Aqila episode 14 to 18

AQILA 💞💞💞💞🌹🌹🌹🌹
It’s morning alre-ady and Aqila isn’t up from be-d. Gamila has gone to Aqila’s room to wake her up because she sle-pt in. Gamila was surprised not to see her in her room. She wondered where Aqila had gone to. She looked for her and asked the maids if they have seen her, but no one knows where she is. Mr Madhi was surprised with Gamila’s reaction, he asked her to calm down and asked her to call Asad for him, he wants to talk with Asad before breakfast.
Gamila left for Asas’s room. Asad is just waking up and he’s surprised that Aqila is still asleep, he smiled and left for his bathroom. Gamila arrived at his doorstep and knocked but no response. She wondered why Asad is taking long to open his door. She asked one of the maids to get the master key. The maid got the key and Gamila opened the door. She walked in and was surprised to see Aqila on Asad’s be-d, fast asleep.
‘Could it be they have consummated their marriage? Was Asad in such a hurry? Was he drun!klast night or something else? Did Aqila s£dûç£him or she yielded to Asad maybe because she thinks it’s her duty as a wife? Did they really do it? But I saw Asad leave for his be-droom last night and Aqila went to the kitchen. Was Asad waiting for us to sleep? Yes, a servant said he saw Aqila last in the kitchen with Asad talking and Asad had taken her by her hand and they left the kitchen in a hurry. Oh my world, I’m going crazy. But where is Asad?
“Mum, you are here? Why?
‘Tell me, am I not allowed in here, or there is something you’re trying to hide?
‘Something like what?
‘Aqila spending the night with you ‘
‘Oh yes. She was pretty tired after last night’s event and she was alre-ady dozing off, so I let her spend the night here’
‘Really? So what events?
‘Nothing just pla-yed old games we used to pl@ybefore we got tangled with this marriage stuff. So don’t think so much’
‘Fine, your father wants to see you ‘
‘Ok. I’ll be down soon’
‘Hurry up and wake her up quic-kly ‘
‘Yes mum, go ahead now plea-se ‘
Gamila left Asad’s room. Asad woke Aqila up, she was surprised to see herself on Asad’s be-d. Asad noticed she was worried and sat beside her.
‘You woke up pretty late today. Anyways mum was here, she said you should come down real quic-k. I guess breakfast is served. Let’s go ‘
‘Ok. Good morning ‘
‘Good morning, jelly pie’
‘Asad, may I have a word with you’
‘What is it mum?
‘I nee-d you to do something for me ‘
‘And what’s that?
‘Go with Aqila to Aisha’s house tomorrow, since it’ll be weekend from tomorrow ‘
‘And why should I go with her?
‘Ever since Aqila started living with us, she has refused to visit her parents’
‘Why? Well… Whatever. I’m not going ‘
‘plea-se Asad’
‘No. St©p expecting anything from this marriage mum. Excuse me’
Gamila wants Aqila stay with her parents for the weekend as Aisha misses her so much. The next morning, Asad was woken up by his mum. He was surprised to see her packing his stuffs.
‘What are you doing?
‘I’m packing your stuffs, you and Aqila are going to her parents’ house now. Take your bath, get dressed and get down for breakfast’
‘And how are you going f0rç£ Aqila to that place’
‘Leave her to me and come down real quic-k. Got it?
‘Yes. I’ll do the packing myself. When are we coming back?
‘Tuesday ‘
‘What? I can’t skip work for two days. We’re coming back on Monday morning. I’ll go to work from there. You leave now mum’
‘Ok fine. Hurry up
Gamila left Asad’s room, while Asad left to take his bath. After breakfast, Asad and Aqila left for her parents’ house and Aqila had no idea. Aqila was surprised when the car drove into her parents’ house. They got down from the car. It’s been 6 years since she left her house to be Mrs Asad Ahmed. Aisha welcomed them with a warm hvg. The driver brou-ght in their luggage. Nothing has changed. Aisha took them to Aqila’s be-droom. Memories c@m£ back to Aqila, her eyes bec@m£ teary. Asad left to help the driver out. Aisha tried to hvg Aqila, who st©pped her.
‘My child, it’s been a while. Six years, i missed you so much ‘
‘Yes. It’s been a while. Six years you sold me out. Wow mum. Don’t just start with those fake reactions ‘
‘Do you actually think I didn’t miss you?
‘I don’t care if you did, ok? So annoying.
‘Aqila… I…
Asad’s pres£nce interrupted their discussion. He noticed Aisha’s teary eyes. Aisha left for the kitchen to make lunch. Asad tried to figure out why there’s hate in such mother and daughter relationsh!p.
After lunch, Aqila returned back to her room to unpack their stuffs and arrange the wardrobe.
Asad walked in to have a rest. He noticed how unhappy Aqila was.
‘Tell me, ain’t you happy that you are here?
‘I’m okay.
‘Really? I’ll rest up then’
Aqila decided to have a walk at evening when she met her friend, Niesha, who also is her neighbor. They hvgged each other.
‘Aqila, it’s been a while. Where have you been?
‘Quite around. And You?
‘I’m fine. How’s college?
‘Well… Not in college’
‘Why? No money?
‘Not that. Long story. So tell me, how’s everyone?
‘Quite cool. I missed you so much. Let’s hangout down there. There’s a good candy cotton vendor there, and lots of good snacks. Let’s go ‘
‘After you ‘
They left for the cotton candy vendor and bought some. Some girl was singing and Niesha dragged Aqila along to watch. While watching, something caught Aqila’s eyes and she left Niesha.
