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Mind blowing palace

Aqila episode 19 to 22

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AQILA 💞💞🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💞💞


Aisha walked into the kitchen when she noticed Asad staring at Aqila in a weird manner. Asad left the kitchen. Aisha approached Aqila.

‘Tell me dear child, how close are you and Asad?
‘Why do you want to know? Found another husband for me?
‘C’mon Aqila, i think Asad is slowly getting attracted to you ‘
‘Stop thinking, you might get a migraine. We know our boundaries very well. Got it’
‘I always imagine you two getting so close’
‘Ah mum! Stop it ok? Stop imagining. It won’t happen. I’ll be in my room’

Aqila left for her room. She walked in without knocking. Asad was only wearing his inner short. Aqila and Asad screamed.

‘Don’t you know how to knock?
‘Sorry. Go ahead in. Please.
‘So childish. I was kidding with you. C’mon. I’m not naked.
‘I know.

Asad left to put on some clothes while Aqila went to the bathroom.
Niesha had visited Aqila. Aqila was excited to see her. They hugged and had their seats. Aisha brought some snacks and juice for the girls. Asad enjoyed his from afar, watching the girls.

His phone rang, Gamila was calling. They talked for a while before he called Aqila over to speak with Gamila. After the call, he received another call from Elizabeth. Elizabeth seems pretty angry with him as he didn’t take her with him. He managed to calm her down and convince her.

Aisha returned to the sitting room, dressed up to go to the market. Asad offered to give her a ride while the girls have some fun. Asad drove her to the mall for a grocery shopping. Aisha was amazed and extremely happy. Aqila and Niesha went outside for some fresh air when Aqila noticed someone calling her name and waving at her from the porch at the second floor. It was Mustafa. Mustafa rushed down immediately and went over to Aqila’s house. He hugged her.

‘What are you doing here?
‘ l live here. At the second floor and you?
‘This is my parents’ house’
‘Really? So sir Heydar and ma’am Aisha are your parents? Wow! Why don’t I see you around?
‘How long have you been living here?
‘Two years, after our graduation. So where have you been then?
‘Yes tell us. ‘Cause I really wanna know and also visit you. And who’s that guy who gave your mum a ride to the market? Your driver or your boyfriend? If boyfriend, he’s rich’
‘Uhmm.. Guys let’s just talk about something else please. Let’s play our usual game. Okay?
‘Fine. Ready Mustafa?
‘Ok. I miss the old times, especially Aqila’

CHAPTER 20🌹🌹🌹💞💞

Asad and Aisha returned from the mall. Mustafa has left already. Aisha asked Aqila to help her out in the kitchen but she refused and left for her room. Asad was quite surprised with Aqila’s attitude towards her mum.

Asad helped Aisha unpack the groceries and place them where they should be. Aisha thanked him and made lunch. They all had lunch and Aqila returned back to her room. Aisha brought out a photo album and called Asad. They watched pictures together and she told him the memories attached to each of the pictures. Asad still wants to know why Aqila hates Aisha.

‘Aisha ma’am, i want to ask you something ‘
‘Sure, what is it?
‘From what you told me, seems like you and Aqila were really close and enjoyed each other’s company but what I can’t figure out is… What went wrong. She doesn’t speak to you, doesn’t wish to visit you or see your face. Why has your mother daughter relationship gone sour?
‘Asad, it’s all my fault I guess. Aqila hates me now, ’cause I asked her to marry you ‘
‘Really? I see. Anyone in her shoes would do same. I know I’m not happy with my mum, but I don’t hate her. I’m not trying to justify Aqila’s actions, but you did wrong to force her into marriage because of a stupid promise. Why do parents have to involve us into their issues. Ok, mum pressurized you right? But you should have stood your ground for the sake of your daughter. Do you know what Aqila missed out on just because she’s married? No first crush, no first love, no pranks. I guess she missed out on field trips and camp expedition. Ah geez. I really feel her pains. She can’t even tell her friends that she’s married. Goodness Aisha ma, this is so unfair to her. Really unfair. Sorry if I was rude earlier, i just…
‘No. You weren’t rude. I felt guilty but after I heard you speak such words with much sincerity, I guess I didn’t make any mistake at all. I can see how much you care about Aqila, You even understand her feelings. She’s lucky, not all men are like you. Please, keep on taking care of her. I’ll be inside’
‘Seriously, she doesn’t understand. I guess she’s hurt. No matter what, I need to fix their relationship before we return home. How do I do this? Wow… I have an idea. I hope it will work out.”

Asad closed the photo albums and took it to their room. He placed it on the bed and sat on the chair. Aqila came out from the bathroom and saw the albums. She tried to throw it out but couldn’t. She sat down and watched them.


CHAPTER 21 🌹💞💞💞💞

Asad was happy that Aqila didn’t throw the album away. He went to her and sat beside her.

