Aqila episode 10 to 13

AQILA ❤❤❤💞💞🌹🌹🌹
Asad’s outfit arrived and he dressed up for the p@rty. His parents were busy with the guests. Aqila dressed up with her hijab perfectly worn, but Asad didn’t like her outfit, he asked Elizabeth to spare Aqila one of her beautiful go-wns.
Elizabeth tried to object as she thinks Aqila is a poor beneficiary of the Ahmeds. Finally, She gave in and gave Aqila a long flared blue go-wn to wear and Asad thanked her. Aqila still wore her hijab and Asad tried to convince her to re-move it, but she told him if removing the hijab will make her eligible for his p@rt, she rather not attend at all and stay put in her be-droom. Aqila left for her be-droom in anger while Asad returned back to the p@rty.
It’s been 30 minutes the p@rty started and Aqila hasn’t come yet. Asad thought she was kidding earlier, he left to look for Aqila who was in her be-droom. Asad walked into her be-droom.
‘You? What are you doing in my be-droom?
‘I was worried so I thought of finding you, here you a doing nothing reasonable. Look, it’s my p@rty, don’t ruin it, got it?
“So, I’m ruining your p@rty?
‘Yes, mum keeps on asking me where you are. plea-se do this one thing otherwise….
‘Otherwise what?
‘I’ll k!ssyou so ha-rd , trust me, I’m a good k!ss£r ‘
‘You’re kidding right?
‘You think?
‘You are just pu-lling my legs ‘
Asad drew closer to Aqila, he put his hand round her w@!st and drew her closer to his cheat, slightly t©uçhed herl-ips with his hand. He brou-ght hisl-ips closer to k!ssher when they heard a knock at the door. Aqila quic-kly withdrew and re-moved her hijab.
Asad was plea-sed, he took her hand and they left the room. Elizabeth and Gamila were outside Aqila’s room, Gamila was happy to see them together, Elizabeth wasn’t happy at all. They all returned back to the p@rty. Aqila’s parents were pres£nt at the p@rty. The p@rty ended quite late. Asad sle-pt in as he was tired from the p@rty. Aqila had come to serve him some jui-ce .
Aqila placed his laundry in his wardrobe. She tried cleaning up his be-droom when her br@celet fell off when she tried to wiping some sweat off her face. She started looking for it only to see it lying on the be-d, close to Asad.
She tries getting the br@celet when Asad’s hand shifted her hand which made her lose her balance, and she fell on him. This woke Asad up as he felt something on him. He was surprised to see her on him. Aqila sat up immediately and apologized, then she realized that Asad wasn’t putting on any shi-t. She tries leaving the be-d when Asad held her back.
‘Sabah el’ keir (good morning)’
‘Salami, I’ll have to go back to the kitchen, I brou-ght your clothes and some jui-ce for you ‘
‘Thanks, I wanted to ask you why you are here, but that’s ok. Go ahead then. Serve breakfast, I’ll be down soon ‘
‘Yes sir’
‘Uh… Where’s Elizabeth? Hope she had a good night sleep?
‘I haven’t seen her this morning ‘
‘Ok, You go ahead, I’ll join you soon ‘
‘Yes sir’
Aqila left for the kitchen while Asad left for his bathroom. After breakfast, Asad and Elizabeth left for some shopping. Asad got some clothes for Aqila as requested by his mum. After dinner, Aqila brou-ght some warm milk as usual for Asad. She saw the shopping bags and asked Asad if she is to put them away in his wardrobe.
‘May I put this away uncle?
‘Put what away? Ah, I totally forgot. It’s yours. Mum asked me to pick out some new outfits for you. C’mon try them on’
‘For me? Thanks, but uncle, these are Elizabeth’s kind of clothes ‘
‘Yeah so? Try them out’
‘But uncle, how can I wear this?
‘More argument. Seems like you are pretty good at argument. You should be a lawyer girl. Can’t do something very simple? Try them out, no more arguments, unless I should do what I wanted to do to you last night if you actually have a good memory ‘
‘What were you trying to do to me last night?
‘Wanna pl@ytough? k!ss. I wanted to k!ssyou
‘Seems like you nee-d a k!ss’
‘Sorry, I’ll try them out’
Aqila left with the clothes, she changed into a beautiful short and sleeveless red go-wn. She was shy as the go-wn was too short. Asad stoop in amusement.
