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February 26, 2021


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Aqila episode 2

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AQILA 🌹🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤💖💖



Aisha returned home and made dinner, after dinner she went to Aqila’s room.


‘Aqila, may I have a word with you?

‘Yes mum, go ahead, what is it?

‘Aqila, You know there comes a time in the life of a woman when she has to make a decision even though the decision might seem bad but trust me it brings forth a lot of good things ‘

‘Ok, what decision mum?

‘Aqila, you are getting married, yes’

‘Are you kidding me right now mum?

‘No, I’m serious about it. In fact your wedding has been finalized and your engagement is next week ‘

‘Next week? Mum why? Have I not been a good daughter? Ok mum forgive me if I had acted against your wish, but mum no marriage please ‘

‘You have been a good child my dear. Just rest up, ok? Trust me your husband is young and handsome ‘

‘Stop mum, please stop. Good night, I hate you, mum’

‘I understand, good night dear, sweet dreams my child ‘


Aisha left for her room, while Aqila was left in sadness. Aqila cried all through the night. In the morning she refused to have her breakfast and left for school without her lunch box. she fainted in her class at 1pm. Aqila was taken to the school nurse who gave her some snacks, and some food. Aisha picked Aqila up and she was told what happened to Aqila earlier that day.

Gamila is excited about Asad’s coming back home. Asad arrived by noon and Gamila was preparing for the welcome party for him. Aqila and her parents attended the party. Asad was amazed with the party. Asad had gone outside to answer a call when he bumped into Aqila


‘Sorry uncle, I didn’t mean to ‘

‘No, no problem, but, are you alone?

‘No, I came with my parents ‘

‘Where are they?

‘They’re inside, the party is kinda boring, you know ‘

‘What’s your name little girl?

‘I’m not a little girl, well, I’m Aqila by name and you big man?

‘Big man? Ha ha ha, You sure are funny Aqila, can I call you jelly fish, jelly pie or jelly beans?you are so cute.



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