Aqila walked down the street, she was amazed what she saw. She kept walking until she lost her way. She noticed it when tried to return back to Neisha. She was shaken. She doesn’t have Neisha’s number.
Neisha turned to hold Aqila’s hand when she noticed her gone. She searched for her but couldn’t find her. She was scared. She quic-kly dialed Aisha’s number. Aisha wasn’t with her phone. Asad noticed her phone ringing and decided to pick the call. Niesha told him what has happened. Asad took his car keys, rushed to his car, got in and drove to where Niesha was.
‘Where are you Missy?
‘There sir. I’m waiting for you ‘
‘Wave plea-se. Ok, I’m waving at you. Come meet me.
‘Wow, you are…
‘Where’s Aqila?
‘I don’t know sir’
‘Let’s search for her’
Asad dialed her number and Aqila picked up.
‘Where are you?
‘Somewhere down the street
‘Where exactly?
‘I don’t know ‘
Aqila felt someone coming towards her. She turns immediately and tr!pp£dover a stone. A hand went round her w@!st which st©pped her from falling and her phone fell from her hand. Asad tried to get hold of her but was disappointed. His worries increa-sed. Mustafa had saved Aqila from falling.
Aqila was surprised to meet him. She quic-kly picked up her phone and tried to switch it on but it didn’t switch on. Mustafa tries figuring out what was going on until Aqila told him everything. He smiled and hvgged her. He has missed her so much. His first love. He noticed Aqila leaping and asked to seat for mas-sage.
Mustafa continued looking at Aqila ro-mantically, trying to make ro-mantic eye contact with Aqila but Aqila was staring into the sky. He was done with the mas-sage and Aqila thanked him. He took Aqila’s phone and tried fixing it.
Asad and Niesha are still looking for Aqila. Luckily Mustafa fixed the phone and switched it on. Asad tried calling Aqila again and was lucky. Aqila picked the call and told Asad where she is. Asad asked her to stay put and wait for him.
Aqila thanked Mustafa for his help. She asked him to go ahead home while she waits for Asad. Mustafa insists on staying back but Aqila refused and was able to convince him to go. Mustafa hvgged her and left. Not long Asad and Niesha arrived. Niesha hvgged her. They were worried about her.
‘You scared us, especially me’
“Sorry Niesha baby’
‘Let’s go. I’ll drop you off too.
‘No nee-d sir. I’ll be fine’
‘C’mon Niesha. You’re my neighbor. plea-se’
‘Ok fine. Let’s go’
‘Yes. I’m so tired.
‘Yes uncle’
‘Why are you leaping?
‘Me? Nothing. I’m fine.
‘. Let’s get going. It’s pretty late.
They got into the car and Asad drove home. Niesha thanked them for the ride. Asad and Aqila got in and went straight to their room. Then something struck Aqila’s mind. She’s going to share the same room and be-d with Asad for the first time. She turned immediately and looked at Asad who was busy undressing to take his bath. She yelled at him
‘Can’t you do that somewhere else!
‘Why yell?
‘Fine. Dress the be-d. I’m so tired. I’ll shower up first’
‘Ok. I can’t do this
Asad finished up with his bath and returned to the room in towels. Aqila was busy searching for her night wear.
‘What are you searching for in such manner?
‘My night wear… Uncle, wear some clothes ‘
‘Sure I will.
Asad went to the wardrobe to take his night wear when Aqila brou-ght out a skimpy night. The expression on her face made him chuckle.
‘You found it’
‘No. This isn’t my sleep wear’
‘Uhmmm…. Isn’t that a sleep wear?
‘It is, but not mine. I can’t wear this especially now I’m going to spend the night with a man. You know… things can happen’
‘What? What are you thinking girl? Forget it. It will never happen. Geez. You ain’t even that attrac-tive, no offense’
‘So, you are saying that I’m ugly?
‘I never said so. You are cute and innocent, innocency don’t s£dûç£a man….
‘Then what does that? This outfit? That’s why I don’t want to wear it’
‘Ah goodness. Aqila seriously even if you wear that, it won’t change your innocent looking b©dy’
‘Huh? What do you mean? Have you seen me….
‘I’ll wear some cloth. I’m cold alre-ady. Excuse me’
‘What does he mean by what he said earlier? But I can’t wear this. Not that I don’t trust him, but….. ah whatever. I’ll go have my bath’
Aqila left with the night wear to have her bath. She took her bath and wore the go-wn. Asad was busy with his phone when Aqila walked in. He was quite surprised to see her looking a bit different.
‘That’s more like it. This Is a perfect night wear. I approve’
‘I’m so uncomfortable in this. plea-se, keep your distance’
‘Yes boss. Not even S-xy. Geez’
‘Did you say something?
‘Me? No. Go to sleep. Good night. I’ll finish up with this movie’
‘Ok. Good night’
The next morning Aqila woke up at her usual time. She was surprised to see her head on Asad’s hvge che-st and Asad was shi-tless. She quic-kly sat up and crawled out of the be-d quietly. She left for the bathroom and washed her face. She left for the kitchen to make breakfast.
Aisha perceived the aroma of food and rushed to the kitchen. She was surprised to see Aqila in the kitchen. What surprised her more was Aqila’s night wear. Aqila set breakfast. Not long Madhi joined them at the dinning room. Asad also joined.
After breakfast, Aqila cleared the table and Asad joined her in the kitchen for a glas-s of jui-ce when he noticed what he didn’t notice that night, Aqila’s beautiful legs. Seems like he can’t take his eyes off those legs.