‘I must confess Missy, You look pretty good in that dress, nice. Check the next one ‘
Nay, I can’t wear another one toner, in fact, I feel so sleepy. Good night uncle. Take care of these’
‘You are leaving? What should I do with these?
‘Give them to miss Elizabeth ok, bye’
Aqila quic-kly left Asad’s room, while he stood there surprised. He dropped the bag and returned back to his be-d.
It seems like Aqila can’t sleep that night as she recalled the past and recent events between her and Asad and discovered that they have changed. She recalled the night he tried to k!ssher and tonight he got such dress.
For some seconds she couldn’t take her eyes off the dress. Seems like she likes it, just that it’s too short for her. ‘Why do ladies wear such outfits? She mumbled to herself before falling asleep.
Grrrrrrrrringgggg, the alarm has been ringing for ages. Aqila sluggishly sat up, sniffed a bit and slowly opened her eyes.
‘Ouch, the sun is too bright this morning. What’s the time? I nee-d to make breakfast. Oh my God 8:30 am! I sle-pt in. Why Asad, why? Why did you run throu-gh my mind last night. Mother won’t be happy ‘
Aqila quic-kly left for the kitchen, she was pretty late as everyone has alre-ady had their breakfast. Asad has alre-ady left for the office. Mrs Gamila asked Aqila to get re-ady as they were going for grocery shopping. Aqila had her breakfast, took her bath and dressed up.
Gamila and Aqila left for the mall. After the grocery shopping, Gamila decided to shop for some clothes. She feels it’s necessary to buy more new clothes for Aqila for Asad to get attra-cted to her. Aqila tried to object, but as usual, she has to obey her mother-in-law. Gamila picked some beautiful outfits for Aqila.
After shopping, they had lunch at a t©p restaurant. Aqila bu-mped into her high school clas-smate, they were never friends. She’s Lina, who always get on Aqila’s nerves. Lina looked quite surprised to see Aqila looking quite nice, she bec@m£ more surprised when she saw her getting into an expensive car with Gamila, she couldn’t believe her eyes.
Aqila and Gamila got home quite early and both made dinner. Not long Asad and his father got back from work. Aqila took Asad’s bag to his room and Asad followed her. She dropped his bag and left to get him a glas-s of water, Asad thanked her and left to have his bath.
Asad joined them for dinner. After dinner, Aqila cleared the table. Asad had come to the kitchen to gr-ab a glas-s of warm milk.
‘You are here uncle? Why?
‘I nee-d a glas-s of warm milk’
‘Sorry, I’ll bring it to your be-droom in a jiffy’
‘You we’re down so late this morning, why?
‘That’s because… Uhmm.. Well.. Nothing. I just sle-pt in ‘
‘Really? Everyone was quite surprised. I wonder why’
‘That’s because I don’t sleep in. I’m always up early, unlike you that gets woken up by either me, your mum or a maid’
‘You sound quite angry, why? Is everything ok?
‘Look uncle, I have so much to do. I have to finish these and go to be-d’
‘Who’s there? Any maid there?
‘Yes sir, you called sir?
‘Yes, you finish these up. Let’s go jelly fish ‘
‘To where?
‘Don’t you trust me?
‘How can i, when you have changed into some other person. This isn’t you at all’
‘I didn’t change, I just matured. Am I not allowed to mature? C’mon jelly, I’m still uncle Asad’
‘Really? Ok, where are we going to?
‘To my be-droom ‘
‘What? No way! That’s crazy’
‘Trust me ok? Let’s go. C’mon crazy girl’
Aqila and Asad left for Asad’s be-droom. Asad and Aqila pla-yed some old time games, until it was pretty late. Aqila was surprised how time went so fast. It was 2am. She pleaded with Asad to let her go to be-d.Asad agrees if she beats him at the game.
Aqila had no option but to agree. They pla-yed one more time and Aqila lost to Asad. While Asad was thinking of a punishment for her, he noticed her dozing off. He gently carried her to his be-d and packed up the games. He la-id a blanket on the floor, took another to cover himself. He sle-pt off after admiring Aqila for a while