AQila episode 1

AQILA 💝💝🌹🌹

Ahmed Mahdi and his wife Gamila had visited Heydar and his wife Aisha, Aisha made some snacks and tea for everyone. Not long Aqila got back from school, she said her greetings to her parents and the guests. Gamila had always loved Aqila, she and Aisha had made promises to each other that their kids would marry, Gamila doesn’t care about the age difference between their kids.
Gamila told them why they had visited, she had waited patiently for Aqila to grow up, and now she wants to make her Asad’s wife. Heydar and Aisha were surprised with their proposal, Aisha knew that her daughter is still young for marriage. Gamila promised her that Asad won’t consummate the marriage until Aqila turns 18. Heydar excused himself and Aisha for a minute, they stepped aside and though about the proposal, they had to accept the proposal. Gamila was happy with their answer, she asked Aisha to come over to her house to plan the wedding. After the discussion, Ahmed and Gamila bid them goodbye.
The next morning Aisha went to Gamila’s house after dropping Aqila off at school, Gamila welcomed her with a hvg, Gamila asked one of the maids to bring some snacks and tea for them. Not long Nazim and Nura, the wedding planners arrived, they discussed about the wedding and the engagement. Aisha left after the discussion, she plans on how to tell her little daughter that she’s getting married and make her un-derstand, it’s going to be a difficult task for Aisha to complete
Written By
Victoria Gabriel 💞💞