelings for you. I love so much. Just say yes’
‘Mustafa… I can’t d@t£ you ‘
‘Why? Am I ugly, rude? Tell me’
‘You are a good person, but honestly I don’t have any feelings for you. So I can’t d@t£ you. I’m leaving. Take care’
‘Aqila hold on
‘Let go of my hand Mustafa… Sorry, there will be no us’
‘Aqila, I love you ‘
‘Do You want to lose our friendsh!p?
‘Fine, I accept my fate with you, with love?
‘Mustafa, you are a good person. Allah will provide you with a very good and gorgeous lady, sorry that lady isn’t me. Take care’
‘I’ve lost it all.
‘No. We’re still friends. Bye Mustafa ‘
Aqila hurriedly left his ap@rtment and went home. She didn’t tell anyone where she had gone to. She saw Asad outside their house. She rushed to him and hvgged him. Asad was quite surprised with Aqila’s behavior. Aqila hvgged him ti-ght, never letting him go.
‘Sorry if I made you worry. I miss you ‘
‘Are you ok Aqila?
‘Yes. I’m fine.
‘You seem quite strange. Well, my mum called. She misses you. I wonder why she’ll miss you more than she misses me ‘
‘Are you jealous?
‘Not really. You can let go of me now ‘
‘Don’t want to ‘
‘I want to go inside ‘
‘Just wait for some minutes’
‘I can’t, but I know how to move you and you’ll still hold me’
‘And how’s that?
Asad carried Aqila up, he smiled at her and they went in.
It’s Monday morning, Aisha is pretty sad. Asad and Aqila are leaving. They promised to visit her as often as they can. Asad and Aqila left for their cars. Aqila’s driver drove her home, while Asad’s driver drove him to the hospital. Gamila welcomed Aqila and the maids took the luggage to their rooms.
Aqila and Gamila left for Gamila’s room where they talked about what happened. Gamila is happy that Asad and Aqila are bonding. Elizabeth isn’t happy with everything. She asked a maid about Asad and Aqila’s relationsh!pwho told her that, the only thing she knows his that they have the same surname. Asad Ahmed and Aqila Ahmed. Elizabeth was confused.
. AQILA 🌹🌹🌹💖💖💞💞💞🌹🌹
CHAPTER 24🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖
Elizabeth tried to figure out what the maid meant by Aqil a bearing the surname Ahmed. She concluded that Aqila is Asad’s cousin. She felt quite weird and pretty sorry for treating Aqila like a maid. Aqila made dinner for everyone and asked the maid to get everyone while she gets Asad.
She left for Asad’s room. Asad was having some rest when she walked in. She asked him to come down for dinner. Aqila and Asad left for the dining room. She sat beside him, while the maids dished out the food. Madhi was eager to know about their little vacation at Aisha’s house.
‘Aqila, how are your parents?
‘Totally fine sir. They s£nt their regards to you and ma Gamila ‘
‘Really? So, how was your stay over there?
‘It was very nice sir’
‘So, you and Aisha are ok now?
‘Yes sir. Thanks to Asad. He helped me out’
‘Asad? That’s good’
‘Hold on, did you call him Asad now instead of your usual uncle?
‘Yes ma’am
‘Wow. How did it happen?
‘Mum, it’s lame, I asked her to call me Asad. I’m not her uncle ‘
‘You are my favorite uncle ‘
‘Oh goodness Aqila…
‘Just kidding ‘
They laughed except Elizabeth who kept on looking at Asad and Aqila’s chemistry at the dining. She couldn’t endure it any longer. She stood up and left for her room. She slammed the door and sat on her be-d.
‘What’s with me. I thought they are cousins, but something seems quite off. They are too close to be cousins. Gosh, what’s their damn relationsh!p?
Asad knocked at her door thrice before she opened it.
‘What now?
‘You abandoned your dinner…
‘So what?
‘I c@m£ to check up on you and I brou-ght your dinner along. May I come in?
‘Sure. Come in
‘Being angry doesn’t suite you. Smile for me’
‘Sick persons don’t smile ‘
‘Are You sick?
‘Huh? Uhhhh….. Yes. You see, I’ve lost the appetite to eat, that’s why I left. I was so angry that I can’t eat. So bad’
‘It’s ok. I’ll get some drugs for you ‘
‘No. I alre-ady have my medication ‘
‘Ok. Fine. Have some food’
‘Don’t want to. I feel like I’ll throw up’
‘Fine. I’ll feed you. Happy now?
‘Yes. I miss those days we feed each other when we’re sick. Feels like yesterday. Right?
‘That’s in the past. Just eat up’
‘So you have forgotten about it? So bad of you ‘
‘Sorry. Just kidding. I don’t forget memories.
‘Asad, may I hvg you?
Elizabeth hvgged Asad and Aqila walked in with a glas-s of jui-ce.
. AQILA 🌹🌹💖💖💖💞💞💞🌹🌹🌹
Aqila returned to her room pretty sad. She’s unhappy with Asad’s relationsh!pwith Elizabeth. The next morning, Aqila made breakfast for everyone. She refused to sit beside Asad as she’s hurt. She wasn’t concentrating on her food as last night event was fresh in her memory. Madhi noticed Aqila not eating.
