Annabel’s little secret Episode 2

Little Secret
(What happened to her?)
Episode 2
By: Faith Lucky.
Annabel’s Pov:
“Wake up sleepy heads” I heard Vanessa’s pesky voice in my head and I had to j£rk out of sleep.
“Aww! Is it morning alre-ady?” Esther grumbled.
I sat up on the be-d and itched my eyes while yawning.
What a long night.
But I still felt like I nee-ded more sleep.
“Hello Annabelle” Vanessa said with a smile and I managed to look at her throu-gh my blur vision.
“Yeah – hi” I mumbled and yawned again and she laughed.
“Come on now. Breakfast is set alre-ady. Mum and dad are waiting” she said and walked out of the room.
Leaving just Esther and I on the be-d.
Renee was probably at the dining alre-ady.
“Good morning sis” I said to Esther.
“Oh! Kiddie. Wats up?” She asked blearily as she left the be-d and I just chuckled.
I wonder why they love seeing me as a kid. I mean, I’ll be 20 in four months time.
I watched her as she walked into the bathroom and I stood up as well and joined her.
We brushed our teeth together and washed our faces and when we were done, we proceeded to the dining immediately.
Mum and dad were alre-ady seated there together with Vanessa and Renee.
“Good morning mum. Good morning dad” Esther and I greeted simultaneously like we planned it.
“Good morning princesses”. Dad replied.
” How were your nights?” Mum went ahead to ask.
By this time, Esther and I had alre-ady taken our seats next to each other.
“Boring” she was the first to reply.
“Mine was fine” I replied and mum smiled.
I looked at the table and discovered pasta, eggs and vegetables were being served for breakfast.
“Let me help you out” Renee said and stood up, taking an empty plate before me.
“Woah! Look who’s being nice this morning” Esther tea-sed as she served breakfast for me.
I just chuckled and watched her.
She put in some pasta and eggs and tried reaching for the vegetables.
“Have you forgotten Annabel doesn’t like vegetables?” Vanessa ch!pped in and she exhaled de-eply.
“Sorry, it sli-pped my mind” she said and I just smiled as I collected the meal from her.
“So, who’s gonna serve me mine?” Esther asked with an eye roll and I stood up and did while the rest laughed.
“But I wonder why you don’t like vegetables, Annabel. Trust me, you’re missing a lot” Renee said as I returned to my seat after serving Esther her meal.
“Well…I don’t know. Maybe I’ll try to learn” I replied with a shrug.
“Dad, how was dinner with s£nator Sigmund and his family yesterday?” Vanessa asked after a brief silence.
“ went well. It was okay. And that reminds me Annabel, Christian s£nds his regards” dad said and my eyes dimmed.
“Really?” Renee beamed.
“Hold on dad, you mean Christian s£nt his regards to just Annabel?” Esther asked with her eyes bulging out.
“Yes. He was specific” mum said with a smile.
“Wow! So, he’s falling for her alre-ady?” Vanessa said tea-singly.
“Well, tell him he’s a bit late. Leo has taken over alre-ady” Renee win-ked at me.
“Really? Leo?” Mum asked.
“It’s not true mum. Nothing is going on between Leo and I” I said and added “not yet” un-der my breath.
“Well, we’ll see about that.” Renee said and showed her ton-gue to me and I laughed.
“By the way girls”, dad continued.
” I must say I’m impressed with the recent sales at the company. Good job angels”.
“Awwn. You welcome dad”
“Thanks daddy”.
“Love you dad”
My three sisters replied ecstatically.
As for me, I was still in college but still took p@rt in little activities of the company. Just that, I couldn’t contribute much compared to my sisters.
“With the look of things, we’ll be hitting our target before the end of the month and when that happens, I’ll be throwing a big p@rty to celebr@te our success” he added excitedly and my sisters cheered.
“I can’t wait for that!” Esther exclaimed.
“Don’t worry daddy; more of it are coming” Vanessa also said and they made a toast.
Finally, we were done eating and we all went ahead to take our bath so we could all go out.
My sisters were going to the office of course, but I had to go to school.
“Remember to get in re-ady in time Annabel. We wouldn’t wanna be late for the p@rty” Vanessa said from behind as I brushed my hair in front of the mirror.
I didn’t say a word till I was done brushing my hair and parked it in a fine ponytail.
“Yeah” I muttered and reached for my bag.
“How do you feel so comfortable going out without make up Annabel?” Esther asked.
“Let her be, girl. Besides, she’s still pretty and charming without it” Renee ch!pped in and Esther mumbled a ‘whatever’.
I just chuckled and didn’t react to it.
Well, applying of make up was just not my thing. I preferred being simple.
“I’m off, girls. Bye” I said as I headed for the door.
“Bye kiddie. See you later” Renee replied while Esther and Vanessa just waved at me.
The time flew like the wind and finally, it was time for the p@rty.
I returned home from school tired and really nee-ded a lot of rest, but knowing my sisters would be back at any moment, I decided to get re-ady in time since I didn’t want to get on their bad side.
I wonder why they’re so interested in this p@rty. It was actually the birthday p@rty of an acquaintance.
His father was a close business p@rtner.
Well, even if I didn’t want to attend in the first place, I had to because of Leo.
I was so curious to know what he had to say to me.
But to be sincere, I had a bad feeling about going to the p@rty.
I took a shower and looked for something nice and simple to wear.
Just as if they’ve been waiting for me to get dressed up, my sisters c@m£ in immediately.
“Hey! Look who’s all re-ady” Renee was the first to speak as they walked into the house.
I sighed and sat on the be-d.
“Welcome home” I stated.
“Yeah. Thanks baby” Vanessa replied while Esther hurried to the wardrobe.
“What are you po putting on, Annabel? Why didn’t you go for something s3xier?” Renee asked, placing her hand on her w@!st.
“Well, I’m okay this way. Don’t worry about me” I said and she replied with a ‘sooth yourself looking’.
Well, that was me for you.
I hated short dresses that were likely to expo-se my shapes.
Soon, they were all done dressing up and we finally left for the p@rty together.