‘Tell me about these pictures’
‘Forget it. You’ll get bored. It’s still noon.
‘Really? Do you care if I take you somewhere?
‘Yes I care but where? You don’t know this neighborhood ‘
‘Yes, but come with me, ok?
‘Yes. Let’s go’
Asad and Aqila left for the place, it was the elementary school Aqila attended. They got down from car. Aqila was surprised.
‘Why are we here?
‘Do you remember your first day here? Tell me about it’
‘Long story. I thought you were taking me to somewhere romantic. Geez, guess I expected too much’.
‘Crazy girl. Just wanted you to reminisce on the past memories with your mum’
‘Mum? Forget it’
‘No, i won’t. You have the right to hate your mum, but for how long? Does this hatred give you peace of mind? No right? Aqila, we’re in this together. Yes, you might think I had fun but Aqila, You are hurting the more. Please, forgive Aisha ma, please’
‘Don’t want to ‘
‘Please, jelly pie…
‘Me too, i hate being mad at mum. Fine, I’ll forgive her’
‘That’s my girl. A hug for you ‘
‘No, I’m expensive ‘
‘Very funny. So tell me, any cool restro around here?
‘Crazy. Yes, I’ll show you ‘

They got into the car and drove to a restaurant. They went in and placed their orders. Niesha arrived with her boyfriend. She was surprised to see Aqila with Asad. Aqila and Asad’s food was brought to them. After eating Aqila left for the restroom and Niesha followed her.

‘You scared me Niesha’
‘Sorry. Aqila, I’m your best friend, don’t hide things from me. I know that Mustafa loves you and you turned him down, perhaps, because of that man?
‘Yes. Any problem?
‘Who is he to you?
‘Friend. He’s waiting for me. Later’

Aqila returned back to Asad and they left the restaurant for the cinema. Asad bought the movie tickets and some snacks and drinks. They went in and had their seats. They enjoyed the movie. Aqila slept off before the movie ended. Asad woke her up and they left for the parking lot. Aqila’s sandal cut. Asad chuckled cause of the expression on her face.

‘This was my favorite sandal’
‘Ok. Come with me’
‘To where?
‘Just get in. Please. ”

They got into the car and Asad drove to a shoe store. They went into the store. Asad picked out three sandals and asked her to try it on. Aqila loved the three and couldn’t chose. Asad paid for the 3.

chapter 22🌹🌹💞💞💞

Asad and Aqila went home. Aisha apologized to Aqila for hurting her. Aqila forgave her and they hugged. They made dinner together while Asad watched them with a smile. After dinner Asad and Aqila decided to have a walk around the neighborhood. Aqila was a smiles. Asad noticed her smiling

‘Why are you smiling?
‘I’m happy that mum and I are ok. Perfect peace’
‘You see, I told you ‘
‘Thank you uncle’
‘Please stop calling me that. Call me Asad’
‘But why?
‘I don’t like that ‘
‘Ok Asad. Happy?
‘Very happy. Wow, the sky is so beautiful. The evening is so nice with cool breeze. I think I love it here.’
‘Really? I miss it here. I’m glad I came. So happy ‘
‘Aqila… I think.. Well… Nothing
‘What is it?
‘Forget about it. Let’s continue with our walk’
‘Ok, sure’

Asad held Aqila’s hand and they continued their walk. They stopped by an ice cream shop and bought some ice creams. They had their seat to lick their ice cream. Asad kept on looking at Aqila, but now from a different angle. He looked at her from her nose line to her cute lips, down to her chest, he stared at her chest for a while.

He brought out his phone and took a picture of her. They took pictures together. When they were done, they left for their home. They were pretty tired. Asad laid on the bed while Aqila left to change her clothe. When she returned, Asad was fast asleep. She packed up some stuffs lying around. She went to bed.

She tried pulling out the pillow when she noticed how handsome Asad is. She wants those lips. Her heart skipped a beat. She felt hot, she quickly left for the bathroom and washed her face. She returned to her room and sat on the bed. She admired her Asad before falling asleep. The next morning, Aqila woke up quite late. Asad walked in with her food.

‘Good morning ‘
‘What’s the time?
‘Chill, it’s not that late. Aisha ma and I made breakfast. Here’s yours. You must be tired from yesterday’s events ‘
‘Yes a little ‘
‘I’ll feed you ‘
‘Really? Ok. Feed me ‘

Asad fed Aqila her breakfast and wiped her mouth with the napkin. Aqila thanked him. She doesn’t know this feeling but she likes it because it keeps her smiling. She started admiring Asad. Asad removed his shirt and asked her to get some clothes for him which she did. She can’t seem to take her eyes off those amazing chest. She loves Asad more, but she doesn’t know she’s already in love with Asad.

Tbc. ….

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