‘Aqila, are you not feeling well?
‘Huh? How sir?
‘You are not eating. You seem lost. Any problem?
‘Problem? No. I’m fine. I’ll eat, maybe later. Excuse me.
Aqila left the dining room. She returned to her room and la-id on her be-d, forgetting to pack Asad’s lunch. After breakfast Madhi and Asad left for work. Aqila returned to the sitting room by 11am. Gamila noticed her moody face.
‘You are angry. Why?
‘Huh? Me? No I’m not’
‘Did Asad do anything to you last night?
‘No. Nothing ‘
‘Really? But you seem angry. Maybe that’s why you refused to pack lunch for him’
‘Lunch? Oh no. I totally forgot. I’ll pack lunch and ask the driver to give it to him’
‘Why don’t you take it to him yourself?
‘No. I’ll leave for the kitchen’
Aqila left for the kitchen, she made lunch for Asad and packed it. She called the driver and asked him to take the lunch to Asad. Elizabeth tapped her shoulder.
‘I’m so bored. May I go with him, or I should drop it off myself ‘
‘You are new here and I know you don’t know your way here. No nee-d to bug you since you are sick. Have you taken your medicine today?
Who told you that I’m sick? I’m totally fine ‘
‘Two things now. It’s either you lied to Asad to get his attention or you are lying to me to meet Asad. Which one?
‘Ah geez. You are so petty. I’m going back to my room. Crazy fella’
Elizabeth left for her room while Aqila left with the driver. They arrived at the hospital. The nurse at the reception helped Aqila with Asad’s office. Aqila thanked her and left for Asad’s office. She went in and had her seat waiting for Asad. Asad walked in and was surprised to see her.
‘You are here? Why?
‘Lunch. I brou-ght your lunch. I forgot to pack it’
‘Really or you purposely did it so you can visit me, ’cause You miss me?
‘Geez. How rude. I’m leaving. Enjoy your lunch’
‘Hold on. You seem very angry. What’s wrong?
‘If You want to do something bad, do it where no eye can see you. Allah bless you. Excuse me ‘
‘Aqila, what is it? You sound rather jealous.
Aqila tried to leave but Asad pu-ll-ed her close to his che-st.
. AQILA 🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖💖💞🌹🌹
CHAPTER 26 🌹🌹🌹💖💖
Aqila tried to free herself from Asad but Asad held her ti-ght. Her heart beat increa-sed as Asad brou-ght hisl-ips closer to hers. She closed her eyes, she felt a k!sson her forehead. Asad returned to his seat
‘Hey Missy, set my lunch. I’m hungry alre-ady ‘
‘Oh. Yes. I’ll do that.
‘Who made you angry and what bad thing did I do?
‘You alre-ady know. Do you have any dirty clothes at home?
‘Do You wanna wash them?
‘Geez. I’m not your maid. I’ll give it to the maids to wash’
‘Why? Why can’t you wash it?
‘Because I’m Aqila Ahmed, Mrs. Got it. Geez ‘
‘Oh I see. Mrs…
‘Just eat. You are ma-king noise’
‘Hey! Seriously, your attitude. Just tell me what I did to offend you.’
‘Eat up. I’m heading home. Bye. Crazy…
‘Crazy what?
‘Nothing. Ah, I forgot, Elizabeth said you should get some drugs for her. She always has fever at night ‘
‘Really? I thought she has some medicine ‘
‘You a doctor and you know better. I’m out of here’
Aqila left Asad’s office. She wants to teach Elizabeth a lesson for flir-ting her Asad, no one t©uçhes Aqila’s stuff, not even her Asad. Aqila returned home, hoping for evening to come for her to watch some drama. Asad arrived home and went to his be-droom. He c@m£ down for dinner.
‘Elizabeth how are you feeling now? Asked Aqila.
‘Yes. I almost forgot. Here are the drugs you asked me to bring.
‘What drugs?
‘The one you asked Aqila to tell me to bring for you. You always get feverish at night ‘
‘What? Uhmmm… Yes. I’ll take them later, when I’m sleepy’
‘No. It’s bad. Take it now.’
‘I’m ok Asad.
‘C’mon take it. Are you scared of drugs or you are scared because it may cause you harm than good’ said Aqila
Elizabeth glared at her in anger. Asad gave Elizabeth the drugs and a glas-s of water to take the drugs. Aqila felt like laughing out loud. She giggled while Elizabeth glared at her in anger. Elizabeth can’t take the drugs, because she’s not sick. She nee-ds to come up with a plan. She pretended to feel nauseous and left for her room. Asad followed her.
Aqila doesn’t want Elizabeth to win. She followed up. Elizabeth threw the medicine into the toilet and flu-shed it. Asad rushed in and she pretended to be dizzy. Asad helped her to the be-d. Aqila watched in anger. Asad left to get a thermometer. Aqila went to Elizabeth tossing the packet of the drugs.
‘You think you are smart? Asad will soon find out you are not sick ‘